Quotation of the Day

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need Strength...

Right now,
I am very troubled
for tomorrow's observation.

I've no idea why I was so relaxed for the previous ones
I should have faith that my Form 4 KP2 will cooperate
and they will be able to construct sentences with phrasal verbs
It shouldn't be difficult, right?

time to prepare the materials
update my Rekod Pengajaran Harian
update my portfolio
write my journal
have a good early sleep.

As much as I hope 20th May will approach soon
I think i will be very sad to leave my students,
notably the Form 1KS and Form 4 KP2

I pray that you all will be successful in the future
be good and play your role as a student
shine for the Lord~

as I too,
am playing my role as your teacher
forgive me if i didn't meet up to your expectations
and thanks once more,
for being my wonderful children at school :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Good God (^_^)

So tired of feeling anxious of my coming observation that I repeatedly edit my lesson plan. What a waste of anxiety! That is when God shows His great love to me again: (^_^)

Friends, trust the Lord. He answers to our prayers and He knows what is troubling us even before we call for His help...  Praise the Lord (^_^)

On this day of your life, Silverin, we believe God wants you to know ... that your remedy for anxiety is the question: 'Will this matter in a year from now?'
Message from God
All too often you get so involved in things that you look at life through a microscope. Amplifying manifold, an invisible speck becomes an insurmountable mountain. Put down the microscope and imagine yourself a year from now looking back at today: 'Does this really matter?' 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreaming of Singapore, again (^_^)

Jurong Bird Park
 These unorganized pictures show my current state of mind: wanting to go to so many places.... haha. I'm not a big fan of birds, but seeing beautiful and colourful creations like this surely makes me happy~ Therefore, this is a to-go place for me :)

teaching point: tendons?
 ligaments, tendons etc... I think i've returned 50% of biology to my teacher. I remember cynthia told me, all those Biology facts came to sense after she visited Singapore's Science Centre.  Hallelujah! A solid reason for me to bring my children to singapore~! --> Education purpose! haha...

Snow World @ Science Park
 Touching snow has always been my childhood dream.  I've been to a few man-made snow world, but experiencing real snow flakes and skiing would be totally different~! Bila la...

Welcome to Singapore
 This might be the view from Singapore Flyer huh? Ah....i feel safe walking on the streets as early as 2am in the morning...
Jurong Bird Park Performance
 I love zoos! I'd strongly recommend the one is Thailand.  The shows are awesome and memorable. I remembered volunteering and lie down on the ground to be massaged by the baby elephant using its trunk. Ah... Vacations dream while working..haha~! :)

Science Centre

 The picture says it all ya? Wow, i missed Genting!! Currently waiting for kaki(s) to go to Universal Studio.

oo.so they have this kinda games/sports inside!
Now i missed Sunway Lagoon! haha...The first time i entered Sunway Lagoon was with family (primary 2), and the last time with friends (Year 2 TESL).

Oh, that's all folks.  Another 10 mins to prepare for a relief class...Ah...how nice is there is another week of holiday in April~ Guess i've to patiently wait till my practicum ends go mid May, talking about celebrating Teacher's Day and my birthday~!! Wahaha... I'm such a dreamer~! :P

Thanks for reading people; my pleasure to share wonderful stories/pictures~ May God bless you all ~! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

To be or not to be.

It struck me again,
do i really want to be a teacher? 
till i retire?
am i even qualified for this job.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marina Bay Sands. Clarke Quay. Sentosa Island. Night Safari.

Durian will always be one of my favourite fruit, despite making me sick.

Checked-in at Royal Backpakers, $95 for this room :)
Gonna start earning my first salary this July, hope I could afford more luxurious hotels.  After all, vacation is for us to relax and enjoy~

Senior Yvonne. 
 She flew all the way from Kuching to revisit Singore and JB. See, she's started working, so, she can afford to stay 3 days at Singapore, while the 3 of us have to come back, dried, at12:30AM. haha.

