Quotation of the Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

come hard, go easy

Yay, i'll be reaching home in another 3 hours time. Thanks to Yvonne and Ed for sending me to KTM. flight at 12:55pm, but being cautious not to miss the ktm, i left uni at 7am. haha! The packed ktm left when i was on the bridge, before my eyes. "Great, another 20 mins to wait, with 15kg luggage and 4kg laptop bag...no guys helped me carry across the bridge this time." amazingly, 9 mins later, a direct Serdang-KLCentral ktm came. juz a few hopped in. guess what? it's so empty!! i got the front seat, yes, i was sitting in a chilled ktm on a busy weds morn, how lucky is that?! (for those who never experienced ktm, it's like being multi-layered-ly sandwiched, esp during peak working hours like 7-8am.)

Praise God again Skybus came when i reached the terminal. had an hour long chat w an aunt passenger beside me. she's bringing her two sons to Macau, sharing alot of her life lessons with me. she's a tuition teacher, husband died of nose cancer 16 years ago (p/s those working at offshore oil-and-gas company, remember must wear mask) single-handedly raised two sons. bravo!

Just finished watching "A Beautiful Mind" while sipping black coffee (so bitter) and Egg Ben @ Coffee Bean. Prof John Nash won the noble prize award, mathematician genius who "sees" imaginary ppl, fantasizing he was being planted chips in his body to break army codes...went berserk, saved by his wife's LOVE. she didnt leave him thou he seemed lunatic.. =)

anyway, gotta check in soon, lots of things to do this holidays~! first of all would be to see my sis's new house!! heard it's cozy! wonder when can i hv my own house...teacher's salary less than 2K, 350K for a house...minus car, petrol, food...gee, money money, why are u so important.."come hard, go easy". sometimes can't wait to graduate, but when think hv to face the world, not asking money fr parents but be independent, suddenly felt daunting...anyway, life goes on. wise budgeting~

Have a pleasant holidays ahead guys~!