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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Memories stored.

Good afternoon bloggie,

   It's 4:32pm, a cold Thursday afternoon. Having extra s at Computer Lab, 9 students from 5S1 turned up. They were doing their continuous essay diligently. It's good to see them asking questions, trying their very best. 19 days to SPM!!! Woooootsss~~


With Ah Soon Kor. He's a talented pianist, make-up artist, a cook, a romantic husband and loving father of three beautiful children. My third time being a presider at Hock Ing Methodist Church, 11th October 2015. Boy, was I nervous. Thanks to Nong for helping me to write the prayer and Chan for going through the rehearsal once with me. Didn't perform a good job, but thankfully their eyes are on God, and thanks to Sis Ai Lian for helping me to sing the hymn.... thankful for the opportunity to serve God. Gotta be more well prepared next time. Yeap, looking forward to the next opportunity. Actually, our church especiall Ka Onn Methodist Church needs more volunteers to help at the various ministries.

Thank you Sia Ee for inviting me join Zumba, by 1Malaysia Internet...It was a fun work out and I truly had a good sweat and am looking forward to attend their night classes once SPM is over! Woots~~~

The CVRN  committee members. Gonna missed Hospital Canteen's aunty's food...delicious and reasonably priced~ Have been pondering lately should I get a car or take up a motorcycle's driving course... colleague might be leaving Kapit soon..sobx...I don't like the feeling of being abandoned...sobxxxx...

This morning~! 13th October 2015 (Tuesday)! I conducted a pre-PT3 talk for them...prepared the slides, and last minute there's this online tips which is rather reliable..shared the techniques of answering with my 349 Form 3 kids, mostly participated but there are still noises talking down there..hm..how disrespectful, and indeed, it's their loss. Reminds me not to talk when others are giving speeches...I've missed out so much valuable lessons just by not paying attention. hm..

Thanks dear Anita. Walking back for brunch and student gave me this. Haha...happiness!
Highlight of the week!! Our Kapit Toastmasters Club first educational meeting~! 12 turned out for this. Looking forward to out second educational meeting on 31st October. I don't know if I'll regret starting up this club ini Kapit, but with so many comrades, this gotta be a green light from God, or it won't happen. Right? So far so good, Reverend Wong tried his best to present his first ice-breaking topic in English, revealing to us it's his first time speaking in English in public. Thanks Mdm Lydia for coming all the way from Sibu =)

Mdm Georginia Pui. Gotta be one of the lady I respected the most. Talented to music, played the piano flawlessly, extremely thoughtful (She bought the cake, sponsored us lunch, prepared the backdrop, name cards, attendance list etc), an amazing mother of 2 handsome boys, principal of Angels Glow Taska...humourous, considerate, generous, in short, an amazing lady.

See the lady in blue jacket? That's our new principal, Mdm Azlinda^^ Welcome to SMK Kapit Mdm! Since your 2 weeks' arrival, I've observed so many leadership qualities in you...changing the things that needed to be changed, giving moral support to teachers, sound advice for me, exemplary by going down the field with us to teach the SPM night classes. Thank you Mdm for your words of assurance and trust. You taught me about integrity, how to present effective educational talks etc. Fun Fun =)

Yeap, my kaban Semry! Haha...since the change of seating arrangements in the office, we are no longer desk mates...we ceased to have lunches together too. Haigz...haha..a memorable night for the PT3 Asrama kids night class~ We co-teach with Mr Michael and Semry shared his pizza with Lorenzo and I =)

 5:08pm, students submitted their work =) Good day all =)

P/s   A newly posted colleague is leaving, resigned as a teacher....I was taken aback by the news this morning. Many questions crossed my mind. The reasons are simply she foresees herself burnt out in this education system. She sees no personal growth in this place. Thus, she made a courageous move to quit her teaching career and ventured into another unfamiliar working environment. Students' lackadaisical attitude, unsupportive administrations, ever-changing education system, unnecessary documentations, key-in data, etc etc....young teachers now no longer find teaching a joyful duty, even the perks of long school holidays and stable income failed to attract them, simply because their emotional needs aren't satisfied. I can't imagine a life without a clear purpose, no sense of achievement etc...therefore, I'm truly thankful to God for giving me this passion to teach. Do I get extra allowance for conducting extra classes for students? The talks, the programs the seminars I organized? Nope, not much recognition from them, but thankfully, I've my close trusted friends who ensured me time and again, we are serving the Lord. This is my calling, and I accept it with a cheerful heart~

