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Monday, December 29, 2014

In everything, give thanks :)

12:28am...another two days to 2015~ are you already excited?

So, out of the 8 goals, I accomplished 1, 2, 5, modified 8 to walk @ Merdeka Plaza considering it rained, and currently doing 4. Ha!

Felt very awake still as P brought me to my favourite Gong Cha. So, we first had our Gong Cha @ Changi Airport, 9 months ago. Who would have thought a relationship could have blossom from an impromptu vacation? God sure is amazing in arranging all our encounters with others. And I truly believe and am very thankful for each and every person who came into my life. As an estrogen filled human, I won't hide my sadness to acknowledge the fact some people are meant to just be passengers and they'll leave at some point of life; I do hope those good ones who alighted will board again in the near future....
4pm chatted till 6:16pm =)

So, back to my story. Today, I'm very happy as I get to meet my VIP's gf and him meeting my bf. haha. I've reduced socializing with my old friends and the meet up with Y, L and M yesterday reminded me again how wonderful it was to just relax and really catch up with each others' lives over a cup of coffee (I chose smoothies, again, for the 3rd time this week.Btw, Coffee Clinic is a cozy place to chill out)....which led me to the next story:

glad to have my favourite unagi here^^

Was introduced to a friends' friend over lunch. She's a health consultant. My blood test 2 months ago showed that I was healthy....thus, I sorta ENJOY all the delicacies I can have back home, 5 bowls of Laksa...more prawns at Riverside Majestic & home-cooked...8 course-meals 3 wedding dinners (another one tomorrow night), ....and only one badminton session and two strolls at the park these 2 months!! which let me to the next story:

The cute health consultant used a portable machine to check my body index, excess fat etc...the ones you stand on it and hold on to the bars and it'll give you your health results...the wonder of invention. This free consultation (gosh, I don't even ask if we need to pay her for this...at least we foot the lunch bill) really alarmed P and I. Both of us appeared slim but our body fat is on the high side. Deng!!!

Why didn't I snap photos back then....worked as enfa promoter for months. Enfakid is yummier than enfagrow. haha

Anyway, we rejected the product she's trying to sell us. I'd certainly support all young sales-friends should I be laden with money. Thank God for my 6 years of college & uni part-time promoter jobs, I experienced the hardship of pushing sales and hitting targets.  Recalling back my uni days in UPM, how daring of me to accept weekend promoters job for a RM180 daily salary when it was the exam week!  And I actually skipped a lecture to go for the job interview, took the LRT and bus, alone, all the way from UPM to Damansara.  Geez, thank God for journey mercy back then....the walk alone to the office which was a stone's throw away from the bus stop I alighted. Side track to my memories as an undergraduate: the job interview was fun.  most of the applicants are undergraduates. some of us got Class A promoter 'RM120-150 per day', followed by Class B promoter 'RM 100' to class D 'RM 35'....I still remember my heart sank when I learn from the aunties they had to stand the same hours as us, 11am - 10pm, doing more challenging tasks like frying in supermarkets but for a mere RM35...i remember customers asking me why work as a salesgirl when I can speak fluent English, then they smile when they learn we're undergraduates.

No sugar added.

It's 1:02am... thanks to the Gong Cha signature green tea, I'm wide awake...still waiting for my supervisor to give me her feedback...it's not a good feeling to keep people waiting...worst, being ignored. Therefore, when my students msg me, I'll feel my privacy is intruded at times, but ... am once reminded again, our time on Earth is counted. My students are my clients.  They will be ones who will lead my children in the future.  What goes around comes around. ha!

So, dear readers, would you mind sharing how you manage your finance?

One drawback of growing up is we've to shoulder more and more responsibilities.  I remember telling my colleague once 'What's the use of me earning my monthly salary when there's no one to share my life with.'  He answered 'save.  save them.'

Great. God is all wonderful.  He sent a wonderful man into my life.  Will he be my husband? haha. I guess ladies my age who decided to be engaged in a relationship ain't 'tasting the water' anymore. Deepest apologies to the men I've hurt in the past...and to those who wounded me, I forgave you instantly for because of your departure, I've room for my soul mate. hahaha....

