Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Youth Video Exchange Project between Malaysia and U.S.A.

Feedback of Youth Exchange Video 2017

Michelle: My opinion on this project is that I get to gain new experiences and get closer with my friends.

Sarah: What I learnt from this project is that our hometown Kuching is quite an interesting place to visit. I feel that this project has allow us to know about our city and know more about our culture.

Lydia: For me, I learnt a lot about filming, photography, editing. The challenge is finding time and trying not be procrastinate.  Thank you for your time in exchanging these videos with us!

Brenda: At first, I couldn’t film with them because I’ve a lot of tuition and homework. But later, I learn to manage my time.

Shasha: The most important experience I gain throughout this project is that I learn a lot from my friends because there are a lot of things I didn’t know when I thought I know them well. Previously, I’ve that stereotype of America but after this project, I have get rid of that stereotype. It has been really a great experience for all of us!

Videographer Hian Zing: Through this project, I’ve learnt to be more patient and learn how to manage my time better because I can’t really procrastinate or sleep in the afternoons.  It was really satisfying when all the perfect shots were taken!

Video Editor Paul: My opinion of this project was that it was really fun and tiring at the same time cuz I’ve to stay up a bit later to do the touch ups and editing of the videos and also like I’ve to learn new stuff to edit the videos to send to you guys (Operation Breakthrough, Kansas City, U.S.A.)

Teacher-in-charge Jia Yiing: Thanks to Jarod and team for creating this golden opportunity for my students from SMK Batu Lintang, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to exchange videos with U.S.A. I’ve viewed their 10 videos few times and I’m just so proud of their dedication, discipline and efficiency in completing this project before the due date. The experience and knowledge gained are priceless. Thanks again!

Friday, June 9, 2017


Family outing...secretly purchased this. yeap, mom's pretty strict with unhealthy food. haha. 

Purchased the annual membership card...but played twice only. Let's go again when i'm recovered k b...

this is where me first met. though I'm not a good player, but you're patient with me. thanks b. hope to play with you again, soon!

post dad's birthday dinner. thanks for the treat b. didn't choose to post the funny faces.

so good to sweat out! get well soon Yiing, then we can indulge in all these nature activities :)

post dad's birthday dinner with family. yeap, i didn't learn riding a motorcycle after all. haha.

loving it...not just the cooling breeze, but with you!

an impromptu getaway !

okie, it must be the cooling breeze. haha. 

thanks for the company b! all the best to you too!









Monday, November 28, 2016

countdown...20 days

what...20 days left?
Thank You God~
Little preparations here and there.
A simple wedding is what I hope for...
from a 20 tables it ballooned twice the number.

Hope all goes well.
The most stressful part is really what majority agreed on:
confirmation of guests.
It's those hanging and uncertain ones that frustrates the most

Initially I was really disappointed
especially my close friends
I really thought they would come
just as how I took CRK, took the boat, taxi, flight to attend their big day

Times are hard I guess
They say I've lots of friends
I am thankful for that
but when the time is nearing

then I realized,
it's really not a big deal la
just a few hours event ma...
why bother to stress myself out..

this entry is merely for me to de-stress, unwind and record down my current feelings
no offense ya

my biggest flow is I still tend to say the wrong things
I've explained many times that I never meant any harm or being offensive
just sometimes, shit happens
so..please forgive me if what I've said or done offended you.

growing up....
bound to have lots of expectations.

Oh ya
my greatest joy,
apart from marrying the man who truly loves me
would be.....
deng deng
I'm coming home!!

I got my transfer home....
Gotta record this feeling: touched, I teared.

