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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The best cny guest!

Woke up late today. Rang up my buddy to visit her. Reverse my car, ek ek, weird, continue driving...slanting de..weird, parked at road side. alamak! one tyre punctured! 

A girl's instant reaction: call for rescue. Since still near home, called koko. He directed me to drove home, slowly.  The snail journey started, and safely reached home.

Open bonnet to change tyre. What a morning! The spare tyre burst. Don't ask me why. I'm not the owner. Called sis and she said she just checked last month.

First time encounter a tyre puncture experience. But the highlight of this entry is ========>

(googled for this, not him, but they're alike) haha.

Milo dropped by for a surprise chinese new year visiting!! Ah, the instant leap of joy is beyond words. I fed him some cookies and layer cake. His body can take it right. cuz we don keep leftover food. He finished the cold rice greedily too.

You made my day, handsome!! (^_^)



Purposely rose up from bed to pour out my feelings.

This Chinese New Year, I've met up with many friends.  Most of them knew I was posted to Kapit.  Below are a few reactions:

1.  Wah, Ulu Kapit is so far! How many years will you be there?

2.  Where is Kapit?

3.  Don't worry.  God has a plan for you. You'll meet your Mr. Right there.

4.  Take it as a good experience.

5.  Quickly get married then you'll be transferred back.

6.  "Anyone else going with you?"
     "Yes, 4"
     "That's better."

only one friend mentioned:

Don't go. Compensation of RM 123k? That's alot! But you've to travel by boat, it's so dangerous.. There'll be crocodiles along the river etc..

And this friend actually phoned another friend to persuade me not to report duty and break the contract.

Thanks to all for your concern.  Sam, bruno and Ling got posted there.  God is with us, we'll all survive. =)

........and one scorned! (#!$!@%)

I was so pissed thinking of her reaction.  I've came across friends who asked why I wanted to be a teacher.  I answered honestly "passion".  Serious, I do find joy in teaching; at least more than the accounting course I took after SPM.

But to see her face looking down at my profession, and commented sarcastically about me going to Kapit, I do feel very hurt and disappointed of this so-called friend.

We shouldn't have wasted our petrol to visit her.  You are working overseas, earning dollars; so what?  If not for teachers, can you even graduate and be accepted to work overseas? You own an iPhone and mocked that kapit won't have 3G even I can afford an android. I was stunned. You are underweight yet you can straightforwardly commented a model figure lady gained weight, without any laughter to turn that sensitive critic into a joke? Geez, what have we done wrong to cause such discomfort in your eyes?  Tell me.

I don't wish our friendship to end this manner; having you to look at your watch and shoo us away from your house, that was rather disrespectful and shallow action. You appeared rather decent on your pictures with your boyfriend. Though he loved you, but we overhead him commenting you shouldn't shoo guests during CNY.  Hope this misunderstanding will cleared before we all go separate ways. 

Ah....when my friends are too busy to listen to my story, this blog became my faithful listener.  Happy 2012 dear blogspot (^_^)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A time for everything

There's a time for everything.

A time to cry
to unleash all the frustrations
and sadness
to cry out loud in bedroom when no one's around.

A time to spill out
one's thoughts on a blog.

A time to laugh and joke with friends
to take photos and develop the good ones

A time to make up
and wear heels and in new dress
and receive ang pows with a smile

A time to kill the hope of admirers
and a time to fantasize about future

A time to be isolated from the world
and dive deep into the swimming pool
and touch the bed

A time to smack at badminton court
and to strike in a bowling alley

A time to conquer mountains
and a time to put away old memories
in a memory box

because when 2013 cny arrive
there'll be a time to open the box
and smile upon seeing the old memories
which were so beautiful once.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Catciti Leisure Run 2012

L-R: Shan Hui's brother doing medic, my kindergarten mate Yee Shien, yang lip, ME =), ah Kei, Robin :)

Civic Centre Tennis Court
starting point! gathered at 7am, 200-300 of us participants departed excitedly at 8am sharp :)

 turned into Batu Lintang at the traffic light :)  I jogged for 21minutes non stop, cutting through others was kind of ... motivating; but short term happiness, because very soon, guys in red started to zoom past me. haha!

Batu Lintang was flooded 3 days ago.

Jalan Sekama
round 3.2km here. Initially, I planned to derailed here and cut into Ellis Road to attend 1030am Sunday Service.  *looking at my 7year-old Nokia 6020* it showed 829am~!! Wee~!! So I persisted :) a friend, CS, caught up with me and we jog-walk-run-walk, and I stopped by a 'try luck' yellow shop :P

Crown Squre
5km: Hydrating Spot! Had a memory of seeing marathon participants grabbing drinks from beautiful ladies at Hydration Spots, never thought I would be one of them. haha! Had my first Red Bull drink today.  It was SO SWEET!!

