Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Light by Carolyn Brunelle


For everything a reason

and a season under the sun;

every puzzle has its answer

that is not uniquely our own.

Nothing remains a mystery

in the light of life's experience,

or hurts like the awareness

we cannot live it over again.

Yet nothing is ever lost if we

pass such wisdom to one another;

no life lived in vain, that sheds

light on the path for a brother.

Carolyn Brunelle

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hide and seek.

Why do we hide?

A. Afraid.
B. Nothing good will turn out.
C. Habit.
D. Don't want to hurt others.

Honesty is not the best policy after all.  But, still, it is the fundamental requirement in a lasting relationship.

- Day 3, aeroplanes war in the classroom.  It's a mess from the outside view, but I shared their joy in flying the aeroplanes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Phonics is Fun

"I don't want! I don't like!  It's not fun!"  cried little Rainbow.

"Be good, boy.  Enter the class.  Mummy will buy a lego set for you later, promise," his mother persuaded.

It's Day 2 for ITS English Camp at Tabuan Desa Branch.  'Our man' caught me by surprised when he burst into tears before the whole class.  He resisted and fought back Principal Yu and his mother.

My heart sank.  Have I failed as his teacher? Why was he so reluctant to enter my class?

I had a rough night.  I woke up as early as 4am and cried myself back to sleep.  No, it's not the kids.  They are God sent angels. 

After singing 'The More We Get Together', little Rainbow entered the class, accompanied by Principal Yu.  Thankfully she's a wonderful lady and having her presence in class is not as daunting as my supervisor Puan Ashley for practicum.  Bless you Mdm Yu!

Little Rainbow continued to buried his head in his folded arms, face down on the baby table. 

Richard has asian black hair :P
"What is your name?  What do you like? How old are you?" - Ice breaking.

"Rainbow?" Still, he ignored and face down.

"Rainbow is tired. We have to be quiet to let him sleep awhile, ok children?"

The other 15 kids nodded.  They had been quite quiet after they witnessed Rainbow's outburst.

----------miracle after 15 minutes-------when I started to teach Phonics----

A ~ A a~  A a a ~ A a a a~

Amy Ant, Amy Ant,
What do you say?
I say A a,
Amy, Amy ant!

B~  B b~  B b b ~ B b b b~

Blue Bird, Blue Bird,
What do you say?
I say B b,
Blue, Blue Bird.

C~ C c~ C c c ~ C c c c~

Candy Cat, Candy Cat,
What do you say?
I say C c,
Candy, Candy Cat.

Rainbow woke up with a BIGGGGGG smile~! The rainbow is out after a heavy rainpour~!!  He got so excited suddenly and even rose from his chair and rehearsed the phonics along~!

Of all the games, the kids actually enjoyed this the most! @_@

-------------during recess, 10am-----another surprise----------------

Rainbow held my arms and dragged me near him.

He whispered "Teacher, you forgot to say grace yesterday.  Pray." He clasped his hands and bowed.

Despite having my hands guiding another kid doing her worksheet, I actually turned around and looked him into the eyes.  Such a darling!

Though my school do not allow us to pray before the class, due to religion being a sensitive issue in this country, I could thank God in my heart, and, yes, Rainbow did say his grace before munching his doughnuts :)

Thank you children, for bringing rainbows into my world :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 1 with little ones

Mistake 1:  Nearly distributed the whole stake of worksheets to children.  I blame my nervousness. Kids, and some adults, might forget to bring the next lesson.

Mistake 2:  Asked them to organize their individual ordered worksheets into daily stack. I gave an example and asked them to follow me from behind. Terrible mess. 2 out of 14 students succeeded.

Mistake 3:  Re-arrange the table and chairs too near a small board. He accidentally knocked on it. The board fell on him, he cried, principal came in, she gave him sticker, he declined and dried his tears after the pain subsided. Our man!

Mistake 4:  Helped the slower students with their worksheets while some boys played with the chalk on the board. The girls complaint; I didn't stop them.  If this persist, sooner of later, they will climb over my head.

Mistake 5:  Let the students out of the classroom when the school bell rang.  One girl went missing!  Her mother went frantic and nearly cried! The principal questioned me.  I was puzzled and afraid.  How careless!  Few minutes later, the mother's phone rang.  The girl's grandma came to picked her. End of panic.

Conclusion for Day 1 for International Tuition School English Camp, Level 1, 5-7 years old, 16 kids:

1.  35%  followed me dancing "Our School will Shine Today", the rest mumbled and were shy to lift their arms.

2.  32% sang "School Song".  The words are quite difficult for their level.  Some smiled.

3.  89% ziraffah-ed their necks to see the pictures of 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' on my netbook.  62% guessed the storyline when I paused for suspense.  When I asked what is the moral of story, they answered "Mouse eat cheese!" -_-"

4.  I guessed the story might be hard.  So borrowed a BIG BOOK "Mamo and His Promise".  The boy cat ate the fish though he promised mummy cat he wouldn't.  He lied and broke his promise.  Sister Cat scolded him, he apologized to mom and mom praised his honesty.  99% eyes on me when I meowed and yeah, they love BIG BOOKS.

5.  Musical Instruments.  I prepared 8, those with rice and beans inside containers.  50% without instruments were extremely sad; some carefree ones just clapped and marched behind me when old spiritual "When the Saints Go Marching In" was played. Spontaneously made another 6 instruments.

6.  All are helpful in arranging desk to match softboards on the floor for story telling time. 

7.  68% did poor colouring. 

Reflection:  I'm glad I didn't break into tears before them, due to personal emotions.  When little Felice held my arms around her little neck, I felt all the energy draining hours before were worthwhile.  Oh, she was the adorable one the went missing.

Lesson Learnt: Do not...

(P/s I told him)

----Humor is the spiciest condiment in the feast of existence. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them, joke over your troubles but gather strength from them, make a jest of your difficulties but overcome them.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)-----

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reservoir Park Kuching

Back from an hour's brisk walking with mom earlier. Once again, this Reservoir Park lifted my mood. How can one not be charmed by Mother's Nature?

Did you see the the platform above? Due to the non-stop rain in Kuching for the past 24 hours, it was flooded.  Poor drainage. Nevertheless, the cooling atmosphere this evening successfully welcomed parents and tots and a few couples; as well as singles who are health conscious.

Can't help admiring the kids, posing with their father for their mother to snap a picture. - sweet memory, must pen down- :P

Ah, this photo was taken 5 years ago.  I do hope this greenery will forever remain within the heart of Kuching.  Oh by the way, that white tall building at 1o'clock is our Civic Centre; I used to enjoy playing the lift to get up there and enjoy the scenery and breeze. The gym which replaced the state library at the ground floor was also removed, poor feng shui I suppose. 

Did you you the semi-globe besides Civic Centre?

Planetarium Sultan Iskandar

Though it's a just a stone's throw away from home, but I've yet to view our outer space. 

Just googled:

Something to look forward to this week :)