Most of those who knew I got my transfer
expressed their envy
I would certainly hope it's not jealousy
nor ...

it's a mixed feelings
a buddy who has a child
didn't get it
I felt so down for her
I don't know what to say
I tried to be quiet
I didn't brag the Tahniah screenshot
just couldn't...

but at the same time
I couldn't praise our Lord Al-mighty enough

I believe You love each and everyone of us
I know You've the best timing for us
I'm so thankful You were with me throughout my 4 years 11 months at Kapit
there were sad depressing days
countless nights of crying myself to sleep
there were those literally impromptu decisions to go home
the minute the taxi arrived
instead of the agreed decision to turn left
back to Sibu for STU Kapit's World Teachers' Day
I chose right
heading to Sarikei
and took my first boat ride home

there was that extreme home sickness
when the flights home were fully booked
prices shot up to RM500-600 per trip
yet I dragged my legs
and walked to the wharf
called bro F to book a bus ticket for me
and there was I
my first time taking the night bus home

I love my kids
my students
but I'm not as wonderful in expressing my love to them
I wish I'll improve on my social skill
especially have the courage
to sit down and talk to them
one by one

it requires time
but these kids
they will just be a passenger in my life
as a teacher
I have the golden opportunity
to share lots to them
to tell them about God
to motivate them to excel in life
that life out of Kapit can be so rich
that life is not just about sex
that one careless mistake might rob you off your bright future
that broken families will bring scar to your children
that it takes a lot of commitment to build a family
a happy family will lead to a progressive community
then a developed country

many are frustrated with the system
many complained
many whined
many left
for they believed the pasture at the other side is greener
but what about our people
your nation

who will help our country if you guys left
shouldn't we all stay as one

I realized
the world is your oyster
the world can be so beautiful
rich with culture
we are not just destined to be in our comfort zone
it is those little adventures
that make our life more exciting
more colourful

Now that I'm going to be a wife soon
legally, on paper, 9 months dy
will I have to change a lot?
visited a lighting shop last night
the lights go by hundred and thousand of ringgits
that's my monthly salary Mr
not to mention
We know our financial stand
Thank God
It's gonna be a simple wedding
not inclined to have a fanciful one
mainly because money is a concern
but most importantly
I really don't see a need
it's just for a few hours
but it will generate income for those event planners
but the wastage that follows
reminded me of my house-moving

I couldn't have cope without
my parents and aunt
4 years 11 months
thus I'm not eligible to claim for transfer shipping
it's funny how realistic people can be
no one wanna do this small 'business'
I was hurt
and sadden by how realistic people can be

God reminded me He's in control
He sent angels
thank you Sis Ai Lian and Bro Zhang Ping
bro Frederick
you guys walked your preaching
You've shown me that in this materialistic world
kindness still exist

I'm watching in awe
how your sincerity
and love
have be triple folded back in the form of blessings to your loved ones

Our God is truly awesome
Hopefully I'll get to serve in Your ministries
looking forward to be part of the Christian Club teacher
hope to take up Disciple Class too

20 days later
I'll be waking up to a man sleeping next to me
makes me REALY nervous
and yes

Peace and love
Yiing :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Merepek luahan hati :P

Cuba blog dalam Malay.

12 Oktober 2016, hari Rabu. Cuaca yang amat panas. PT3 baru habis hari. Rasa lega dan sunyi. Maksudnya cuti akhir tahun akan tiba tidak lama lagi. Minggu depan saya akan pergi cascade CEFR kat IPG Rajang. Sedih mat kali ni bukan kat Kuching.

Bagaimana orang lain boleh hidup keseorangan tanpa keluarga di sisi? Hatiku teramat sebak. Semalam berjumpa dengan pengetua. Mdm baik orangnya. Dia telah menyokong perpindahan ku kali ini. Namun,beliau juga menegaskan bahawa antara Semry dan saya, cuma satu cikgu Inggeris boleh pergi. I senyum kerana faham Semry dah lama kat sekolah ni. 6 tahun. I cuma 5 tahun.

Bolehkan Tuhan menghantar kami berdua balik ke kampung halaman?

Bukan Kapit tak bagus. Bagus. Manah. Kapit manah. Pemandangan cantik. Pelajar kira baik. Rakan sekerja pun saya tidah komplain. Tapi...I rindu sangat rumah la Tuhan. Apa maknanya kerja siang, petang, malam hanya untuk makan seorang diri, berhadapan kaca....aduhai...

