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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My sweet memories in 2014 =)

Good morning bloggie~

    It's 6:45am, 9th January 2015. I'm going to board the 10am MAS to Sibu later. This is it. Kinda excited to look at my new time table and what other positions will be assigned to me this year.

    Back from a good sweat. Woke up early and joined daddy for a brisk walking at Reservoir Park. We reached at 5:50am, it was pitch dark still, but several uncles and auties were bidding farewell to dad. Salute them!

One of my favourite pic! Straight from the airport from Kapit, March 2012!

    Dad can walk very fast, I couldn't keep up with his pace after half a round. Dear Lord, thank you SO MUCH for blessing with such loving parents. As I grow older, I ... it makes me so grateful to have these precious moments with my family. Dad retired last year, throughout the holidays, he never fail to wake up early and helped mom with the household chores and gardening. Yesterday, he joyfully showed me the first batch of vegetables he grew! Guess the corn could be harvested in another week or so =)  AND, dad picks up cooking! He taught me how to bake bread and ...why are my eyes wet typing these down.. haha. LOVE YOU DADDY & MOMMY!

Taiwan, Dec 2012.
     Due to a 'special mission' this holiday, we didn't go overseas for vacation this year. Mom thought 2014 wasn't a good year to fly too. Hope we'll go somewhere together this year. They're not growing any younger and .... Dear Lord, please bless my parents with good health! I hope they'll see my children get married! hahahaha

     10 more minutes here before breakfast and packing. Oh ya, I MUST email my supervisor my draft, thanks so much to my awesome bf for he took a leave to help me with my paper.

Christmas Dinner with Phil's family and relatives @ Riverside Majestic. Grandpa gave him a 'thumbsup!' when I was introduced. Cute! =D
Met up with Ying and friends. Cheers to our 23 years of friendship!
Attended Huey's wedding, Nat delivered her 2 child =)

Hope to be MORE involved in God's work this year =)

Looking forward to our graduation day this year!!!

Phil attends my CG, while I attend his LG. Which church should we stick to in the future? Hmm..
Still couldn't believe I coordinated a district level workshop. Thanks Mentor!
Get to be a tourist in Kapit! Wee~
Buddy Pam is back from London, with him! =)
Attended buddy Ed' wedding in Johor. Are you a papa dy?  =P
Thank you Lord! Award aside, I'm grateful to meet these awesome teachers/leaders =)

My pretty colleagues, our Annual Dinner at Sibu . See you girls shortly! =)    

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015~

Blessed 2015 to all!  With the incomplete thesis in mind, I've yet to really sit down and plan for my 2015. This is one reminder-article from by Gary and Joy Lundberg http://familyshare.com/marriage/wives-you-can-make-2015-your-most-happily-married-year-yet


Wives, you can make 2015 your most happily married year yet

Try these 10 simple steps, and you'll have a happily married 2015 — and a "happily ever after."

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  • The New Year is here, and happiness awaits. But then, so does misery if we choose. That's the point — we get to choose. Here are 10 surefire ways wives can make happiness happen.
  • 1. Remember how you felt about your husband on your honeymoon

    You were over-the-top in love with the guy. Close your eyes and recapture the memory. Think about what you did and how you felt. Relish the thought. Choose to feel those same feelings again (at least for a few minutes) often.
  • 2. Look at your husband with new eyes

    See the hardworking guy he is. If he has a few — or more than a few — gray hairs, think about the sacrifices he made for you and your family that brought them on. Fill your heart with gratitude for all he's done to bless your life.
  • 3. Wipe away any negative thoughts about him

    While we all have flaws, chances are you married a quality guy. Otherwise, you never would have chosen to say "I do." Focus on your husband's good qualities. Write down a few to help them stay riveted in your mind. It's too easy to forget them when little marital misdemeanors — like dirty socks on the floor — occur. Get rid of negative thoughts and think of the good.
  • 4. Pamper him with a back rub after a hard day's work (at least sometimes)

    He'll love the attention. It will tell him loud and clear that you're thinking of him and his needs. Say "I love you" with your hands in a way that will touch his heart. Your tough tiger will be purring like the family feline in no time.
  • 5. Look for opportunities to compliment him

    Catch him off guard with a fun compliment, like "I saw you helping our elderly neighbor with her trash can, and thought it was really nice of you," or, "You are so handsome. You make that Walmart shirt look like it came off the rack at Neiman Marcus."
  • 6. Praise him in the presence of others while he's within earshot

    This is especially effective when done with his in-laws. It's simple. When you're having dinner, for example, say something like, "I wish you could have seen Jim (your husband) playing catch with Johnny yesterday. He's an amazing father." Or in conversation with your friends say, "Jim cooked dinner last night and it was absolutely delicious."
  • 7. Talk with him

    Let him share his feelings without interrupting him. Listen to his hopes and dreams. Sometimes he just needs to know you care about what he's going through. It feels good to have a wife who genuinely cares about what's on your mind — without trying to fix you. The great poet, Maya Angelou, said it this way: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." This definitely applies to our mates.
  • 8. Doll up for your guy

    It's fun for a husband to see his wife looking pretty for a special occasion. That special occasion can be in the kitchen cooking pancakes for the family or on a fun date night out. Of course, looking good in the kitchen won't be the same as when you dress for a night out, but you still look pretty darn cute in nice jeans and a flattering tee — all worn with a big smile.
  • 9. Make snuggle time with him memorable

    No need to elaborate here. Just be sure to have some fun, intimate times together, enjoyed by both of you.
    10. Pray together and, when it's your turn, thank the Lord for blessing you with a good man. Praying together is a great way to increase your happiness and deal with challenges in life. There's nothing quite like bringing this powerful third party into your marriage.
    Do these 10 things, and you will be sure to have a happily married 2015 — and "ever after."