Quotation of the Day

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H1N1 = Port Dickson = Genting =)

Same spot, different gang; same Me, different feelings =)

Havn't update blog for a long long time...i've been busy, lazy, happy, excited, bored, directionless, motivated, hungry, full, tired, alert and...grateful =)

1) UPM reopens today. had been closed for the past one week due to H1N1.
sad case: august hols canceled. changed airtickets for the 3rd time..no complaints, juz hope to hv a memorable weekend back home =)

Grateful for H1N1..?? lolx..shud take it seriously.

2) Snail Methodist camp @ Port Dickson. being at the beach, listening to waves lapping, under the scorching sun, playin 'big waves blow' just wash away the blues in life =)
happy: met new friends, esp juniors. wish u all a great start at UPM. looking forward to see u guys at coming CF =)
Learnt: a sermon regarding Appreciation and Admiring things/ppl around us. give praises w sincerity. even if its raining when u were just about to dry ur clothes, u can admire how happy the plants will b to receive water fr heaven =)

Queuing for Space Shot..macho Sean decides to 'stay behind to take our photos instead'. haha

3) Genting day trip w Ed, Sean, Nana, Topek and Yvonne.
condition: can only bring RM22 w you, and no ATM card allowed.
results: i owe yvonne $ Xtra spent on Panadol ACtivefast. New corkscrew ride. outdoor themepark crowded despite its a Monday working day and H1N1.
Emotions: had GREAT FUN laughter esp at SNOW house =)