I tahu banyak lagi yang lebih susah. Tu yang ada anak berjauhan dengan ibu...Bolehkan saya mementingkan diri kali ni...bunyi macam I ada kuasa hantar diriku balik. Ya...I ingat dulu temu duga, beria-ia I janji tak kira mana-mana kerajaan hantarku pergi mengajar, I akan pergi..namun, dah 5 tahun Tuhan...I rindu rumah...suami juga rindukanku...berapa banyak kalikah saya berpeluang bersama-sama ibu-bapa yang kian uzur?

Tuhan, panjangkan umur ibubapa dan ibubapa mertuaku... *menangis* meh~

perempuan kan...perlulah luahkan supaya rasa selesa. Adakah perempuan lain menangis macamku? haha. Jika kamu terbaca, janganlah pandang rendah terhadapku...kerana kan ada pepatah yang berbunyi, mereka yang menangis adalah yang telah lama tabah.


hari Rabu...kalau bukan untuk kelas malam bimbingan SPM, I dah pergi menghadiri fellowship....rindu juga adir-beradik kat sana...kenapalah tiba-tiba mahu dua cikgu ajar satu jam...yang buat cadangan tu, senang bagimu tukar-tukar. tetapi kerana satu jam tu, ..haigz..siapa suruh diri bukan yang duduk tinggi atas sana.

Begitulah lumrah hidup. Jika kamu berkuasa, suaramu akan didengar. Adakah senang bagi kami duduk jawatan atas? Haha...saya tak kisah semua tu pun. Jujurnya, I hanya mahu jadi guru yang biasa, masuk kerja pukul 6:50am, balik 12:25pm....rehat, baca buka atau tengok wayang kegemaran...kenapalah pula I berbunga-bunga pergi melanjutkan pelajaran lagi? Tak bosan kah asyik belajar? Kan saya dah letih dan rasa stress bila giliran berucap untuk Toastmasters atau menganjurkan aktiviti untuk STU, buat apa saya sendiri yang mengundang semua ni? Yiing Yiing...kadang kala saya memang tidak faham mu la. Adakah kamu gembira buat semua ni? Kan kamu suka tidur, kenapalah tak tidur sahaja....petang nanti, pergi jalan jalan menghayati waktu senja kat wharf ok? Aman damai kat sisir sungai tu....ya...patutlah pergi berehat kejap, hayati alam sekitar.

Sabtu ni perlu turun ke Sibu...pertandingan ucapan lagi. Masih tidak puas hati dengan skrip ku..apakah tajuk yang boleh saya kongsikan kali ini? perlu kelakar lagi. Tak faham kenapa I dipilih sebagai tempat ketiga. Haigz..syukurlah Tuhan bagi hadiah kan. Tak sia-sia ibubapa dan suami datang support.

Oh no, passport ku! Baik call bapa sediakan sebelum mereka melancong ke luar negara. Yeap, hujung bulan ni I akan pergi menghadiri Toastmasters D87 Brunei Conference. Weee! Konferensi pertamaku di luar negara! lol...kononnya, luar negara! Dah bertahun-tahun lamanya ku tak lawat Brunei...

sekadar ini sahaja luahan hatiku kali ini....harap dapat ilham untuk penulisan nanti...wahai pelajar SPM 2016, jika cikgu betul-betul pindah hujung tahun ni, jangan lupa bagitau keputusan SPM mu kpd cikgu ya..cikgu juga ingin tahu apa rancangan mu lepas SPM.. hidup kita, berratus juta orang dalam dunia, tapi kita ditakdir bertemu dan berkenalan, dah kira jodoh kan?

Rindu pula rakan-rakan seperjuanganku. I dah menjemput sahabat handai yang I rindu...kecewa juga segelintir yang tidak akan hadir. tak apalah, janji sihat dan sejahtera! Yang akan datang, jutaan terima kasih didahalui, berkati perjalanan mu....

I fikir kebanyakan perempuan akan idamkan perkahwinan mereka, I juga, sejak kecil... haha. Tak percaya, dalam dua bulan lagi, saya akan memakai gown putih dan angkat sumpah saling mencintai dengan suamiku di depan Tuhan. Perjalanan kasih antara kami berdua dikira diberkati Tuhan...mujur hanyalah sikit gelombang dan kami berjaya menempuhinya, kebanyakan masa dengan pertolongan Tuhan yang maha-esa dan maha-penyayang!