God bless all the teachers, Happy World Teachers' Day!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

MRC 14th CVRN 2015, Kapit

Kapit's first mural! Participants were to identify the hidden message behind this mural.
Hi Bloggie~
     It's 27th September 2015, Sunday, 4:30pm...a quiet afternoon and I'm comfortably resting on my comfy bed back in Kapit. School starts tomorrow and I finally get to quiet down, rest and decided to share my memorable one week school holiday with you :)

Visiting Fort Sylvia
MRC CVRN 2015 (Malaysian Red Crescent 14th Convention and Volunteers' Recognition Night 2015). Kapit is the host! Four of my dedicated colleagues, Hui Nong, Sing Chan, Kah Sui and Chong Ming were very much involved with this world known NGO, Red Crescent. Out of my kepo-ness, I volunteered to help out, as in stand in for writing a minute.  Little did I know the meeting in March 2015 would lead to 8 more late night meetings. Thankfully, I never regret a wee bit as the experience gained as their vice secretary and emcee was invaluable.
Ee invited her Zumba team, ZIN Jeffrey led. The 140 from the various branch in Sarawak had a great time sweating out!
  ZUMBA!!! I've heard so much about this fun sports! Kapit doesn't have much entertainment but the people here are really creative, friendly and health conscious!  They have 3 nights of Zumba lessons with the public per week =)

Khidmat Masyarakat.
 One of the feedback from the participants was that they preferred more outdoor activities than talks and more talks. Thus, tada! haha..Immediately right after reading their critical feedback, our next slot is Youth in Action.  Some of the youths were really committed and diligently do their part, distributing health pamphlets to the public as well as cleaning Kapit Town Square. I sneaked out from my secretariat part and joined in the fun!

Volunteers Recognition Night 2015 cum MRC Kapit Branch 40th Anniversary!
Mdm Evelyn did a wonderful job at decorating the stage! Again, I sneaked out from my secretariat corner and joined in the fun in tying balloons!  Her daughter, Ee did a wonderful job at decorating the tables with potted flowers, handmade from used bottles, filled in with soil and 'planted' plastic flowers and the table's  number.  Dr Sia Tih Kong, the organizing chairman and our Kapit Branch's chairman, pointed out at his welcoming speech that the person he appreciate most is her wife, Mdm Evelyn!
How SWEEEET!! hahaha....Of all the things said on stage, I remembered this phrase the most. That behind every successful husband is one supportive wife! And, Dr Sia mentioned too at the Convention's opening speech that "As volunteers, we don't expect reward."
This struck me. There are too many under privilege people out there. Those in pain, suffering from hunger and diseases, .... I'm trying to imagine the contrast of the poor VS rich. I can't smile when I know the wealthy ones are having wiVES thus lead to broken families, robbing off the poor for the sake of social status....time to SHUT UP. hmmm... The good things is, we have these respectable people, philanthropists~ Thought of Mother Teresa, Mark Zuckerberg :) 
Congratulations to all award recipients and units!

 SMK Kuching High won the BEST YOUTH  UNIT 2015 again this year!! Congratulations! Asked what's my best memory in secondary school? It will be Red Crescent! I enjoyed the crazy time, asking donations from the public during Flag Day...checking for hours where I missed out the 10cents in the treasurer's account...my first time being an Emcee for the Annual Dinner....our most loved and feared teacher-in-charge, Puan Lim Soh Kim. She has really been an exemplary to  many of us..miss you!! we had countless meaningful and memorable activities back then!!

Our guest of honour: President George Chan.

The young committee members!

 It's really not an easy task to organize a state level convention! I'm so glad to be part of it! Seated from L-R: Mr Kong Kah Sui (Vice Convention Coordinator), Miss Ho Jia Yiing (Vice-secretary), Mr Ting Sing Chan  (Convention Coordinator), Mr Law Hui Nong (Secretary), Mr Christopher Tan (photographer), Mdm Leh Siong Lu (Program Book). Standing L-R: Medical Assistant Mr Wong Sii Riong, Miss Sia Ee (Chairman's PA), Mdm Tiong Chong Ming (awesome secretariat team!)