Try the test. Know your partner better. It helps.

So, tonight we discussed Gary Chapman's 5 love languages. There's much to build on still, a strong friendship as foundation...currently, finance is one area that I need enlightenment: I believe earning more is way better than struggling to save.

Give thanks always, for the good times and the bad times. It has been a wonderful day, thank you Lord.  Good night all :)

p/s all photos are grabbed from Google image. Why la didn't I take photos with friends more often like before? hm...it's not like we're getting any younger. but hey, I didn't get to eat tang yuan this year, and guess what? the health check this afternoon showed my body age is one year younger than my actual age! Praise the Lord! hahahaha....thanks to the countless hours of beauty sleep I had this holidays \(^_^)/

a bro posted this to be his resolution in 2015. it'll be mine too :)      

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Self Talk

10:40am, three days before 2014 ends...

Gotta accept the fact that as we age, the days and years passed by even faster.

Switched on my laptops, staring at assumed-near-completion thesis, (it's not even a thesis, but a project paper of 16, 000 - 20, 000 words).  I've tried to relate on teaching theory to my research and link them to the findings in chapter 4, but still, at this point, I find my work not up to an A standard. Has been waiting for my supervisor's feedback but ... wonder if this happens to most distant learners. Instead of lamenting another 20 minutes, will try the second day trial of 20mins-goals-planning-for-the-day.

8 Goals (6 work related and 2 personal, since it's a weekday; weekend vice-versa)

1.  Read up on Krashen's theory.
2.  Link Krashen's theory to a few of my findings. (how...will think later)
3.  Paraphrase the Chapter 5 (closing eyes)
4. Update my blog (doing so, I've always wanted to write)
5.  Buy a slice or two cake, remember the candle.
6.  Clear 20% of my wardrobe.
7.  Blend fruit juice for darling (if....haha)
8.  Evening walk at Friendship Park or Reservoir today.

Looking forward to lunch date with a few V.I.Ps today =)

Dear Project Paper, be good....thanks to the extended one week holidays, please do our best and get it over and done with. 2015, I will plan you soon....a stronger relationship with God and loved ones, enjoy my career every day and hope I'll fall in love with house-cleaning & cooking soon....haha. We'll see. Krashen, see you now :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Seminar Professional Learning Communities 2014

This trophy meant a lot; sadly there's only one and my partner expresses his desire to have it. Thus, I shall keep the photo and memory here.   I remembered how nervous I was prior to the presentation, 380 audience! Am I grateful (and still in disbelief) that our paper was selected out of the 68 papers that were submitted and won second best presenter award. Presented  my our collaborated paper 'English Remedial Instruction to Enhance Low-Achievers' Vocabulary Competence' at the State Level Seminar Professional Learning Communities (PLC)2014.  You see, the whole idea of PLC is eliminating the ME and substitute with US.  It is really a golden opportunity for me to be part of this seminar as I get to see and meet many SISC+, principals, professors etc. The way they presented themselves and the knowledge they shared made me realize how little I know and how much more WE should do to really help improve our Malaysian Education.  

FANTASTIC presentation Mdm Catharina Stephen! "Fun-Tasks-Tick Group Work Activities in the Language Classroom".
feeling excited at University College of Technology Sarawak.

Finally, Mr. Vincent Liong Shou Chuan (Pegawai SIPartner+, PPD Sarikei). He believes in process over programmes. "The right person for the right job, at the right place and right time melalui agihan tugas yang cekap."
feeling inspired with Vincent Liong.

Another applause to PPD Sarikei! "Pelaksanaan PLC Satu Amalan Terbaik ke Arah Transformasi Bilik Darjah" presented by Guru Besar En. Wong Hing, SJK Kwang Chien

Take away: The PPD appreciates the schools; the school appreciates the teachers and students through words and acts of encouragement
— at University College of Technology Sarawak.

" If you love your job, you do not have to go to work." Foooh, love her philosophy!