Walaupun idaman perkhawinan di tepi pantai tidak direalisasikan, terpaksalah juga tunduk kepada hakikat....selain kos perbelanjaan yang kemungkinan 10 kali ganda, juga, tidak banyak tetamu yang gemar pandu begitu jauh hanya untuk satu makan malam. hahaha. Terima kasih juga kepada bapa mertuaku yang tempah bridal studio dan hotel untuk wedding reception...Gembira juga lihat gambar-gambar yang tertangkap. Juga bersyukur kerana pakej yang diambil tidak terlampau mahal. haha. Dua tahun dari sekarang, ataupun satu tahun kemudian,berapa banyak pasangan yang akan mengeluarkan album untuk menghayatinya? haha... Mencecah usia hujung dua-puluhan..haha..hidupmu, gembirakah? :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Updates =)

JOM BACA 10 Minit Kempen.

Sejiwa Senada program. I've not painted for a long time. Fun!
Overslept of Easter Sunday. Regretted not present for Abel's 5:30am lead praise and worship... Came to this Iban Service next to my school. Packed. Paham mimit je. haha.
Another weekend hike with Ah Chan and Sim. Old colleagues Nong, Yun and Wong, I miss you guys badly...
Lots of memory on this valley, at this Bukit Goram. 5th year, left me alone in Kapit. Sobx.
While waiting for the sun to set, we had a game of Scrabbles. With student Ferniewena Wong Li Fa. Such a sweet girl. Companion for hiking.
Kolo Mee at Kapit. Missed home terribly then. RM3.50, temporarily eased my sadness. kiddo. haha.
UCTS. Was here in 2014, PLC conference, presenting my paper 'Remedial Instruction'. How time flies.
SMK Methodist, a cluster school in Sibu. Attended the Debate Adjudicator Training Course, self funded RM100 registration fees. It was a Saturday, 16th April and the school was packed with students, actively carrying out their co-curricular activities. Wonder if I can cope with schools in town after I'm transferred home.
Spent two nights here at Kingwood Hotel with Yvonne and Kia Miang. Busy days, little pillow talk. haha.
What a memorable experience. Toastmasters International Speech Area Contest, presented on "Life Game" at Sibu.
Black out in Kapit. Thanks Josephine for the inviting me over for dinner. At least I'm not alone in the dark.
Youth day for Hock Ing Methodist Church Kapit. Glad to these teenagers growing strong in faith =)
Pen Pal 3.0 is going on strong still. Can't believe we persisted on this project for three consecutive years =)
30 April 2016, Saturday. I'm home, again! =)   
Hello Bloggie! It's so good to be home. Dad is having his afternoon nap. Mom just came home from work. Waiting for hubby to end his class. Looking forward to dinner with Pa and Ma. Pa and Ma..haha...hope I won't feel awkward addressing them tonight. Can't wait for another two nieces/nephews to arrive! Yeap, life is really worth thankful for. It has been an exhaustive term, and my body ain't as strong as before. Easily tired especially during period, my legs will go weak. Not a good sign...sobx. submitted my application for transfer. There's vacancy for English teacher at SMK Kuching High next month. Praying fervently I'll get it. but with so many teachers aiming to come to the city, what are my chances? Only YOU have the power Lord. Please send me home this time, if it's Your will. Joining mom in the living room, Korean Drama..haha. Take care all! Wish everyone's well and happy out there. Remember to count our blessings and be a blessing to those around you. haha. Konon, mottoku tahun ini. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Memories stored.

Good afternoon bloggie,

   It's 4:32pm, a cold Thursday afternoon. Having extra s at Computer Lab, 9 students from 5S1 turned up. They were doing their continuous essay diligently. It's good to see them asking questions, trying their very best. 19 days to SPM!!! Woooootsss~~


With Ah Soon Kor. He's a talented pianist, make-up artist, a cook, a romantic husband and loving father of three beautiful children. My third time being a presider at Hock Ing Methodist Church, 11th October 2015. Boy, was I nervous. Thanks to Nong for helping me to write the prayer and Chan for going through the rehearsal once with me. Didn't perform a good job, but thankfully their eyes are on God, and thanks to Sis Ai Lian for helping me to sing the hymn.... thankful for the opportunity to serve God. Gotta be more well prepared next time. Yeap, looking forward to the next opportunity. Actually, our church especiall Ka Onn Methodist Church needs more volunteers to help at the various ministries.

