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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Wait

Is life all about waiting?

We wait to grow up.

We wait to finish primary school.

We wait to enter university.

We wait for our breakfast.

Introducing Sarawak Kueh Chap @ Sekama Road :)
 We wait and queue for the famous hot item in market
Fried Durian (2nd stall) at Kuching Festival
We wait for night to come for bed

We wait for end of the month for pay day

We wait for end of the year for Christmas

when will I touch snow? :P

We wait for them to come home

We wait the day to finally meet up again

We wait for the moment of His Return

Suddenly, it downed to me again, since our final destination on Earth is Heaven, and there is a mission and purpose meant for us on Earth, we might as well fulfill His will the righteous way.  Though no one would like pain and misery, but there's always this light that will shine brightly after a storm.  While having breakfast with Aunty Barbara and Yvonne this morning, I found a new insight about our teaching profession.  Like any other jobs, as long as it is not against the law or God's law, we should commit ourselves in it.  Learn from past mistakes, letting go of a precious item because He has something better in store for you. Waiting, afterall, is just a continuous tense, as life is a continuous journey.






 18 August 2011, 10:18am... She's coming~ \(^_^)/



What do I know about it?

A noun if it's adviCe.

A verb if it's adviSe.


As the bible says,

we should be obedient to our parents.

99% of their advice would be for our best interest.


Normal friends would not really spend much time worrying about your problems.

Good friends will probably listen and try their best.

Best friends will think in your shoes.


however brilliant or sound may their advice be,

the final decision is still in your hand.

God bless you, my dearest friendS.

Monday, August 15, 2011

For You

Today 16 August 2001, should be the due date my first niece see the world~

our princess, will you come out today? :)

Aunty Yiing promises to love you, not overly pamper :P

I wish you are healthy!

Adorable, lovely and most important of all, respect your elderly..

Will you be like sis or take after brother-in-law?

Anyhow, I'm sure we'll all love you to  bits~

What will your name be?

Will you have the habits of sucking fingers like me?

haha, I think kids nowadays are more hygienic

and never did I encounter any kids who'd rather suck their fingers than baby soothers..

until I google and came across these~!!!!

Looking at these angels.. ah, I am really looking forward to see you! *excited*

God bless you my dear!

Aunty Yiing :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How are you doing my friends?

Senior Citizen Centre, as the name called, is for senior citizens. However, for the past 2 months, I have enrolled for their Ballroom Dancing and Old Folks Dance.  Thankfully, the teachers and elderlies are very passion and sincere in teaching a 'kayu' like me. 

"Oh, you are waiting for posting?"

"Teacher? Good good~"

"You are still so young. Why not further your studies and get a doctorate?"

Wah, there's this graceful young grandma (yes, though i can see her wrinkles, but she still dressed in cheerful light purple dresses to class) who adviced me to further my studies.  Hm.. Are we allowed to continue of masters now?  Coursemates, can any of you remember what is written in our contracts with KPM?

Anyway, I came home, with a refreshed mind (if not for these morning exercises, I'd be very guilty of eating all those weekly Laksa - my favourite breakfast, after OATS --> white lie!) I checked my phone, another part time job, working a Kuching Festival! Yay, I therefore went to Looks Fa Bulous Facebook, and sorta make a 5 mins thought purchase! *wink wink*

Welcome to try our Sarawak Laksa! Love the fleshy prawns and the soup!

If you visit Kuching in August, then Kuching Food Festival is a MUST-GO!

Bio Ion.  Be careful of the fragrant air fresher you inhale, they contains chemicals which is hazardous for health.

Bio Ion on the other hand, is 100 % plants extracts and as the company claims, it contains no chemicals and thus, he spray it into is mouth!

This is my life after 6 years of uni-maktab life. How about you?


coconut kuih muih, not too sweet. i like!

my first Kurma this Ramadhan! reminds me of Ed :)

suka nie juga! :)

Guess what? Bubur Pedas! First time trying, spicy wei...

Curi-curi snap when they went for second round praying :)

Tada! Bon Appetite!

wishing my Muslim friends Selamat Berbuka Puasa! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello :)

memer commented "you working with kenny sia? cool!"

sadly, i didnt get to work with him (at the moment), but after buying me lunch (just ipoh town coffee, while he had eggs n kaya toast n kopi o peng), he patiently explained why the basic salary is low, regardless if im a uni grad.

quote him " i was impressed by you at our interview the other day...bla bla bla..level up's door is always opened for you..."

ah..as much as i wanted to undergo his training as a staff there (which, according to him, internship is where you learn the skills, sth u don't learn at university), my passion for teaching is much greater.  therefore, between my current home tuition SPM Jefferson and Level Up, i've made up my mind to help Jefferson pass him BM and score for other subjects.

I've forgotten alot bout SPM Science and Maths, and the exam format of BM and KOMSAS are new; but since his mom paid me, n he is keen to study, i will try my best to help him, while waiting for his previous home tutor to be home from outstation.

Though i couldn't get the best of the both worlds (level up morning shift, and night tuition), i am glad to have 3 conversations with my favorite blogger! First office interview, second he phoned me using his personal number, and third, a 45mins lunch chat at Ipoh Town.  *wink wink* As for Jefferson, i do hope with my little knowledge, i can help make a difference in his life, a positive one! 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Truth. Friendship.

Today is one of my happiest day~!

1. i confess to Kenny Sia that i was waiting for posting, and that i will leave Level Up should i receive the news. Honestly, i was very troubled when i told the white lie, to the extend i couldn't fall asleep at night.. Thanks to a few friends and when i attended sunday service today, Reverend Lau mentioned about honesty, truth...and Yvonne reminded me about the 5Cs that we learnt at Alpha Course last Saturday =)  then later in the evening, Kenny called, not his admin but him, asking to meet him in person tomorrow afternoon...hm...

2.  went 'double' date with Y & B and his bro. our first time going to fish prawns, kuching had very heavy rainpour this evening, many trees were fallen, a zinc roof at the prawn house fell off too.. but C caught a big water prawn~! yay!

3.  went dating with Pamela, my childhood buddy =) i think this is our first time going movies without lightbulbs =D  i strongly recommend The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It tells us that somethings are meant NOT to be changed. 

Lesson re-learnt:
1.  Honesty is the best policy.
2.  Life is beautiful with friends =)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A chat with student is happier than buying a dress!

Student: Will you come back here again?

Student: we need to learn from a good teacher as u :)

Me: for vacation n fun mayb, but not to teach.

Student: Sad =.=

(Guess who is this student? *wink wink*)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i am NOT a shopaholic =P

I am not a shopaholic! i'm NOT addicted to online boutiques..

gosh... i must have been influenced by my peers or should i just accept the fact that i fell to tempation.

the world is beautiful~

the girls in those dresses are gorgeous~

and to think dreamily, that i'll look good in those dresses!


since i activated back my maybank debit card,

i have bank in a few cheques this holidays

as well as transfering out :X


please let this fever be over~

how can i stop these itchy hands

answer: put those money in fix D

and tata~ wanna go have supper with friends also have to think twice


anyway, blogging this out to refrain myself from doing anymore online transactions.

Good day folks~~

btw, i'm loving my 'holidays'.. how bout u? :)