Cynthia, my one and only Melanau friend :)
 Happy for her! As she's met her prince charming.  Whenever she mentions about her bf, I can see the happiness in her eyes! All the best Cyn~! :)

Bestie Yvonne!
 This is the countless trip we 2 have traveled to Singapore.  I thank God for such a blessing to have you throughout these 6 years of tertiary education.  It is at times like this (I'm sick), that i recall how you took care of me when i was sick back in hostel. Thanks dear~

 Darling's favorite! Brought him to Jade Pot Tea House the other day, but he said it doesn't taste like the Korean JaJangMyun he once cooked with his Korean mate.  Talking about satisfying a man's appetite...haha!

Yes, i finished the bowl of beef noodle, alone! :)
 The moment i saw this dish on the menu, my mind ran back to Taiwan trip.  The Taiwanese Beef Noodle is once again, way better than this.  Another good reason for me to revisit Taiwan.   :) I thought I covered many places in Taiwan during the 21days camp, but nah, there are so many food and places i have yet to try~

Flyer!  Entering Marina Bay Sands~
 Amir had introduced me Marina Bay Sands the other day.  Only when I entered this zone, i felt 'awed', by their building structures. I don't know much about architecture, but i know these pleases my eyes~ Haha!

Saw the ship on top of the building?
 Guess what? They have this 'infinity' swimming pool! Entrance to sky park is $20, and we don't even get to have a dip in the swimming pool...one day, perhaps when i won jackpot, i would spend a night or two at this hotel :)

Marina Bay's Casino took my $4, so i sipped his 2 cups of milo & 2 bottles of water :P
 Super cold inside, thanks to Ida for reminding me to wear jacket, and thanks to Yvonne for lending me her shawl :)  When i entered, i can't find any smiling faces.  The place is crowded, we took 1 hour to find senior yvonne.  Why are people paying so much and wasting so much time to be disappointed and sad... How many will truly win alot? I don't know.  Anyway, it's an eye-opener for me :)

Apparently, i have yet to enter Universal Studio.
 Can't wait to go to Universal Studio with my friends! Heard most of them have lots of fun there, though there are still a few games that are not opened to public.  $77, another amount of money i will spend willingly.

I love the deco!
 I'm not a candy lover, but who would resist such colourful temptations?

Once broken, considered sold.
After years of seeing that reminder, i am finally the victim. To cut the story short, i walked out buying that jar of Frooties, happily.  Thanks for a wonderful job, Kelvin :)

 Ice cream works for me best when im sad. And when i'm happy, it doubled my joy~! :)

Siloso Beach @ Sentosa Island.
 Beach or shopping centre? I'll certainly choose to be at the beach! The feeling of my feet on the sand can lit an immediate smile~ Ah, with the cooling sea breeze and lapping of sea waves, whatever worries or problems at work are taken away back to the sea. :)

Clarke Quay
 Fountains~ We can actually walk into the water fountains, snap a picture or two, and not get wet.  Yes, i totally agree, Clarke Quay is one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Singapore :)

$ 24 Beef Croissant
 dinner at TCC @ Clarke Quay.
$ 14 Mushroom Croissant

View from National Library Building.

Talking about cultivating the reading habit of Malaysians.  When i compare our Johor State library to Singapore's, nah, there's nothing to be compare at all.
Conducive environment for group discussion.

Night Safari.  $ 35.

First show: Iban Performance.

Modern type with rock music and dangerous but awesome fire performance :)

Ops. Lazy to tilt.  
 Wonder will i ever finish reading these books.  Second hand book fair, ranging from $1-6. :)

This is my last semester holiday as a student.  Looking forward to the upcoming trips~! (^_^)

Friday, March 11, 2011

I attended this Alpha Course last night and had a truly good time fellowshipping with the T&T FGC members, with super delicious food like shepherd Pies, mushroom soup, nuggets, fries etc... It was an interesting topic to discuss, we have few philipines with us and they shared touching testimonies~ Quite sad i missed out the first introductory session last Friday, looking forward to the coming lessons~! 


