Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ms Ratha and Hui Yi are in town!

cyn, sam, me, bruno, faisal, yvonne, hui yi & ms ratha
 Belated entry. No idea when will we get to meet Ms Ratha.
 She's like a mother to us.
When a teacher sincerely cares, even the most naughty/quiet student will cherish her.

bilin, ostrich rolls, sugar cane chicken, seafood soup, grilled lamb
 haven't dine at Bla Bla Bla since 2009 christmas. The place changed, expanded to two floors.  Another new pond and the seating arrangements were changed to accommodate more diners.  We are all changing too; from walking past this restaurant at a younger age without $ to indulge, to going with special friends, to sister's convocation dinner, to bringing 'overseas' friends ... and maybe, the next time, to foot the bill for expanded family XD

love the sand, the wind...n the girl! :P

recently upgraded: infinity swimming pool.
 met Uncle David here. A humble and hardworking child of God.

spaghetti bolognese, thai soup n sam, did u order lamb/chicken chop?
kesimpulannya, these are the among the few close friends i met throughout the 6 years TESL course. We'll be going to different schools, may our wish to be posted near home come true.  Do come again, Hui Yi, and bring your other half along.  Thanks to Yvonne and Cynthia for driving us around Kuching - hometown is always one of the best place in the world~! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Practicing mother tongue. Lolx.

很久没写华语了,昨晚看了Mandarin Battle,哇靠!现在的小学生怎么那么聪明有才华啊?我的华语真的生锈了,十题名句精华,格言,谚语, 我才答对三题, 可悲!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MaDeup Tutorial

Have you ever feel ugly? How many of us are willing to upload our not-so-pretty pictures/videos? Out of boredom, my buddy decided to paint my tired-looking face. This is her work:



Due to impulse, on the last day at JB, Creative's hair stylist cut my hair way too short that I swear Yvonne can hear me crying in my heart. To console me, my makeup artist-buddy-cum-photographer produced her 2nd work:

medium/long suits me more?

or short?

Friday, June 3, 2011

scribblings of thought

it has been exactly one week since I came back from Johor Bahru.  What have i done?

Gawai visiting? Nope.

Beach? Nope.

Mountain climbing? Nearly, but nope.

Badminton? YES! with 4 old time buddies: Robin, Kei, Owen & YLip.  No gurls :(

Weddings? Just witnessed another beautiful church wedding, of Alvin Ho and Adeline.  It was held at St Joseph's. 

Yam Cha? Oh yes, Sunny Hill Ice Cream with Ted.  Arts Meal with Alex.  Novus Cafe with another 10 secondary school mates.  Rock road seafood, kolo mee, pizza hut and kfc with Andrew, Hong Kong Noodle House with Yvonne, Adeline and Alex, Delize with Yvonne, Andrew, Cynthia and her bf, Gilbert~! Nice meeting him, Cyn :)

Cambridge? Yes, thankfully it's Gawai so there are few opportunities to meet as adorable as 7 years old and as wise as 60 years olds. Haha~

Movies? Yeap, re-watched Pirates 4, and dozed off, in cozy arms :P Kung Fu Panda 2! Oh, *smiling now while recalling back the innocent baby Po* (^_^)

Blogging? Nah, have been very lazy.  If not for now that i'm home alone, practically killing time. Haha.

What should i do  next week? Ah...i wanna get a job! not solely for $$, but i'm just bei-sit-tiam. Haha.

Activities in mind:
1.  gym
2. piano
3. reading
4. baking
5. florist?
6. swimming

ah...time to be driver. chio~