Quotation of the Day

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Program Penyayang

Love will be spread in every school in Malaysia on 1 March 2012~  I thought the month of Valentine ended.

1.  Teachers line up at the gate early morning to greet the students with a big smile.
2.  Teachers help students to adjust their neckties.
3.  Teacher praises students at each achievements.
4.  Scoldings should be accompanied by a polite reason: because we love you...
5.  Teacher makes birthday cards for students. 1952 students in SMK Kapit, 142 teachers.
6.  Teacher shakes students hands before they go home.
7.  Teacher rewards students who excel in exams.
8.  Teacher organize fun activities like singing along with the class, often.

..............many laughed during this meeting.  Personally, I am very eager to see how LOVEABLE our school will be starting tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

releasing stress

Not going to bring my Remove Class kids to APD room anymore!  Thought they'll be more interested but instead they just enjoy the aircon here, talk and play.  How to teach them? They are really training my patience. 

4th week here, and the government had paid me my salary.  Mom said I should be patient and slowly teach them. But I've lost my voice, and have been coughing for the past few days. Waking up in the middle of the night due to dry cough is not FUN at all. I mean, if they are keen to learn, fine, I don't mind carrying laptop to school and borrowing LCD and spend time setting up.

But please, you are 13! Even my kindergarten kids are more well behaved. 

No wonder all the senior teachers I sought advice told me LOVE is not the way to teach.  The moment the students know you are soft they will climb onto your heads and that's it. A noisy class! The thing is, every weekend when I attend church, pastor will preach about Love, Patience etc.

Question to ponder: Have I love the wrong way?

Things to be grateful:
1. at least 16 students are doing their work and learning. Can I just punish those naughty kids who disrupt my class by asking them to wash the toilets?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joy of the Day

SALARY IS IN!! Woootsss!!!

Thank you, God! =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Tonight's fellowship, we discussed about the topic "Energetic"

Weird scenarios:
1. Some youngsters look so haggard while some grandparents are so lively and energetic, do you know why?

2. Some new acquaintances are so boring while others can be approachable and fun to talk to.  Do you know why this differences occur?

3. Some people fall asleep during class or meetings, but when it comes to picnics or outings, they can wake up as early as 4am to get ready.  Why?

4. We feel sleepy while driving in a traffic jam, but when we kissed someone else's butt, we immediately wake up, why?

Are you an energetic person? This reminds me of the book entitled "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  Bryne highlights the mystery of "Law of Attraction" which basically says, positive thoughts will naturally attract positive energy into your life.  Personally, I am easily fascinated by people who are energetic and have a clear goal in life.  During my uni life, I've came across a few church leaders who can successfully juggle their studies and ministry at church, and still excel in sports and have an equally attractive gf/bf.  How did they manage all those when some of us can barely excel one area of life? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Best Friend

Day: Tuesday                                                                                       Date: 21st February 2012

                                             Topic: My Best Friend 

                Three years after I was born, mother walked me to kindergarten every Monday to Friday, carrying my bag, for 4 years.  There, I met a lot of friends, rich friends whose parents dropped them off in expensive cars.  I remembered excelling in class by being the first few to finish the work given and receiving lots of stickers from those lovely teachers. My first prince in shining armor appeared in my life when he held my arms and walked me to the staff’s room after I bleed my knee from a bad fall consequence of jumping off the swing.  Thanks daddy and mummy, for saving so hard just to send the three of us to receive the exorbitantly priced early education.

                At the age of 7, mother still walked me to school, carrying my heavy school bag as our house is just a stone’s throw away from school.  That year, I was elected as the class monitor, and for the next 5 years.  I met many good friends, with one who became my best friend.  We joined story telling competitions and made it to inter-school speech competitions.  We held hands everywhere we go; to the washroom, canteen, cinemas and window shopping.  Thanks daddy and mummy, for waking up so early everyday to prepare my favourite egg-cheese-baked beans sandwich, do the laundry and not forgetting to feed us a mouthful of cod liver oil.

                Entering Form 1, my primary school best friend and I started to drift apart.  She managed to enter the best class while I was being placed at the second class. We gradually became ‘Hi-Bye’ friends as we joined different clubs and have different circle of friends.  Today, she will extend friendship hugs when we meet. I was caught cheating in an exam, together with the 7 other classmates.  Failing that paper was saddening; but having my name removed from the Prefectorial Board was even more heart wrenching.  I remembered crying that day because my favorite form teacher said she was so disappointed in her girl’s action. Till today, I never bother to find out who betrayed our little mischief.  Thank you teachers, for inspiring us to achieve our dreams and believing in giving second chances.