The Alpha course is organized as a series of sessions over 10 weeks, typically preceded by an 'Alpha Supper' which often includes the talk "Is there more to life than this?" and with a day or weekend away which includes three or four of the talks asterisked [*] below. Each session starts with a meal, followed by a talk (often a video of one by Nicky Gumbel) and then discussion in small groups. The talks aim to cover the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. The complete list of talk titles, which follows the chapters of Gumbel's book Questions of Life, is:
  • Is there more to life than this? (previously Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?)
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • How can we have faith?
  • Why and how do I pray?
  • Why and how should I read the Bible?
  • How does God guide us?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit? [*]
  • What does the Holy Spirit do? [*]
  • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? [*]
  • How can I resist evil?
  • Why and how should I tell others?
  • Does God heal today?
  • What about the church?
  • How can I make the most of the rest of my Life? [*] [4]
Attenders are issued with The Alpha Course Manual, which contains an outline of each talk and space for making notes.

P/s Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake which results in heart-wretched tsunami, sweeping away lives and killing the economy - 11 March 2011, a day to mourn despite it's the first day of our school holidays... God bless them.. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tell me.

Tell me,
What should i do.
When should i be a lioness.
Where should i seek solace.
Who should i share my troubles with.
Why am i even sad.

How can i overcome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Kingdom. New Attitudes.

After the heart-felt Sunday service at FGC, I pandai-pandai signed up for their Alive Course, Discovering Spiritual Maturity.  Today, Pastor James shared about A03 "New Kingdom.  New Attitudes."

We were given a booklet, just fill in some missing blanks. I find this idea of lesson very effective!  Pastor James is another bubbly and energetic man!  1-5pm, with 10 minutes coffee break, i never wanted a take-10 to end that fast as we were all thirsty for God's words :)

There is so much to share, the whole book, i don't know where to start.  So, i'll just share as much as i can :)

  1. Welcome to a New Kingdom.
  2. There are primarily 2 kingdoms.
  3. The Kingdom of Satan.
    1. This is the kingdom we belong to BEFORE we became Christians. (Eph 2:2 in which you used to live)
    2. The ruler of this kingdom is Satan.
    3. We 'followed its ways'.  We adopted its culture and lifestyle.
  4. The kingdom of God.
    1. This is the kingdom we belong to AFTER we have become Christians. 
    2. The ruler of this kingdom is God.
    3. We must now adopt its culture and lifestyle.
  5. The TRANSFER of Kingdoms.
  6. The two kingdoms are totally different.
  7. They are total opposites.
  8. Comparing the practice of the two kingdoms.
    1. The practice in the kingdom of darkness (Gal 5:19-20) --> Worldly System
    2. St Michael expelling Lucifer and the rebellious
      1. Sexual immorality
      2. impurity
      3. sensuality
      4. idolatry
      5. sorcery
      6. enmity
      7. strife
      8. jealousy
      9. fits of anger
      10. rivalries
      11. dissensions
      12. divisions
      13. envy
      14. drunkenness
      15. orgies
    3. The Practice in the Kingdom of God (Gal 5:22-23) --> Godly System
      1. Love
      2. Joy
      3. Peace
      4. Patience
      5. Kindness
      6. Goodness
      7. Faithfulness
      8. Gentleness
      9. Self-control
    4. The way to function in the Kingdom of God
      1. Receive the life of Jesus (change of position)
      2. Depends on our every right choice (Change of action)
      3. We need to adopt new thoughts (concepts)
      4. We need to adopt new practices (habits)
    5. 3 necessary SHIFTS in our thinking
      1. From seeking personal security in material possessions to seeking personal security in God's promises.
      2. From seeking personal significance in man's approval to seeking personal significance in God's way.
      3. From seeking personal success in man's way to seeking personal success in God's way
    6. Conclusion:  One of the very important keys to Christian Growth is making the right choices.
Our Home in Heaven (^_^)

Geez, so wordy, i would fall asleep looking at these notes. So, join us, experience the LIVE course together!! Next Sunday, Pastor James will talk about "Change Concepts, Change Lives"  too much information for me to digest in one afternoon. Will try to share in more effective ways next time :)

ACTS - Adopt a Child To School

"Touching People, Changing Lives"

This is the theme of Full Gospel Church, JB this year. God, you know just how grateful I am to be so near you though i'm now further away from my peers.