With our lovely students.

Farewell guys! Hope you had a good time!  Sarikei, 2016~!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

You can skip reading this.

Happy 61st Birthday Daddy!!
Hi Bloggie,
    Gomenasai~ It has been more than half a year since I blogged. It's Hari Raya tomorrow. My family and I just came back from celebrating dad's earlier birthday.  Food at Ten Ichi Japanese Restaurant, Lok Thian, was ... 78%. The mushroom was too salty to the extent sis has to dip into the plain water for the little ones. Hm... same goes to the Duck Noodles at Boulevard Restaurant yesterday, too salty till I wasted the food. Complaint about the over-sweet honey lemon and they replaced with another equally sweetened beverage. Enough of complain....

    The reason I'm back here is that I finally find time to quiet down myself and analyse how had my life been so far. For the past six months, things had not work well with him. I think we both tried to make things work. I do not understand why we constantly quarrel over petty issues. Well, is finance really a big problem? Guess so. I wish I am a docile girl, never inquire about money related stuff. I wish I am just a punch-in-and-out teacher, merely doing my part and nothing more. I wish I am obedient and submissive. 

   Sadly, I am not. I ... compared to other ladies, I won't think I spend a lot. I mean, maybe a little, but I kept on emphasize that I work extra hard for my side income and ... fine, lazy to explain. Perhaps, you are right. The next man will treat me better, appreciate me more. Ha....

   *3 minutes of sobbing* 

   I don't think I can complete this entry. 

  Let's look back at the joyous moments from Jan - June 2015~

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket.  May 2015
Who would have thought this vacation tore us apart. Ha.... It was supposed to be a fun and relationship-strengthening trip. I still trust God has His purposes :')

Was this your 3rd or 4th time coming to Kapit? March 2015.
New colleagues. Erm....your company trip to Kanowit was cancelled last minute, yet you took leave to visit me. Thanks :)

Ka En Methodist Church members, CNY visiting at En Na's place :D
My Form 3A~ Pen Pal Writing Project with SMK Katibas~  

Ops, not a good idea to link work related posts to my personal life.... Even my photobook is mixed with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kapit, Phuket, Students, Family, Church. Perhaps I will master the art of being organized one day, as in compartmentalize my personal feelings and work life. 

SMK Kapit English Club 2015 11th Meeting 
  My pride and joy! While sharing these photos with my English Club president Dorothea this afternoon, I told her looking back at these photos, we had really accomplished quite a lot this year. We had few competitions, and a health talk. I wish we could do more, like bringing you guys out for excursions or school visits.

Christian Club 2015 11th meeting
Birthday celebration~ So this year, apart from being the teacher-in-charge of English Club, I requested for Christian Club too. Embarrassingly, I have yet to baptized despite attending disciple class and having my IC changed to K. In fact, this is the 10th year I've been attending church and deep down in my heart, I know You are real and You love me very much. Thank You God for all the blessings in my life. I don't know what good I've done to receive all these blessings. Thank you God for my loving family, a career I'm so passionate for, a healthy body and mind, trusted friends and my love and desire to serve for the glory of your Kingdom. Forgive my sins dear Father in heaven, I've been....yeap, I learnt that, we should pray in the quiet, in our rooms. Something I'm still trying hard to comply to. I dunno why I just need to share out whatever happiness or sadness that's within me, like now. You see, when I posted here, I do hope to release all my innermost feelings and look back months or years later. I know this sorrowful phase will eventually passed. Yes, romantic relationship has never been a smooth sailing for me. Am I really that ambitious? I just hope for a man who would hold on tight to me and never let go. Perhaps I'm really too pampered by my family. In my colleagues' eyes, I'm labeled as the joyful and carefree teacher. In the eyes of students, they voted me as the 'Guru Senyuman Paling Manis 2015'. Hahahhaha, thank you guys! I just gotta be strong for this phase to get by. I lost hope that you will come back to me. For if you still love me, you will not wait till this long to ask me out. I duno if it's because of your immaturity or lack of confidence, but I'm truly tired to be treated like a ball. My dad adored me like a princess, the least I could do for him is not to make them worry about me anymore. 

Dear friends, need not read further. I'm just passing my time by typing...I wonder if there's anyone out there who minds typing mindlessly therapeutic. Haha.... 