Third speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hajah Zaidi Mustafa, Dean, Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, UNITAR International University Kuala Lumpur, presenting

Plenary 2: 'Personalizing Learning Via Coaching: Touching the Heart, Touching the Mind'.

Plenary 1: "Professional Learning Communities (PLC) dan Pembudayaan Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)" by Dr. Balasandran A. Ramiah, Pensyarah Kanan, Institut Aminuddin Baki.

"For a person to become a teacher, you need three qualities. 1) You must love your students. 2) You must love teaching. 3) You must love knowledge. "

check? check? check?
— at University College of Technology Sarawak.

"We want to learn from our weakness; we want to be challenged. We want to improve ourselves to be better." -Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman bin Bolhassan, Timbalan Pengarah Pendidikan Negeri Sarawak.

Check out "schoology", free VLE!

"Why must our students be confined to a fixed curriculum if they are ready?"
"We have to help our kids to overcome English phobia. "

Personal favourite, speaker Dr. Ng Kee Chuan, Pensyarah Kanan, IPG Kampus Gaya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, presenting "Classroom in the Cloud".
— with Dr Ng Kee Chuan.

Hallelujah! Glory be to God^^

"Welcome to our PLC Sharing Session
In tandem with English Remedial Instruction
For which is a spur to quality education
Aiming to produce proactive generation."@ Semry Semtin

Thank you JPNS, PPD Kapit and SMK Kapit for giving us this opportunity to share the little we know. My blessings to meet these awesome teachers Mdm Nona Stephen, Mdm Catharina Stephen & humble Mr Hailmi^

This virtual trophy is dedicated to my mentor, Mr JikKam Yong. Thank you!!  
 Woke up at 4:30am this morning feeling rather disoriented as I've to go back to Kapit shortly. Met an experienced and successful teacher last week during the seminar, she expressed her desire to go back to serve at her hometown in the village as the principal for she wants to see change for her people.  I think she'll be an awesome candidate; we Malaysians need true leaders that will bring positive change to the nation, state, division, school. 

18 more days till the year end holidays start.  I bet school will be rather quiet as SPM started yesterday and many teachers left for invigilation.  So, it's English paper today. I wish my girls will excel and ideas, ideas, please flow into their minds.  God bless you all!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Memories documented.

Dear Bloggie,
My Final Observation for the year 2014, this time by Principal Mr Manggie Nyegang himself! He gave me a 'near cemerlang'.Out of the 3 classes I have that day, he chose this, 3K. Well, it must be my lucky day for all of them are very cooperative and the Remedial Instruction cum i-Think lesson was carried out successfully! Kids love them, I was smiling and my principal was smiling away looking at their active participation....Love you guys!

         I've 15 minutes to blog. There's so much on my mind that I need to share it out in words, as memories. So, PT3 started this morning. I was appointed as the Invigilator as I've 4 classes of Form 3 students. Just this afternoon, another students messaged me to ask about tips for tomorrow's exam. Personally, I find PT3 gave teacher extra workload, like stapling the questions, marking them and keying in the results. It can be seen as just any usual examinations in school, but this is considered a public exam and we teachers have the responsibility to increase the English standard of our school. Imagine, you having the questions on your hands, but at the same time, you are obliged not to reveal anything to the students.

       My greatest weakness is I can't keep secrets, especially from close ones. Or was is consciousness. Recently, I made kind of a big mistake at work. I dare not admit, thinking no one will realize if I brush it aside. What an irresponsible act. Nonetheless, it haunts me. So yeah, I finally have to talk to someone. Conclusion: do what is right. For the sake of good night sleep.

       Side tracked. Anyway, back to this morning. This is the first time I invigilate a public exam, meaning we can't be playing with phones, reading or marking. We can walk around to stay awake, but of course our main task is make sure the candidates do not cheat during the exam. I am very grateful to my team leader for she knew I am more suitable to invigilate the good classes. Reason: I haven't mastered the fierce look that students will shudder when they saw me stare into their eyes. Well, today I did try my best to be stern while reading out the instructions. As for the second session, I wished them well with a smile and I guess that class felt lest tensed.

