Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Teacher distributes SPM Ramalan Kertas 2 for students.

Student A: "Can we not do this?  It's so boring."

Student B: "We got A for XXX subject dy."

Student C: "Can we do something fun instead?"

Teacher pauses. "If everyone of you got 20/20 for the information transfer, then you may skip the essay part."

Students' gloomy face lits.

Teacher smiles, self talk: "Ah, kids being kids. You love fun activities, so do I. Less marking and why not? Thankfully all of you score A for this subject.  So, how can I be a 'fun' teacher?"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heartless me.

Nelson gave me two hamsters on my 16th birthday.
6 months later, one died.
I cried myself to sleep.
Didn't even attend her burial.

2 weeks later,
the other escaped!
i guess she's too sad too.
i told myself, i'll never rear pets anymore.

3 years ago
my friends talked about her puppy
and my instant reply was:
i'd rather take care of real babies.

To me
it is one of the heart wretching sight to see them die
or even worse, abandoned.
i am a coward. i dare not shoulder the responsibility of taking care of them, nor can my heart bear to witness their departure.

the two labradors are barking loudly outside
i gave them my leftover bones
the black one snatched and the yellow one is left with one bone which flung out
i ran back home, in tears.

I can't even confirm if they are labs, but they look somewhat like this. i you-tubed, they're awesome dogs! they are a family dog, they are easy to train, they are strong! and i DO love 'em at first sight.