Friday, April 29, 2016

Updates =)

JOM BACA 10 Minit Kempen.

Sejiwa Senada program. I've not painted for a long time. Fun!
Overslept of Easter Sunday. Regretted not present for Abel's 5:30am lead praise and worship... Came to this Iban Service next to my school. Packed. Paham mimit je. haha.
Another weekend hike with Ah Chan and Sim. Old colleagues Nong, Yun and Wong, I miss you guys badly...
Lots of memory on this valley, at this Bukit Goram. 5th year, left me alone in Kapit. Sobx.
While waiting for the sun to set, we had a game of Scrabbles. With student Ferniewena Wong Li Fa. Such a sweet girl. Companion for hiking.
Kolo Mee at Kapit. Missed home terribly then. RM3.50, temporarily eased my sadness. kiddo. haha.
UCTS. Was here in 2014, PLC conference, presenting my paper 'Remedial Instruction'. How time flies.
SMK Methodist, a cluster school in Sibu. Attended the Debate Adjudicator Training Course, self funded RM100 registration fees. It was a Saturday, 16th April and the school was packed with students, actively carrying out their co-curricular activities. Wonder if I can cope with schools in town after I'm transferred home.
Spent two nights here at Kingwood Hotel with Yvonne and Kia Miang. Busy days, little pillow talk. haha.
What a memorable experience. Toastmasters International Speech Area Contest, presented on "Life Game" at Sibu.
Black out in Kapit. Thanks Josephine for the inviting me over for dinner. At least I'm not alone in the dark.
Youth day for Hock Ing Methodist Church Kapit. Glad to these teenagers growing strong in faith =)
Pen Pal 3.0 is going on strong still. Can't believe we persisted on this project for three consecutive years =)
30 April 2016, Saturday. I'm home, again! =)   
Hello Bloggie! It's so good to be home. Dad is having his afternoon nap. Mom just came home from work. Waiting for hubby to end his class. Looking forward to dinner with Pa and Ma. Pa and Ma..haha...hope I won't feel awkward addressing them tonight. Can't wait for another two nieces/nephews to arrive! Yeap, life is really worth thankful for. It has been an exhaustive term, and my body ain't as strong as before. Easily tired especially during period, my legs will go weak. Not a good sign...sobx. submitted my application for transfer. There's vacancy for English teacher at SMK Kuching High next month. Praying fervently I'll get it. but with so many teachers aiming to come to the city, what are my chances? Only YOU have the power Lord. Please send me home this time, if it's Your will. Joining mom in the living room, Korean Drama..haha. Take care all! Wish everyone's well and happy out there. Remember to count our blessings and be a blessing to those around you. haha. Konon, mottoku tahun ini. Cheers!