STU Kapit 3rd DCM June 2015 , I'm officially appointed as their secretary!
Believe it or not. I actually accepted this new post: Secretary of STU Kapit. If not for the late Bro William Ghani, I doubt I would sacrifice my time and energy to be active in Sarawak Teacher's Union. Sis Kong left as she was promoted as the new principal of SMK Bandar Bintulu. The good thing about having a higher post is that we have more authority to do things. I remember Ustaz Aminah's final words to me before she got her transfer, 'with great power comes great responsibilities'.  Indeed, entering my 4th year in the adult working world, I have encountered several set backs, specifically in terms of work. I will not repeat the stories of rumours and negative critics by whom I naively regarded as friends, because I do not want to have their beautiful image tainted in my memory. I keep on reminding myself that no one is perfect, and that we are all sinners. Every thing that happened is a learning process for us. And believe it or not, God has His miraculous ways of showing us his will and He is always there with us, for us and remember the poem 'Footprints'? *wink*

Principal Manggie, how's retired life? 
 I like my principal, Mr Manggie. He's been very supportive of my programs and initiatives at school.  This is not my first time sharing: that I love to listen to his stories.  Am boy, I am glad to have my 3A and 5s1 throw him a farewell party! All the best and enjoy your retirement to the fullest, Mr Manggie!  You've served well for our country, your people and now, it is us, the younger generation to continue striving for our country.  Dear Lord, have mercy on my country Malaysia. Things are not at its best now, and with Internet, news spread like wildfire. I do not want to take sides for I still believe and agree to what Mr Manggie left us during his farewell speech: that we should respect our leaders. Forgive me God, if I've overstepped some leaders and caused them discomfort. They are anointed by you to lead our country, our school, our home, bless them with wisdom, understanding and a heart that fear and love you. Praying for the harmony of my beloved state and country.

my 28th birthday. How time flies....
There goes my childhood dream, to  be happily married by 28. Dear husband, where are you.... do you even exist? Cinderella is still holding on to the little faith left that her prince charming does exist and is riding through the thick forest to rescue her. hahahhah....1105pm, time to call it a night. 

Dear blog,  
     Thanks for being here for me, being a pair of listening ears. I've so many 'friends' on Facebook, but how many will pop in and say 'hi, how's your day'. ha....cuz I hardly do that to my friends nowadays. It has been quite some time since I last go out and socialize with my friends. I surely miss my uni days, when all we worry is about exam and shopping. Hahaha. I love my kindy years too, beautiful memory! Dear Yiing, you're fine. Everything will be alright. Same goes to you reading, I wish you good health, happiness and may you be a blessing to those around you. Cheers~

With love,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My sweet memories in 2014 =)

Good morning bloggie~

    It's 6:45am, 9th January 2015. I'm going to board the 10am MAS to Sibu later. This is it. Kinda excited to look at my new time table and what other positions will be assigned to me this year.

    Back from a good sweat. Woke up early and joined daddy for a brisk walking at Reservoir Park. We reached at 5:50am, it was pitch dark still, but several uncles and auties were bidding farewell to dad. Salute them!

One of my favourite pic! Straight from the airport from Kapit, March 2012!

    Dad can walk very fast, I couldn't keep up with his pace after half a round. Dear Lord, thank you SO MUCH for blessing with such loving parents. As I grow older, I ... it makes me so grateful to have these precious moments with my family. Dad retired last year, throughout the holidays, he never fail to wake up early and helped mom with the household chores and gardening. Yesterday, he joyfully showed me the first batch of vegetables he grew! Guess the corn could be harvested in another week or so =)  AND, dad picks up cooking! He taught me how to bake bread and ...why are my eyes wet typing these down.. haha. LOVE YOU DADDY & MOMMY!

Taiwan, Dec 2012.
     Due to a 'special mission' this holiday, we didn't go overseas for vacation this year. Mom thought 2014 wasn't a good year to fly too. Hope we'll go somewhere together this year. They're not growing any younger and .... Dear Lord, please bless my parents with good health! I hope they'll see my children get married! hahahaha

     10 more minutes here before breakfast and packing. Oh ya, I MUST email my supervisor my draft, thanks so much to my awesome bf for he took a leave to help me with my paper.