      Anyway, I finished my tuition at 10pm tonight. The form 2 kids will be sitting for their final year examination tomorrow. I had such a wonderful time with these two boys. It's really more enjoyable to teach a small group. I felt bad for sometimes I allow other students to replace their missed lessons at this slot, thus neglecting them.  Both of them (Fung and Qiang, I hope I'll remember their names and faces when I'm 45 or 65) are from a well-to-do family, both doing business. One expressed his desire to  follow his father to be a chef, an outstanding one, not merely Chinese cuisine but western and tepanyaki. I have not really sat down to listen to their stories for a long time. Tonight, we managed to revise all 4 poems: The River, Mr. Nobody, I  Wonder and Heir Conditioning.  They aren't proficient in the language nor are they the good boys in school.  Nonetheless, they are the reason I wanted to blog tonight. It's just their innocence, listening to their perspectives of life.  When I asked them what is their purpose of life, one tell me honestly, I don't even know what's the purpose of studying.  The other replied, to spend time and because mom asked me to do so.

      Yap, at that age, most of us will follow blindly what our parents ask us to do. Well, parents know best, aint? At this age of XX, I still always turn to mom when I've problem.  Since dad is retired this year, I called home more often to chat with him.  I love my parents a lot and I know, no matter how old I am, I will still always be their youngest princess. haha. okay, minus the fact they've now Xin Yu and Yu Hui. Ahhh...I miss my two nieces and two nephews so much!! DEAR GOD, PLEASE APPROVE MY TRANSFER AND SEND ME HOMEEEEEEeeeee....

      Last but not least, I wonder if it's time to announce the love of my life. haha. I bet he'll read this sooner or later. Yeap, I'm in love! Hallelujah! Love is a magical thing huh. It just gives you the force, the meaning of life. Despite the heavy workload and occasional PMS mood swing, life is really more colourful and meaningful having a significant other. Should you read this one day, or  I read it myself in the months or years to come, I hope our relationship will be fruitful. Fruitful as in building a family of our own. I love how you understand me, tolerate me, talk to me, listen to my stories, sincerely care for me and the list goes on. Oh, priority: you love God! Stay that way darling, I love to listen to you play the guitar during praise and worship. I love to listen to your sharing bout God's words and how every time during our 'serious' topic, you'll bring in God.  Thank you for coming to join my church activities as well as inviting me to yours. Looking forward to spend more quality time together so we can get to know each other at a deeper level.  *2030*

     ops, exceeded 15 mins. Haha, time to....virtual date :P

Faith, peace, love.

p/s to all my dearest form 3 students, all the best for your examination tomorrow ya. praying for you!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

My First Mission Trip Abroad

12.9.2014 8.55am
Ve not updatedmy lifein herefor three months.  currently in the bus headingto lwv for a one week mission trip with twelve bros and sis..

woke up this mlrning qoth worsen sorethroat...last week wwnt to sembaneng waterfall with friends in kapit. fearered im infected by leptospirosis...jeng jeng..

is it the syndrome of growinh old...thoughts of  dying appear in muy mind occasionally.  im 27 and i intend tomlive till 87. god's willing. ive so much sreams to achieve yet. lasr week, a bat flew into my bedroom and was trapped inside for a night. being the timid me, i dare not shoo it out thus wonder if i'll turn into a batwoman the next day. bluek.  last few months, a spid
er, big one was spotred outside mynbedroom door, i dare not enter and thankfully colleague came to rescue.

what will god speak to me this trip? i just feel there is more to life than this. bus stopped, driver went down to grab rice..such coincidence J P bus besides us. we're going to our cg retreat coming 4-6 oct! and praise the lprd i can attend old buddy huey wedding on 19th sept! coming back w joanne earlier by one daybwith an "escurt" from lwv!!

typing this via asus transformer tablet for the first time. pardon the typo.

time to rest my tired body. it was quite a journey from kapit last night. i pray that our loving father will  help me with mybtransfer back to kuching soon. i understamd there are more senior teachers with family commotments whomwant to get outof kapit too...dont get me wrong, kapit is indeed a lovely ntown but ive been there three years and i really missed  home a lot...solid reason?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

hello Ipoh =D

10:53pm, runny nose yet dare not take my favourite Piriton as I've tons of unread journals and assignments to be ...started. So yeh, the school holidays started last week, but we're here at UPSI.  The good thing about 'how time flies' is that...can you believe this is our final semester?! Geez, can't wait for this to be over.

