Quotation of the Day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i graduated

Introducing my passionate Japanese Language UTM tutor - future ah sao : Miss Ida Tan :)

Baby Xin Yu: easily cries when attention is not given to her. love her smiles~

I never knew true and selfless friendship, until I met you. *lolx*

Andrew: Entering our 3rd year dating. Thanks for attending my convo darling =)

My secondary school mate came from Sunway, with his girlfriend. Thanks Sam! All the best to Steven and Jasmine too :)

Little Joanne: cute and bright!

Practicum partner Effah: She taught me how to cook simple dishes, tom yam!

Mark: the only Sabahan we have. The biggest palm i've seen!

Miss Ho. Yiing. Lucy. I'm just so grateful for graduating with a lucky First Class Honours!

11 out of 46. 
Standing L-R: Tidy kalmeet, bestie Yvonne, ordinary Me, chatty Ziham, chef Sam, sexy Cynthia
Squatting L-R: handsome Bruno, angelic Amirul, religious Faris, helpful razmi and generous Khalis!

our Serdang Chinese Methodist Church juniors, all from Sibu =)

and my loving parents who can be very funny at times =) 

Last but not least, Malcolm Tang: respectful, multi tasker, brilliant and an attractive hard core MU fan.

Heartiest thanks to all of you, for brightening up my life =)

Update request by Ed:

Ed, the man in black and blocks. Haha. Few adjectives about his buddy: Not forgiving (he still blames me uploading a picture of us which caused him to break up with his then gf); other than that, he's a funny guy, helpful, sincere and yes, he treats those who treats him well :) ps, hope our friendship doesn't end here (^_^)

Monday, October 24, 2011

coming to an end.

7:45am  Send pendrive to mom at General Hospital.  Parents never grumble but dutifully send us to school since kindergarten days; I don't know if this happens to other families, but sometimes my siblings will be reluctant to do the 'Extra' chores. Eg: cleaning the kitchen, buying the groceries, having meals at home with parents or simply, have pillow talk/ tv session with parents.  -p.s. had an 1 hour pillow talk session with mom last night <3 -

8:15am  Googled for 'Doublewoot' again! Was at the verge of purchasing another blouse (Red Lacey top) until I had to deliberately pull over my bedsheet, start the washing machine, throw in my applegreen comforter, in the hope of distracting myself from the dress addiction.  C'om, need not mention the Bosnia poverty, deep within our beloved Sarawak, there are countless of villagers who lived in poverty.  How many headbands can I wear?  How many dresses can one body wear a time? Yiing Yiing, please.  Attn to Yvonne: help each other? (perhaps limit to 1-2 dress per income?) -_-"'

10:10am  Gave Miss Cindy the pinkish headband.  She loved it! She is interested to come over to make, perhaps a new friendship will be bonded :)  Btw, through this madness of making headbands, Yvonne and I got to know a new friend: Enid Sim!  She bakes; for sale; real good stuff.

12:30noon Busy preparing the final exams papers for each class; couldn't join Mdm Margaret and colleagues out for lunch. She said the shark tastes good; I had Nasi Lemak, RM 1:50, tastes good though its cold dy. haha.    

1:45pm  Back from class 2A.  Gosh, I think I will miss this naughty class very much!  Michael, Rita, Timotheus, Adeline to name a few.  They are super talkative; yet they excel in tests with a near perfect score!  They are natural actors and actresses; such potential and courage to act in front of the class!  How I miss our Theater course in UPM =)

2:20pm Going to invigilate the Form 4 at the library later.  3 teachers invigilating at the same time =) 

The spot I'm sitting at now, the teacher's room; the few colleagues I get to know, the students especially.. this school....2 months passed just like that.. solely for my memory.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Build a Human

Another 15 minutes to enter 4D, one of my favourite class~  We'll be watching the documentary about cloning, entitled 'How to have Sex'.

The title alone excites the students; so is the teacher! As you know, EST is connected to Science and Technology.  Therefore, seeing a penis penetrating a vagina is alike the notes we learn in Biology.  Just that, we'll be seeing the video instead of an illustrated picture.

Honestly, I've shown part 1 'How to Build a Human' three times, for 4B,  4C and 4D; and the wonder of cells still captivates me!  Imagine, we, able to sit here and typing, was actually from the fertilization of the biggest cell a.k.a. Ovum and the smallest cell, a.k.a. Sperm!  Thousands of sperms attack the ovum, but only one will penetrate into it~ Ah...

Moral of the story: Appreciate the little things in life *lame* haha~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Travelling back to UPM, in 14 days!

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Clicked some buttons, and tada, a new layout for blogger~
If only life is as simple, just a few clicks here and there, then tada, we're made new~!
A weekend passed by so swiftly,
I spent my weekend at home,
chasing after another new Hong Kong drama,
there's this teacher name Miss Ho in there,
i like the carefree way she dressed to school,
and her enthusiasm and passion in teaching,
she chose to be transfered from Band 1 school to Band 3,
(band 1 being the tip top school)
and she's sought after by the two main actors~!
 *wink wink*
Anyway, Monday is approaching,
another 4 weeks, i'll be leaving Lodge..
i sorta like the school, and the students
i bet as a teacher,
we'll have to experience countless 'goodbyes'
after she left,
I felt super lonely and the days were streched longer
but i'm grateful to experience being colleagues with my bestie
will we be like sister chiong Il and Qi qian?
to be posted to the same school??
*greedy mode on*
anyway, convocation is around the corner,
another 2 weeks,
oh, how much have i missed KL!
i don't miss Linguistic class, but i do miss Dr Jaya, Dr Edwin..
i do miss Bukit Expo and the UPM Swimming Pool
i do miss IK sessions and Euphoria night outs.
i do miss weekend away to melacca, genting, cameron and berjaya hills
i do miss Serdang Methodist Church and the camps
i do miss our theatre preparation and performance! (the highlight of this course, for me)
i do miss my roommates
i do miss working with Captivate and earning side income
ah.. thank you God
2 years at UPM, not long, but the memories...P.R.E.C.I.O,U.S
after this convo, i've no idea if i'll still go back..