Sunday, January 17, 2010

Extending your hands to HIV/Aids campaign

How can I prevent myself from contracting HIV?

Becoming educated about HIV and understanding how it is transmitted is the first, and perhaps most important way to prevent the spread of HIV. It is essential for people to make informed decisions about the level of risk they are willing to take, based on what is realistic for them.

Abstaining from sex and needle sharing is the most effective way for people to protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, abstinence is not a realistic option for everyone.

Safer Sex

When abstinence is not an option, the proper use of barrier protection such as latex or polyurethane condoms (male or female), with a water based lubricant*, is the next best thing for vaginal or anal sex.

Note: Some water-based lubricants (including those already on some condoms) contain a spermicide called Nonoxynol-9 (N-9). Many people are allergic to N-9 and the resulting genital irritation can increase the risk of HIV and STD transmission by providing a direct entry point. You can test for a N-9 allergy by rubbing N-9 lubricant on the inside of the elbow the day before you plan to use the product for sex. If there is no irritation, there is likely no allergy.

Oral Sex

The best way to reduce the risk of HIV transmission while performing oral sex is to maintain good oral hygeine. That, in addition to not flossing or brushing your teeth right before or after will also reduce the risk of transmission.

Performing Oral Sex on a Woman ("go down", "eat pussy")

When performing oral sex on a woman, a dental dam or common kitchen plastic wrap can be used as a barrier to protect from HIV transmission. It covers the area you are performing oral sex on (vagina or anus). If you do not have a dental dam, you can also use a new, unused, non-lubricated or flavored condom by stretching it out and cutting it down the side, then stretching it out in the same way you would a dental dam or plastic wrap.

Performing Oral Sex on a Man ("blowjob", "head")

In addition to good oral hygeine, proper use of a non-lubricated or flavored condom on a man can significantly decrease risk of HIV transmission. If a condom is not available or an option, not accepting semen into the mouth or spitting rather than swallowing will reduce the risk. You can also use the "harmonica method" by focusing on the shaft of the penis while avoiding the head.

Performing Oral Sex on the Anus ("rimming", "eating ass")

For oral to anal contact, or rimming, a dental dam, plastic wrap, or a condom can be used in the same way described above under the heading “Performing Oral Sex on a Woman.” This can be a great barrier against not only HIV, but possible Hepatitis A exposure.

Receiving Oral Sex

Since HIV is not transmitted by saliva, there is generally no risk if you are receiving oral sex (unless there is a lot of blood in their mouth).

Attended a seminar on Aids/HIV last week. It touches my heart, the stories, families break up due to irresponsible parents/spouses etc, the disease will literally eat one up, skin flaking off like peeling an orange skin. A man, round 70kg after being diagnosed of hvin Aids, b4 he died, weighs only 28kg!! 28KG!!! that's jz the skin covering the bones, without flesh.

Think about his family. how will the society look upon them? will the children b outcast? will they hv the chance to pursue their dreams? or will they b infected by their parents n lead a hospital-ed ill life? watching others joyfully attend school while they were being attached with tubes, dependin on the charity volunteers to lift and wash them.

what can we do? apart from givin moral n financial support, i can't think of other better ways. but will i dare to even b near them? thou it is scientifically proven that Aids wont b transmitted via human contact, only sex, the fluids etc, but still, aren't you afraid? then will that fear distanced yourself for HIV carriers? how will u reach out, extend your hand to those in need?

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