Sri Putramas Swimming Pool
No idea where is that beautiful swimming pool in Kuching. But I couldn't google MBKS swimming pool - the pool I first stepped into during swimming lesson at Tadika Sri Keria; which my parents sent me over for swimming lessons every weekend. Thanks daddy and mummy, you both have really brought the 3 of us up comfortably well. Love love (^_^)

Welcome to Kuching

It started to drizzle by the time we reached this famous cat. Btw, this cat changes her costume every festival. haha. Happy Chinese New Year to all~! May this year of dragon be a blessing to you all (^_^)

Padungan Road
I popped into my brother-in-law's shop; wondering if baby Xin Yu has 'checked-in', but nope, still early for a Sunday. Being an environmental lover, I passed the Red Bull bottle to uncle, troubling him to show my sister that her little sister had actually ran past their shop XD

Plastic bag on head
Haha! The funniest thing I ever did. Since it was raining, I went in a Bak Poh shop and asked for a red plastic bag. Sheltered myself without even looking at any windows for reflection.  3 photographers for this Catciti Run actually spent few seconds to snap my photos. One commented "Cute". Haha, talking about positive motivation!

Star Cineplex
Made a round at Star Cinema and head straight to Main Bazaar.

Main Bazaar
Old builings in Kuching which became the tourist attraction. You can find souvenirs like local handicrafts/decorations/blackpepper/batik etc here. Waterfront is located opposite. [no idea why this entry started drifting to introducing Kuching. haha]

Kuching Post Office

We can see brides and grooms taking their wedding photos here quite often :) It's like sending a message: with a post office, we can survive long distance relationship.  [Note: I do not want to be in a marriage where I will be distanced from my husband. Days for business trip, bring me along (if it's allowed). For years? Nope! Unless you are earning 1million a year. and that place is too dangerous for me to tag along. haha, ignore a girl's dream.]
Merdeka Palace. I think a Sultan once stayed here.
Sarawak Museum. You can find head skulls here XD

St Joseph Cathedral
The first church I went for a Christmas countdown =D Traffic was bad at the time we ran past church. I wonder if they are planning to expand their parking lot.

Exactly 99 minutes later, I reached the ending point. According to Yee Shien's Nike sports watch, we ran 12km, not 10km!! WEEeeeee~!! I still can't believe I did it, but the winner made it in 41 minutes, so I accepted this little triumph humbly.
 Exhausted but extremely happy look. Another bottle of Red Bull =D
There were mountain bikers and traffic police men keeping an eye on us all the way.  Thank you so much, Kuching Marathon Organisers, for all your effort in making this event a success!  Looking forward to more health-activities in our developing city.  8 January 2012 is the day I accomplished my 2nd new year resolution! \(^_^)/ 


Did I sleep after the run? or the whole afternoon?

Trinity Methodist Church
Nope. I made it to attend sunday service simply because I said a little prayer before the run. God is good, so good! Today's sermon by a new female pastor Wong, 'How to Pray?'

#1 Acknowledge God as Father in Heaven

when you pray, say:
"Father, hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come.
Give us each day our daily bread
and forgive us our sins,
for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us,
and lead us not into temptation."

Mitsu Coffee Shop @ RH Plaza
Met up my dearest friend, Alice for lunch. The wonder of friends --> Alice and I were classmate for only 1 year during Form 1 at SMK Kuching High. Ever since she moved to KL, we kept in contact via mails/cards/and occasional meet up when I went to KL. and this friendship is really one I appreciated alot, alot. The moment we met and hugged, our conversation started to flow, from happy memories to sad hiccups in life, from what we ate for dinner last night to ... ah, thank you God. (^_^)

after preparing for my teaching materials for tomorrow, I dozed off at 4:15-5pm. Facebook has been lagging for the past 2 hours. and it actually took me 2 hours to scribble here. Coursemates posted status, rumouring our posting will be out tomorrow. Ah...honestly, I no longer have high hopes after 7 months of waiting, because I am happy with every person/gifts/work/food/incident I am enjoying during this holiday. (^_^)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

14 hours of non-stop rain in Kuching.

This is the worst flood in Kuching ever. 

5th January 2012, this morning, a Form 6 student stepped into a drain and got washed away by the flood at Batu Lintang.  A petrol station saw and jumped to help her, but to no avail. 

Dad called my phone many times but I went dancing class with neighbour.  He broke this news to me earlier on, and when I checked Facebook, geez, many areas were flooded!

Please stay safe, my dear friends.