Christmas Dinner with Phil's family and relatives @ Riverside Majestic. Grandpa gave him a 'thumbsup!' when I was introduced. Cute! =D
Met up with Ying and friends. Cheers to our 23 years of friendship!
Attended Huey's wedding, Nat delivered her 2 child =)

Hope to be MORE involved in God's work this year =)

Looking forward to our graduation day this year!!!

Phil attends my CG, while I attend his LG. Which church should we stick to in the future? Hmm..
Still couldn't believe I coordinated a district level workshop. Thanks Mentor!
Get to be a tourist in Kapit! Wee~
Buddy Pam is back from London, with him! =)
Attended buddy Ed' wedding in Johor. Are you a papa dy?  =P
Thank you Lord! Award aside, I'm grateful to meet these awesome teachers/leaders =)

My pretty colleagues, our Annual Dinner at Sibu . See you girls shortly! =)    

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015~

Blessed 2015 to all!  With the incomplete thesis in mind, I've yet to really sit down and plan for my 2015. This is one reminder-article from by Gary and Joy Lundberg http://familyshare.com/marriage/wives-you-can-make-2015-your-most-happily-married-year-yet


Wives, you can make 2015 your most happily married year yet

Try these 10 simple steps, and you'll have a happily married 2015 — and a "happily ever after."

24,562 views   |   5,331 shares
  • The New Year is here, and happiness awaits. But then, so does misery if we choose. That's the point — we get to choose. Here are 10 surefire ways wives can make happiness happen.
  • 1. Remember how you felt about your husband on your honeymoon

    You were over-the-top in love with the guy. Close your eyes and recapture the memory. Think about what you did and how you felt. Relish the thought. Choose to feel those same feelings again (at least for a few minutes) often.
  • 2. Look at your husband with new eyes

    See the hardworking guy he is. If he has a few — or more than a few — gray hairs, think about the sacrifices he made for you and your family that brought them on. Fill your heart with gratitude for all he's done to bless your life.
  • 3. Wipe away any negative thoughts about him

    While we all have flaws, chances are you married a quality guy. Otherwise, you never would have chosen to say "I do." Focus on your husband's good qualities. Write down a few to help them stay riveted in your mind. It's too easy to forget them when little marital misdemeanors — like dirty socks on the floor — occur. Get rid of negative thoughts and think of the good.
  • 4. Pamper him with a back rub after a hard day's work (at least sometimes)

    He'll love the attention. It will tell him loud and clear that you're thinking of him and his needs. Say "I love you" with your hands in a way that will touch his heart. Your tough tiger will be purring like the family feline in no time.
  • 5. Look for opportunities to compliment him

    Catch him off guard with a fun compliment, like "I saw you helping our elderly neighbor with her trash can, and thought it was really nice of you," or, "You are so handsome. You make that Walmart shirt look like it came off the rack at Neiman Marcus."
  • 6. Praise him in the presence of others while he's within earshot

    This is especially effective when done with his in-laws. It's simple. When you're having dinner, for example, say something like, "I wish you could have seen Jim (your husband) playing catch with Johnny yesterday. He's an amazing father." Or in conversation with your friends say, "Jim cooked dinner last night and it was absolutely delicious."
  • 7. Talk with him

    Let him share his feelings without interrupting him. Listen to his hopes and dreams. Sometimes he just needs to know you care about what he's going through. It feels good to have a wife who genuinely cares about what's on your mind — without trying to fix you. The great poet, Maya Angelou, said it this way: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." This definitely applies to our mates.
  • 8. Doll up for your guy

    It's fun for a husband to see his wife looking pretty for a special occasion. That special occasion can be in the kitchen cooking pancakes for the family or on a fun date night out. Of course, looking good in the kitchen won't be the same as when you dress for a night out, but you still look pretty darn cute in nice jeans and a flattering tee — all worn with a big smile.
  • 9. Make snuggle time with him memorable

    No need to elaborate here. Just be sure to have some fun, intimate times together, enjoyed by both of you.
    10. Pray together and, when it's your turn, thank the Lord for blessing you with a good man. Praying together is a great way to increase your happiness and deal with challenges in life. There's nothing quite like bringing this powerful third party into your marriage.
    Do these 10 things, and you will be sure to have a happily married 2015 — and "ever after."