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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hualien, welcome me babE~

The image that keeps me 'strong'...

With a population of more than 110,000, Hualien borders the Pacific Ocean and is the largest city on Taiwan's East Coast. The geographical location yields magnificent scenery.

The Taroko National Park located in Hualien County was established in 1986 and was of special significance for the environmental protection movement in Taiwan. The park is famous for its marble gorge.

Hualien is home to the Ami and Atayal tribes. The government regards aboriginal culture as an integral part of the island's heritage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


hello my refuge!
i'm finally cherishing my weekend secret getaway. ah..u've no idea wad a bliss it is to be away from all the assignments and daily problems of life. not tat im some problematic kid or depressed student, i'm just..well, love and need a break, to be with my loved ones..
it's a quiet friday morning, i let the windows open, (no idea how long hv this room be kept in darkness), the sunlight lit the room, bringing in fresh air..ah..is that reli the sea breeze im smelling, or it's my imagination run wild..ah..i miss beach. i miss the good feeling of my bare feet touching the sand, n the wet sad oozing through my toes..i hv the good habit of reminiscing my sweet memories, casting away the sad ones, only focusing on the good there and then. so many pictures of happiness, those were the days..good old days. n tat's the good part about taking photos, videos are good too, get to hear our voices, n the happy and excited cries, they make the memories more solid! hope the pictures can be saved, after i reformat my old laptop. ops, he's not old, jz 5 years, has been serving me for the good 5 years, though i've a new net book now (gosh, it's so light, love it!) i do still cherish u, u hv bigger screen, better for movie viewing..haha..
chatting w my friends on msn now..it has been a while since i last 'really chat'..everyone seems busy with life. stop and stare, working hard for money, buy house, settle debt, settle down, work, eat, pay, sleep, ah..life. my last semester at upm is ending soon, less than 25 days to go..bye bye beautiful life, yes, overall, it has been a good 2 years here at kl..lots of freedom, esp thankful to supervisor Daniel for the good pay part time job here..not whining about the hours, but working on the weekends, n meeting new friends, jz make me feel..productive? haha.
before i end this entry, i would like to shout out my most sincere apology for hurting a friend. i never mean it. and i'm glad God gave me the courage to talk to you again, n tat quote 'u r glad i talk to u again'. haha..most of the time, it's jz misunderstanding, girls esp, tend to get emotional, so boyfriend, if u r reading this, i wanna thank you for always tolerating my emotional swings, (not givin myself excuse to throw tamper) but yes, THANK YOU for being thr for me when im down, n everything. yvonne, i wanna thank you too, for being one of my greatest buddy, it has been a true blessing to get know GOD through you. this 5 years hv a been beautiful, Kalmeet, i wanna 'take' yvonne back as my roommate next year. she agreed dy. bluek~ haha. Jasmine, sorry for my 'attitude' towards u last few days, too much of ty n i'm bit offended when u re-write my whole assignment, but it's pair work, n u do a better job, so yeah, i've learnt to 'slack' and accept criticism..hopefully dr arshad accept the salinas valley task lo, so different fr others. ha. Ed would comment he doesnt like my posting, cuz always very lenghty, haha..but its memang my nature when i type, i typed...haha. k la, fullstop dy. wishing all an awesome 11 days break~ gambate for exams!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

If Only...

If Only is a 2004 American romantic drama film directed by Gil Junger and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls.

Ian Wyndham (Nicholls) is a British Businessman who lives with his musician girlfriend, Samantha Andrews (Hewitt) in London. Ian takes Sam for granted making Sam feeling vulnerable in the role of the one who loves more. The first half of the film describes a single day which culminates in a row in which Samantha's frustration boils over. The taxi Samantha catches is hit by another car in front of Ian and she dies. An inconsolable Ian goes back to bed alone only to wake up at the start of the same day and Sam still alive suggesting that it had all been a dream. At that point, he comes to realize that he had been taking Samantha for granted; and as he comes to relive the same day, Ian is then given a second chance to correct his mistakes. He does his best to get it right the second time around XXX as he holds her tight for the last time.

Another movie which reminded us to grab hold of the present and tell our loved ones we love them. Love, is so subjective. but i know, it's a very special feeling which only grateful ppl can experience. Especially when you know there is limited time left with loved ones on Earth, you'll want to cherish and APPRECIATE every moment possible. suddenly that instant, you might feel struggling for wealth, prioritizing career etc no longer matters. Seriously, what is wealth when you are lonely and no one is there to share the joy with you? drinking red wine alone, every night...or with a bunch of G.R.O., whom hardly know you, but ur cash only..ha! (no offence to anyone)
Just read one of Catherine Lim's work, this girl's mother worked as a prostitute to be the provider of the family; but she felt ashamed yet at the same time, wad can she do? without money, her 6 siblings will die of hunger! Guess there are things in life which can't be explain..but i'm sure God has a plan, everything that happened, tehre's a REASON behind it.


MORAL OF THE LESSON TODAY: Remember to tell your loved ones you love them~! XOXO!