Thank you Sia Ee for inviting me join Zumba, by 1Malaysia Internet...It was a fun work out and I truly had a good sweat and am looking forward to attend their night classes once SPM is over! Woots~~~

The CVRN  committee members. Gonna missed Hospital Canteen's aunty's food...delicious and reasonably priced~ Have been pondering lately should I get a car or take up a motorcycle's driving course... colleague might be leaving Kapit soon..sobx...I don't like the feeling of being abandoned...sobxxxx...

This morning~! 13th October 2015 (Tuesday)! I conducted a pre-PT3 talk for them...prepared the slides, and last minute there's this online tips which is rather reliable..shared the techniques of answering with my 349 Form 3 kids, mostly participated but there are still noises talking down disrespectful, and indeed, it's their loss. Reminds me not to talk when others are giving speeches...I've missed out so much valuable lessons just by not paying attention. hm..

Thanks dear Anita. Walking back for brunch and student gave me this. Haha...happiness!
Highlight of the week!! Our Kapit Toastmasters Club first educational meeting~! 12 turned out for this. Looking forward to out second educational meeting on 31st October. I don't know if I'll regret starting up this club ini Kapit, but with so many comrades, this gotta be a green light from God, or it won't happen. Right? So far so good, Reverend Wong tried his best to present his first ice-breaking topic in English, revealing to us it's his first time speaking in English in public. Thanks Mdm Lydia for coming all the way from Sibu =)

Mdm Georginia Pui. Gotta be one of the lady I respected the most. Talented to music, played the piano flawlessly, extremely thoughtful (She bought the cake, sponsored us lunch, prepared the backdrop, name cards, attendance list etc), an amazing mother of 2 handsome boys, principal of Angels Glow Taska...humourous, considerate, generous, in short, an amazing lady.

See the lady in blue jacket? That's our new principal, Mdm Azlinda^^ Welcome to SMK Kapit Mdm! Since your 2 weeks' arrival, I've observed so many leadership qualities in you...changing the things that needed to be changed, giving moral support to teachers, sound advice for me, exemplary by going down the field with us to teach the SPM night classes. Thank you Mdm for your words of assurance and trust. You taught me about integrity, how to present effective educational talks etc. Fun Fun =)

Yeap, my kaban Semry! Haha...since the change of seating arrangements in the office, we are no longer desk mates...we ceased to have lunches together too. Haigz...haha..a memorable night for the PT3 Asrama kids night class~ We co-teach with Mr Michael and Semry shared his pizza with Lorenzo and I =)

 5:08pm, students submitted their work =) Good day all =)

P/s   A newly posted colleague is leaving, resigned as a teacher....I was taken aback by the news this morning. Many questions crossed my mind. The reasons are simply she foresees herself burnt out in this education system. She sees no personal growth in this place. Thus, she made a courageous move to quit her teaching career and ventured into another unfamiliar working environment. Students' lackadaisical attitude, unsupportive administrations, ever-changing education system, unnecessary documentations, key-in data, etc etc....young teachers now no longer find teaching a joyful duty, even the perks of long school holidays and stable income failed to attract them, simply because their emotional needs aren't satisfied. I can't imagine a life without a clear purpose, no sense of achievement etc...therefore, I'm truly thankful to God for giving me this passion to teach. Do I get extra allowance for conducting extra classes for students? The talks, the programs the seminars I organized? Nope, not much recognition from them, but thankfully, I've my close trusted friends who ensured me time and again, we are serving the Lord. This is my calling, and I accept it with a cheerful heart~

God bless all the teachers, Happy World Teachers' Day!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