For this third semester, we have:
1) BIP 6034 ESL Course and Syllabus by Dr Intan Safinas Mohd Ariff Albakri (am I super glad to have her back!!)
2) BIP 6024 Assessing Language Competence by Dr. Che Ton Mahmud (retiring in 4 years yet her bubbly and dramatic nature didn't fail to make the class entertained!)
3) BIL 6034 New Englishes by Dr Ainon Omar (so we're going to study the English language policies from different countries....hm....it might be interesting to know and compare our Malaysian education policy with others)

Studies aside. So yesterday, Yvonne and I had the golden opportunity to visit Ipoh.  Thanks to Ah Lun, Ah Jia and Vanessa~ 

Photo: A joyful ride with Marilyn Monroe
haha, look at Marilyn Monroe's face, effects of eating too much! The moment we reached Ipoh, we literally eat non-stop.


bought a skirt in there and a pair of earrings. recently, have the special feelings of dressing more girly. haha..

Photo: No seats inside? We will sit outside.
Thanks Vanessa, for bringing us around your lovely hometown! You are one friendly and awesome tour guide. We were very much entertained :D

This 3D master piece by Ernest does worth a thumbs-up, right?

Photo: Ernest Zacharevic's master piece in progress^^
Ernest Zacharevic's work in progress...an old man sipping coffee~~ too bad he's not around,they say this ang moh is pretty handsome.

Photo: [31.05.2014] Jumps of joy^^ Mini escapade to the lovely Ipoh town. Strolling along this wall painting street.
by Eric Lai. A local I supposed. Many paintings along this street...there, you see tourists snapping away their cameras. haven't been to the orang utan's wall painting in Kuching, have you?
Photo: 老黄芽菜鸡 @ Ipoh! ^^
Due to traffic jam, we managed to reached Ipoh after a 2:15mins ride from Tanjung Malim. First thing off, fill our tummy with this famous bean-sprouts chicken. yummm~  the coffee shop is really packed!

Jia Yiing Ho's photo.
yeap. this is it. the famous Ipoh Old Town Coffee's DAD's shop! and you must order the kueh tiao from the opposite shop. this coffee shop is very crowded, and you can see tourists like us queuing and taking photos with takeaway  coffee under the sun! haha!

Photo: 几年不见的老朋友! Road trip to Ipoh^^
Who would have thought? friends that have met each other years, can actually feel so relaxed with each other? it's really a blessing to have friends :)

Last but not least, wishing all Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai~!! Satu Malaysia spirit eh :D

I've so much to blog~ About my friends' visit to Kapit on my birthday, about the Remedial Instruction Workshop...about my baby niece and baby nephew...about my rejected transfer...about....a VIP in my life =)

Life is goooooood.  Okay, as any other human beings, I've my down moments too; just every challenge really pull me closer to God and nowadays when non-VIP gives me cold shoulders etc, I no longer give a dam_. You want my respect, respect me first. haha....likewise, if I want your love, I will love you too. haha....above all, love one another. The greatest commandment, no? =)

May 2014 was Merry~~!! and June 2014 will be Joyful~!!

God bless each and everyone of you~! \(^_^)/

Saturday, April 12, 2014

JB - USS, Singapore - Kch - Kapit


Taking 15 mins off my research to store my precious memories here.
Rewind back to March's holiday......
Hui Yi and Colin came to pick Yvonne and I at Senai Airport in their new VIOS. Woots~ We were invited to stay at their house back in Batu Pahat. Get to carry little baby Arissa Tan :) She doesn't cry much and HY, you are doing a good job as a mummy! =)


Congratulations ED~!! Finally, our bestie got  married! To our junior in IPTI. How's it going so far? Haha. Glad to reunite with our Cohort 4 TESLIANS. One thing obvious, most of our Malay coursemates came to Tangkak, with babies~! Haha. Oh man, Yvonne, when will our turn be? Haha.


