Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Youth Video Exchange Project between Malaysia and U.S.A.

Feedback of Youth Exchange Video 2017

Michelle: My opinion on this project is that I get to gain new experiences and get closer with my friends.

Sarah: What I learnt from this project is that our hometown Kuching is quite an interesting place to visit. I feel that this project has allow us to know about our city and know more about our culture.

Lydia: For me, I learnt a lot about filming, photography, editing. The challenge is finding time and trying not be procrastinate.  Thank you for your time in exchanging these videos with us!

Brenda: At first, I couldn’t film with them because I’ve a lot of tuition and homework. But later, I learn to manage my time.

Shasha: The most important experience I gain throughout this project is that I learn a lot from my friends because there are a lot of things I didn’t know when I thought I know them well. Previously, I’ve that stereotype of America but after this project, I have get rid of that stereotype. It has been really a great experience for all of us!

Videographer Hian Zing: Through this project, I’ve learnt to be more patient and learn how to manage my time better because I can’t really procrastinate or sleep in the afternoons.  It was really satisfying when all the perfect shots were taken!

Video Editor Paul: My opinion of this project was that it was really fun and tiring at the same time cuz I’ve to stay up a bit later to do the touch ups and editing of the videos and also like I’ve to learn new stuff to edit the videos to send to you guys (Operation Breakthrough, Kansas City, U.S.A.)

Teacher-in-charge Jia Yiing: Thanks to Jarod and team for creating this golden opportunity for my students from SMK Batu Lintang, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to exchange videos with U.S.A. I’ve viewed their 10 videos few times and I’m just so proud of their dedication, discipline and efficiency in completing this project before the due date. The experience and knowledge gained are priceless. Thanks again!


  1. Thank you for seeing the project through to completion! Wishing you & your students all the best! Looking forward to collaborating again!

  2. Sad to know the 'Thank You, My Community' collaboration sank before it can float. Ha. A long to go.