Thursday, June 20, 2013

Program Jalinan Kasih: SMK Katibas Sayang SMK Kapit

“Love Bonding Program: SMK Katibas Loves SMK Kapit”

“Teacher, this is my first time taking a long boat!...First time ‘mandi berkemban’ (wrapped in towels)”

“Teacher, I never eat using my hands. The food tastes good eaten this way….my first time”

“Oh my God, oh my God! A leech on my leg! Take a photo, quick!”

“I never jungle trek, teacher. This is fun!”

            We were welcomed by Katibas’ prefects at the main gate.  The weakest class in Form 4 painted a banner which stated ‘Selamat Datang ke SMK Katibas. Program Jalinan Kasih: SMK Katibas  & SMK Kapit”.  Our presence is really well received! By 4:50pm, our students were assigned to their hostels, the 6 girls to the girl’s dormitory while our 9 boys followed the school prefect, William to the boy’s dormitory.  Our kids have the honour to dine with the hostel’s kids at the school’s canteen.  It was a first time to Xin Yii to actually bath ‘berkemban’ (wrapped in sarung), a first time to most of my Chinese boys to bath by the river, and another first time for Zhi Xian to eat using his bare hands.  These are all the wonderful rural-Iban cultural memories that will be stored for life.

Did I age or serious.

Ice breaking, 14th June 2013 (Friday) night....

Bonded! Train..tut-tut...round the dewan makan.

Senamrobic. how fun! the whole school of SMK Katibas actually took part in this event!

My mentor Mr Jarod Yong & I. Thank you for making this program a reality! :)

Flo, the kind teacher who allows me to stay with her. super awesome lady!

I've no idea why I hardly sweat despite the vigorous exercise. different people have different sizes of sweat glands I guess.

SMK Kapit's English Language Society's President, Adarsh Philip sharing his experiences on PMR preparation to students of Katibas.

Zhi Xian and Pius happily sharing away their experiences too. Well done, boys!

Xin Yii, so genuine is sharing tips on how to score for PMR.

My Form 6 students tried their best in sharing how to prepare for SPM too..

The journey to the jungle trekking begins! :)

One of my favourite hike so far...a leisure hike, with streams and waterfall at the end.

Personal preference :P

Way to go guys!

The jumping and splashing begin!

More splashing and fun!

Program Jalinan Kasih: SMK Katibas Sayang SMK Kapit @ Waterfall.

Sweet Xin Yii and her idol teacher, Mr Yong.

Another last minute photo before going back to school..

Tada! on Siew Zhen's knee. How excited was he!

            On Saturday afternoon, together with nearly 25 prefects of SMK Katibas and my students, Mr Yong Jik Kam and three more Katibas teachers, we went for hike to a waterfall behind the school.  We have to take a long boat across the river as the current was quite strong.  It is another first time for Siew Zhen to experience a leech on his leg! I thought he was screaming out of fear but later, he confessed it was out of excitement.  As the saying goes, take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.  Thanks to photographer cum co-organizer, Mr Yong for taking the memorable photos throughout the 3 hours hike. While the students jumped off the rocks into the deep pool at the waterfall, I kept praying non-stop for their safety. Bringing a group of students under your care is different from the personal experiences with friends, you have to shoulder the responsibility despite having their parents’ consent. Thankfully, the hike went well and the students really had the fun of their lives.
         That night, after a delicious local dinner, our students were entertained by the Cultural Club of SMK Katibas.  Their cultural dances, with bamboos, smokes, costumes, makeup and songs really moved our hearts. I was told this was the last batch of students coached under our current teacher, Mr Nicholas Vicky. Mr Nicholas had been a warden and a great leader in SMK Katibas since his first posting to SMK Katibas.  In fact, one of the reasons we chose SMK Katibas as the school to visit is due to its prestige of being one of the best hostel in Kapit zone.
         This program ended with an unforgettable group photo which had the natural greenery as the ‘backdrop’. My students were so reluctant to leave Katibas that we agreed to cancel the 9am boat and reschedule for them to leave at 12:30pm.  Students signed their names on the camp’s t-shirts, leaving behind names, phone numbers and FB contacts.  In short, the objective of exchanging cultures, sharing experiences, creating memories and bonding friendships were attained.  Heartiest thanks to SMK Kapit for giving me the green light to carry on with this program and SMK Katibas for being so co-operative and supportive throughout this 4 months’ preparation.  May the relationship between both schools remained and more schools will get to cultivate the educative habit of school visits. Afterall, we learn best from the looking at others’ strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.