Well, we single ladies enjoy our singledom too. Straight after the wedding reception, we boarded the bus to Bugis, Singapore~ It was a spontaneous decision. We booked this lovely backpackers the night before at HY's via Agoda. Good dea, RM 66 per head for a female dorm~ 5FootWayInn It's located at.. (should have blogged when my memory is still good) Bugis.  Breakfast is included.  Wi-Fi too. I enjoyed my stay here =) Get to chat with a French who speaks fluent Mandarin, over breakfast.


Marina Bay~ Wee Chuan says there's an Light Event going on that week. So we headed over after USS, Keppel Bay, Labrado Park and by the time we took the new line, it was near 11pm... Took this view from Helix Bridge. Saw a couple hugging each other so tightly for ... 25 minutes? same position, face-to-face, not much talking. Guess it's pretty cozy with the night breeze caressing their bodies. haha.


Tada~ My second visit to Universal Studio Singapore~ Yvonne's 3rd. Lol..so this time round, Human and Alien were under maintainance.  Am I glad to experienced Transformer and the Jurassic Park's Water ride this time round~  Our new friends, Philip Ho & Min Wei :)  Not exactly new, just this spontaneous getaway was so random.  Recalling back.....3 years ago. MW came back fr Aussie after his masters, Yvonne intro me to guide them for Santubong Mountain climb. That's it,followed by a few rounds badminton, go-kart race, karaoke, dinners and CNY visiting....we hardly keep in touch after that 2011 year end holidays...then they suddenly drop by for a CNY visit this year. And voila, our USS trip came true~ haha. Thanks guys, it was really a wonderful trip :)

One of my favourite shot~! 


Before heading to Changi, Philip and I took the cab to this so-called famouse bak kut teh shop. They had more spices in it. And it's served with Mee Sua. We took the train back to our hotel. It's just a short distance on the map, but I think it took us nearly an hour to get back. Running to catch the train and waiting for a bus. Nonetheless, I am now looking back with a smile on my face (^_^)


What's next? Once I touched down Kuching, I rang up my childhood buddy. She's back from London!! And look who she brought home along. Mr Cornel! He's never seen a real crocodile so this Jong's crocodile farm sorta impressed him. haha.This lovely birds are back in Romania now. Wish I spent more time with her, our holidays is only but a week.

Photo: Laser tag fun game =D  

15 hours before heading back to Kapit, Philip invited us for Laser Tag. Met his brother Jabez and invited Yun and Wong along. The more the merrier. Oh man, do you remember this game at Pending? Played it for a few times after SPM. Running in the dark, shooting your enemies. So they've this new Laser Tag at City One.  RM 30 for two games. As predicted, I lost. If you want to be an easy target, wear White and smile while hiding (if you uses Darlie). Red team won.


Time to head back to Kapit. Hate to admit, but life here is really comfortable. A quiet Sunday afternoon, back from Sunday service and marketing, listening to the birds chirping, surrounded by greenery. Don't you think it's more of a relaxation holiday here rather than my activities-filled holiday? That's why...pls, send me home~ Approve my transfer back to Kuching....Yeap, I just submit my application. Kindly keep me in your prayers k? It's my 3rd year serving here. I love my kids here, my work, church, life..but I really miss my family. I don't want to keep my future husband waiting too long. haha. (might privatize this entry again)



Look how loving my colleagues are~ Capturing and documenting these wonderful moments here.  (Pic 1 leisure walk up the hill, pic 2 Nong's signature green beans soup, Pic 3 Chan's homemade soy drink Pic 4 home-shaved banana icecream.) haha

4 more days to Good Friday's holiday~ Have a spiritual and meaningful Palm Sunday guys~ The Holy Week starts =)