                During the era of mIRC and ICQ, friendships started to blossom through the Internet and emerged through ‘morning session handsome seniors-afternoon session pretty girls’ love letters. My best friend those years was my neighbor.  She went to a different primary school but later transferred to the same secondary school.  We walked to and fro school daily.  She matured into a beautiful young lady with lots of admirers.  Today, despite entering the finalists for Miss Borneo, she never side lined this lazy-make-up old buddy of hers. We have been there for each others' break up moments, through long hours of phone calls to writing letters when I furthered my studies away from home.  Thank God, for though we are in different fields now, we still make it a point to catch up for movies and pillow talks every time I am back to my hometown.

                During the final year for secondary school, I lost a group of awesome friends due to a romance relationship that did not work out.  All of them are from wealthy families whose parents had signed up a secured seat for them at the overseas universities, 2 years before they sat for their public exams.  With their wisdom and luck to be born in silver spoons, most of them are now professionals with high pay jobs overseas.  Minus the kindergarten crush, this guy is considered as my first love.  I do miss him occasionally.  He did ask for reconciliation 2 ½ years ago, but I was in a relationship then.  Back then, we dated for movies with a group of friends.  I remembered him making carrot juice and sushi for me the gloomy day after my hamster passed away.  The teddy bear in pyjamas and the bottle of folded-stars with a  keychain of our names are still safe and sound in my wardrobe.  Thank you admirers, for making my simple life colourful for a few days, or months.

                At the age of 18, I met this awesome lady who became my best friend till today, and I hope will be till we see Father.  She was selfless and excel in her studies.  She brought me to Christ – the best present ever received.  She was patient and helpful.  And yes, she is finally seeing someone so tender and loving.  As her friend, I felt happy to know that she is happily in love.  Though we are posted to different schools, but thanks to technology, we practically know what is going on in each others’ life.  Can’t wait for the mid term holidays to catch up, dress up, gobbled up and praise the Lord together.  Thank you buddy, I owe you this year’s birthday present.  Think of one asap ya.

                3 years ago, I met this awesome guy. No, he found me.  Like any other couple, we clicked.  The fire sparked. And like any other couple, the fire dimmed and as the story line progresses, the characters changed their roles.  At the darkest point in life, God is always there to lift us up.  “Footprints” is a beautiful poem that meant a lot of many of us.  Thank you dearest, for showing me what is love. 

                2012, thank you God for sending so many friends to me.  I realized friendship can be seasonal; some came and left footprints in our lives while others left scars which eventually healed as time passed; but God never fails us.  A quarter of my life is gone.  What lies ahead, whom will we meet, why things happened, where will we go, how will our lives shaped what we will be; all these will remain a mystery; and mystery is appealing.

In conclusion, why did I spend 105 minutes writing this and another 30minutes proof reading? Simply because this is the examination essay topic coming out next Tuesday.  So, who is your best friend? Have you thank him/her for what they’ve done? Are there still rooms for reconciliation for those faded friendships?  How will you cherish your current life? By chasing after wealth and reputation till neglecting friends who no longer bring you benefits?  And finally, have you found your purpose here on Earth?

p/s This morning, I got to know a friend’s father passed away. I still owe him a book as a birthday present.  He is an awesome guy, with lots of interesting stories to share and I believe he will be one respectable teacher.  I believe he is an obedient and loving son and that his dad will be watching proudly at his son from above.  

Daddy, I love you, very much.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Cooked Dinner

Day 21, a lovely Sunday evening at our soon-to-be comfortable house.

Sam is in the kitchen cooking dinner.  I helped a little, cutting garlics, washing vegetables etc.

Tonight's menu:
1.  Sweet and Sour chicken
2.  Mani Vege with egg
3.  Thick corn soup with egg

We'll be having guests over for the first time tonight.  None other than our coursemates Bruno and Ling.
So, after church this morning, we went marketing and spent nearly 2 hours cleaning the house. Carrying those food and grocery all the way back to our unit and up to 4th floor is really a challenge. 

5:49pm.  Dinner is ready!! =D

*pictures not available yet.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

i lost her.

Love at first sight. Reminded myself not to fall into temptation. Came back from church. So sad, it's gone!! whoever bought it, please treasure it. Again, I failed to secure the one precious item I have such deep feelings for. Why did I hesitate? It was available earlier on, and it waited for me for an hour! Serve me right. Don't tell me there are other pieces out there. I know there are, I've eyes. But my heart just fell for this, it seems so comfortable and I can imagine myself taking countless pictures with her. Owh, Midi Skater Dress, will we reconcile? If you are available one more time, don't let any buyer purchase you k, I promise to be your proud loving owner. :P