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Friday, May 20, 2011

16 May 2011 \(^_^)/

A dream came true~
 16 May 2011 marks my 24th birthday and 1st time celebrating Teacher's Day.  I had a super awesome time.  It must be the hundred wishes from friends and family~! *wink wink*

Birthday present from Andrew. 
 We had a fun and memorable telematch with coursemates at IPG KTI's field.  I don't like the dodgeball because I'm not good at dodging and it's painful when the ball hit me.  But, I truly enjoyed the water ball.  Anything connected with water is fun, to me.  That's why I plan to wear this flower printed dress to Perhentian Island next week~!  (^_^)

Yvonne, thanks for making my 24th so special!
 They say one can have many friends; but when it comes to true friend, I can barely name a few, but proudly name - Yvonne Ling Soon Chiin.  Muacks~ (^_^)

Birthday cake from Andrew.  Thanks darling~\
Very happy many of my coursemates turned up for my birthday dinner, unexpectedly.  Let me recall and name them here: Cain, Cynthia, Sam, Hui Yi, Yvoone, Hui Nee, Bruno, Saiful, Ed, Sean, Ah Boy, Sche, Azhar, Fahmi, Fadzuan, Kamarul..  May you all be GREAT teachers~

from L-R:Miss Ho :), Mentor Mdm Jaya, Partner Efa, Annusha

thanks for the cute bear dear Hazira~
 Hazira is one of my top scorer in Form 4 KP 2.  An active lady who can be emotional at times, girls wad. haha. she's the first girl to request a kiss, n i gave, n she returned. :)

Xin Tian & Mei Ting
 Two lovely girls from Form 1 KS.  I am going to miss you girls so much! Mei Ting, thanks for the dolphin, i'll place it on my teacher's table :)

Efa's Form 4 Sc 2 boys

met many of MU supporters today :P

Rock & Roll boys band~

Teacher's Day lunch at Seoul Garden, KSL 

efa managed to go for 3-4 rounds, so worth for buffet. sadly, i can't finish my first round.

Roses from Andrew :)
 Yvonne and Haslina popped in Seoul Garden with this!! i was shocked to see this.  teachers watched me, and i think my mentor caught my watery eyes when i read darling's note. Ah...thank you darling, you made my 24th birthday so memorable. i love the roses and my heart leap with joy when i received it. However, it is dying now, hung on my window.  conclusion, don't spend so much on bouquet of roses next time.  One, will do :)
12 roses - Be my steady.

Next year, i will be able to celebrate my birthday with darling, family and friends~ Yay, can't wait to graduate.  Principal advised me to keep up my enthusiasm like now and be a great teacher that inspire the students.  Thank you my dear friends for making my birthday so special, all Glory to our Almighty God :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

we are family

One more week, and I'll be leaving SMK Taman Mount Austin. Two more weeks, and I'll be leaving Full Gospel Church and the awesome CG members.

From Left to Right: J'shua, a spirit-filled pastry chef~
Boon Fei, young at heart pastor
Angela, active cell group leader, wife to boon fei
Hui Fang, cool and adorable young lady
Ivan, fast n furious car lover
serene, successful business woman
jia yi, vocalist & piano teacher

Right now, i'm in a dilemma to head home straight after practicum or explore West Malaysia till 11th June, my accidentally purchased air ticket.  Knowing myself, I would gladly choose vacation.  But, I do not have my own transport (that is why i am stuck alone at home now while my other 3 roommates are out dating), it will be less enjoyable to take bus rides alone (Yvonne, what says you?)

RM 500-600 to buy a new ticket for end of May.  Dad wants me to go home, saying i'll spend more if i stayed till 11th June. But, for RM600, i can go to Terengganu, maybe Langkawi or even cross the border line into Bangkok!  Phuket, I've never been there!
Ida came to bring me out for early birthday celebration :)  Hope our dreams will come true XD

Brother Desmond is off to Bali today.  He shared his diving trips to Phuket and that was where he took his advance diving certificate. Ah...when my dream to dive come true?
We are family~