Quotation of the Day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

10secs x2 downpour

It's freaking sunny out there
and the sun in blazing into my aircon-less room here.

I had a 10seconds x 2 downpour
Felt slightly better

No one to blame

I just miss home
I want to be back at my comfort zone

I don't dislike my profession
The notorious students, the RPH burden
The loneliness and hunger of concentration (trying to rhyme)
I ...miss my friends and family.

Can anyone take me away from here soon?
Thanks a lot!

It's alright.
Momentarily on Earth only, right?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

3D2N Scouts Camp

Departing from IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor Bahru
SK Kampung Johor Lama, Kota Tinggi.
 This is the first time I participated in a scout's camping.  Though it is not located in a jungle where we can actually experience the wilderness, I truly enjoyed it~!
Thanks to my beloved B.Ed TESL IPG-UPM coursemates, I would really miss you guys once we graduate...Huhu..

Kalmeet & Dharmini. Side way and pull-able SWING~!
 I have always loved swings~! They are my favorite playground game! I love just swinging there and appreciating the nature surrounding me. Though I'd love to have a swing in my own house, but the idea of being 'fenced up...huhu..

Encik Yusof.
 There are many jurulatih who helped us alot throughout this 3D2N camp.  Thanks alot to you guys~ Though we just got informed by UPM that without gerko we won't grad, you guys immediately took us in your hands.  Sorry if  I didn't put in my best effort, esp the log book. Monday is approaching = practicum! Deng Deng~

Aruke. "Walk" - our favorite song :)

 I love the sing-along sessions~ Wonder if I'd dare to sing before my students like Encik Yusof. Haha. Alamak, no pictures of Encik Hamdan! He's my favorite non-TESL lecturer in IPG!! Charismatic sungguh!! Hehe~!
Looks simple? I'm super proud of us Singa(s)
 We worked on these gadgets till 6am dawn, a very memorable night we spent as a patrol! Though all of these hard work was off the ground in 20-30 minutes, I am still amazed we made a tables, penyidai pakaian, rak kasut etc, that is USABLE!! talking about survival skills? mastered 5%? haha!

The biggest table in the patrol. Re-construct after a heavy rainpour.
Life is like this bamboo table.  We have to have friends.  Bak kata pepatah, bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.  And, sometimes we need to depend on the help of others; in this case, the rafia strings.  To be successful in life, we need to have a strong foundation (dipacakkan dalam bumi), or we'll tumble when we face challenges (heavy rainpour) unpredictably...and most important of all, i think, like the bamboo table, we have to have a sense of worth.  Are we important to the people around us? How can we help the make this a world a better place? By educating the future generation or by conserving our nature? Like this bamboo table, it served its purpose to 'serve' us teabreak (yummy cucur!) before it R.I.P.

Thank you for reading. Aruke~! (^_^)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tears of Joy (^_^)

Today, 12.02.2011 Sunday,
I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

My palms are cold,
when i stood forward onto the stage.

Acknowledging someOne who has loved me,
forgave me,
and heal me...
I could have been more proud

and shout to the world
He saveD me.

From today,
I am a renewed person,
all my past are left behind, 
I'd change for the better!

May you all have a blessed CNY 2011,
welcome to enjoy the abundant life given by HIM!

Thank You, Jesus.
Praise the Lord!

Special thanks to my spiritual life partners:

Darling Andrew,

Yvonne Ling,

Agnes Wong,
Aaron Lee,
Wilson Khor,
Charles Liew,
Foo Ying Ying,
Josephine Bong,
Albert Tiong,
both Christopher Ling (s),
Aunty Jennifer,
Aunty Lian Dai,
Miss Chong
Malcolm Tang,
Richard Ting,
Lawson Chung,
Anna Bong,
Adeline Ho,
Wendy Ho,
Crystal Lau,
Ida Tan,
Samantha Yong,
Fam Bui Kwong,
Reverend Han,
Pastor Ming Tian,
Pastor Xiang Ping
(one way or other)
and many many others~!

May God bless you all abundantly~!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year~!

My maternal cousins: Rabbits on the go~
Reunion dinner: at Da Jiu's House: Lao Yi Sang :)
Day 2: It is during festive seasons (CNY) that do i get the chance to meet up with my cousins :)
Day 4: Catching up with friends is one of my fav~!

Day 4: Visiting teachers during CNY is also a must-do :)

Day 10: My first FGC Tertiary Fellowship: CNY gathering

What more can i ask for?  Thanks to friends and family for being part of my life~ May God bless you all a prosperous and blessed Rabbit year ahead~ (^_^)