Today, we have the special guests from Philippines ACTS.  How much have i missed ACTS church at Summit. How are you my dearest Elish, Steph, Ian and friends?  

Praise the Lord! The Adopt a Child To School Programme has been going on strong for the past 6 years, starting with 23 students to the current 107 students.  Indeed, not only do the ministry get to reach out for these students, they get involved with their families as well.  So, a family of 10 members X 107 students, can easily reach up to 1000 lives~! Hallelujah!!

As Sister Ellenita (sorry if i mis-splet) points out:

1.  We cannot do miracles, but God USES us to teach them about His works and it is God who does the miracles.

2.There are many who are not reached.  (Luke 10:2 "He told them the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few")

3.  "Let's not pray for lighter burdens, but for STRONGER bags." (Now, that's a powerful line i love!)

4.  "Marriage is not a word, but a sentence.  Life Sentence."

5. L.O.V.E. makes us do things BEAUTIFULLY :)

6. We can work.  We can teach.  We can encourage.  

7.  TEAMWORK is the goal for everyone.

8.  Be part of the mission of God. When? NOW!

Yay! Found my favorite pastor's FB!!  Haha :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kenneth-Chin/126204557371?ref=nf&sk=wall

Friday, March 4, 2011


RM14 per hour, anyone wanna come to Daiman's court?
 Always wanted to be good at badminton, even berkobar-kobar and bought a good racquet with Yvonne back in UPM. But? Hardly get the chance to play back here in JB... sadness.. and thr's this marvellous badminton court just opposite my house here...but no kaki.... how to improve my badminton skills? enjoy seeing the guys do smashes and back-hand swings~ Dato Lee Chong Wei ( the one and only Malaysian sportsman i admire~! )

baby pool!!

Aha! you can imagine my joy when i stepped into the swimming zone! How have i missed swimming!! it has been more than 3 months since i last dip into a swimming pool~ RM9 per entry. Missed UPM's free entry swimming pool~ Ah.... Plan to go this evening/night :)

2 pools~ Wait for me baby!

Just seeing you makes my heart leaps with joy~!

Couldn't get enough of snapping down beautiful sights :)

Daiman Sports Club even offers driving range :)
Another sports i'm not good at but have interest in :) RM980 per month by a a coach, if only....

Swing your waist~!

The best part is :

They offer PADI diving course!!!

Man, this IS one of my dream!

RM1390, 4 Days course. 2 days in-house training and 2D1N at Tioman Island, diving equipments and accommodation included, anytime. Excluding transportation to Mersing and food. Now, who is interested to get the diving certificate? :)

note: Last two days iPad 2 launched, i thought "man, i never wanted a gadget so badly. But now, entering the diving corner, i realized, i would trade in  10 ipads just to get to dive deep into the ocean!"

Santa Claus....guardian angels...my dearest samaritans...


PADI has this special e-gifts for friends. *wink wink*

Thursday, March 3, 2011



I used to think
Forgiving someone is hard
hard in the sense of laying down our pride

we may have forgiven him/her in our hearts
yet we dare not tell them
nor do we have the courage
to heal the relationship

after 'practicing' forgiving
and 'experiencing' being forgiven
i realized
it's not that hard after all

Just a simple
'I'm sorry'
will do wonder

That word can tumble the wall
Strong rightO?

so to those who are struggling with forgiveness
perhaps you can have this in mind
'that we are all children of God
and He has forgiven our sins,
so are we greater than God
till the extend we couldn't forgive that someone?'

On the bright side
we feel happier
when we have one less enemy

i believe
every religion teaches us to be good
and the art of forgiving
tops the list of well-being

good luck to all

*this post is also a reminder for myself, always forgive, with an open heart.

God bless you all :)