Quotation of the Day

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

we are a global village, says Pa (^_^)

souvenirs from our foster parents.  adorable rabbit righto? thanks pa ma :)

my pa and ma in Taiwan. super warm and friendly parents. our blessing :)

my foster sister.  adorable righto? sweet 16 :)

tea after sumptious dinner with taiwan beer and whisky. ah..warm n delicious hakka dish!! thanks ma n pa!

my ma. hope to see you soon!

pa shared with us bout the culture of hakka and taiwan.  drinking wine is a must during every meal as it is winter now.  even during summer, they've to drink beer or the food doesnt taste complete.  ma and pa are a lovely couple.  their only son, our didi, is doing  his health science at taiwan university, year 2, 2 years younger than me.  thanks for your hospility, welcome to malaysia pa n ma!! (^_^)

Monday, December 6, 2010

TAIWAN, here I come (^_^)

T he day has finally
A rrived.
I am excited
W as busy packing till 3am dawn
A nd is still wondering if i missed anything
N othing's gonna stop us girls~

H ere I am
E agerly heading to Kuching International Airport
R eady to have breakfast with Ida and family
E ver hoping things will go on smooth.

I am happy!!

C ome, travel mode, come
O ver the rainbows
M erry Christmas to all
E xciting trip this will be

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Work or Relax?

PC Fair Sensonic Promoter @ Permata 

Just back from Permata, PC Fair starting tomorrow till this Sunday.  Spent 3 hours arranging the stock.  The above picture is one of the booth MCL is supplying too.  I'll be promoting Sensonic accessories while other team members will be doing Logitech.  For this first time PC fair working experience, I actually rejected other jobs with higher pay, Yiing yiing..btw, typing with headache now. hope i can get through these 3 days, happily.

Promoter for Legends Car Accessory @ The Hills

The first part time job this holiday. and of the easiest, with highest pay. haha. comments? easy, not challenging and i find it boring as the hours tick by.  the only fun part is taking photo with the pretty ladies...and the pay XD
Ribena blackcurrant and strawberry @ Padungan Everise

sorta like Captivate. the trialing specialist job i took while studying at UPM.  Good pay (west msia) but standing long hours. to make myself happier, i give away free drinks to the staff and let customers 'win' the choice of lucky draws they want. wakaka. since i've lots of  free time standing, i observe ppl.  babies attract me the most, then to old folks shopping together, family huhuhaha, married couple holding hands, youngsters energetic always on the go, and little girls and boys eyeing on ribena but don't dare to ask from me, until their parents stood up for them. haha!

Cambrige @ Jln Song.  Kiddy 1 & Kiddo class.

of all the few jobs above, this is my favorite!  some might think it's tacky, some think boring, but to me, it's - passion.  i get to sit, talk,play and see the kids learn.  They can be pretty noisy, till the management came in and gave warning, but kids being kids, they'll be quiet awhile, then ... haha. one more thing, some students can be much 'slower' compared to others, and i don't like it when the more brilliant ones bully him. that  is when i will pilih kasih, and give the slower ones easier work. hehe. and i remembered one malay student, who scored 100% (with my assistance), he smiled so happily and asked for more tests to do. wah. and when i tell him, today's my last day teaching him, his smile disappeared, askin when will i be back, and that other teachers don't really teach him. i bought him a small gift, and advised him to study hard.

why do i work? it makes me so tired, like now. but when i'm at home for too long, i feel useless and super bored. most prob cuz im the youngest, everyone's off to work, and no ones free to chat with me on msn in the daytime. why not shopping or movies? need money, derh.  and when the salary is banked in:

my first STAGE products, using my own hard earned money...(^_^)

before. lunch with pam and julian at Novus Cafe, Brighton Square.
Ray Academy's 'si fu' from KL =)
hair wash, blow and...tada, my new fringe...3 hrs self-pamper (^_^)