MRC 14th CVRN 2015, Kapit

Kapit's first mural! Participants were to identify the hidden message behind this mural.
Hi Bloggie~
     It's 27th September 2015, Sunday, 4:30pm...a quiet afternoon and I'm comfortably resting on my comfy bed back in Kapit. School starts tomorrow and I finally get to quiet down, rest and decided to share my memorable one week school holiday with you :)

Visiting Fort Sylvia
MRC CVRN 2015 (Malaysian Red Crescent 14th Convention and Volunteers' Recognition Night 2015). Kapit is the host! Four of my dedicated colleagues, Hui Nong, Sing Chan, Kah Sui and Chong Ming were very much involved with this world known NGO, Red Crescent. Out of my kepo-ness, I volunteered to help out, as in stand in for writing a minute.  Little did I know the meeting in March 2015 would lead to 8 more late night meetings. Thankfully, I never regret a wee bit as the experience gained as their vice secretary and emcee was invaluable.
Ee invited her Zumba team, ZIN Jeffrey led. The 140 from the various branch in Sarawak had a great time sweating out!
  ZUMBA!!! I've heard so much about this fun sports! Kapit doesn't have much entertainment but the people here are really creative, friendly and health conscious!  They have 3 nights of Zumba lessons with the public per week =)

Khidmat Masyarakat.
 One of the feedback from the participants was that they preferred more outdoor activities than talks and more talks. Thus, tada! haha..Immediately right after reading their critical feedback, our next slot is Youth in Action.  Some of the youths were really committed and diligently do their part, distributing health pamphlets to the public as well as cleaning Kapit Town Square. I sneaked out from my secretariat part and joined in the fun!

Volunteers Recognition Night 2015 cum MRC Kapit Branch 40th Anniversary!
Mdm Evelyn did a wonderful job at decorating the stage! Again, I sneaked out from my secretariat corner and joined in the fun in tying balloons!  Her daughter, Ee did a wonderful job at decorating the tables with potted flowers, handmade from used bottles, filled in with soil and 'planted' plastic flowers and the table's  number.  Dr Sia Tih Kong, the organizing chairman and our Kapit Branch's chairman, pointed out at his welcoming speech that the person he appreciate most is her wife, Mdm Evelyn!
How SWEEEET!! hahaha....Of all the things said on stage, I remembered this phrase the most. That behind every successful husband is one supportive wife! And, Dr Sia mentioned too at the Convention's opening speech that "As volunteers, we don't expect reward."
This struck me. There are too many under privilege people out there. Those in pain, suffering from hunger and diseases, .... I'm trying to imagine the contrast of the poor VS rich. I can't smile when I know the wealthy ones are having wiVES thus lead to broken families, robbing off the poor for the sake of social status....time to SHUT UP. hmmm... The good things is, we have these respectable people, philanthropists~ Thought of Mother Teresa, Mark Zuckerberg :) 
Congratulations to all award recipients and units!

 SMK Kuching High won the BEST YOUTH  UNIT 2015 again this year!! Congratulations! Asked what's my best memory in secondary school? It will be Red Crescent! I enjoyed the crazy time, asking donations from the public during Flag Day...checking for hours where I missed out the 10cents in the treasurer's first time being an Emcee for the Annual Dinner....our most loved and feared teacher-in-charge, Puan Lim Soh Kim. She has really been an exemplary to  many of us..miss you!! we had countless meaningful and memorable activities back then!!

Our guest of honour: President George Chan.

The young committee members!

 It's really not an easy task to organize a state level convention! I'm so glad to be part of it! Seated from L-R: Mr Kong Kah Sui (Vice Convention Coordinator), Miss Ho Jia Yiing (Vice-secretary), Mr Ting Sing Chan  (Convention Coordinator), Mr Law Hui Nong (Secretary), Mr Christopher Tan (photographer), Mdm Leh Siong Lu (Program Book). Standing L-R: Medical Assistant Mr Wong Sii Riong, Miss Sia Ee (Chairman's PA), Mdm Tiong Chong Ming (awesome secretariat team!)

With our lovely students.

Farewell guys! Hope you had a good time!  Sarikei, 2016~!!