Wednesday, January 7, 2009

London Trip is Coming to TESL #4. HoHoHo.

Yay! Finally, another interesting activity that we all will be engaged to participate in EDU 3217 Teaching the Language of Drama by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Malachi Edwin Vethamani - BLOGGING! Since this is considered an academic online journal, I will have to watch out for my content and English usage. Basically, the objective of these journal postings is to indicate students' reflection what what is taught in class, our experience of reading/watching the plays and also our responses to our colleagues' posts.

Last night, I read the 4 interesting plays distributed. They are: 'The Ring Doesn't Fit' by Tan Kee Aun, 'The Ring' by Vincent Jeremiah Edwin, 'Selfish Mr. Paderson' by Rheitta Desmond, and 'Soul Gone Home' by Langston Hughes. Among the 4, I find 'The Ring' and 'Soul Gone Home' more interesting compared to the other two, simply because the story line is creepy and the ending is not as predictable as 'The Ring Doesn't Fit' and 'Selfish Mr. Paderson'. However, I discovered that all four plays delivers important messages to readers, that is they teach us the moral values in lives which we might unintentionally neglected due to our hectic life chasing after wealth, status and pride. For example, in 'Selfish Mr. Paderson', it is so amazing that even the four seasons (mother nature) disapprove of Mr. Paderson's selfish attitude for forbidding the children to play with his daughter in his beautifully tended garden just because he fears they might dirty or ruin the garden. What he did not realise earlier is that the laughter and joy the children bring is more beautiful and memorable compared to a 'lonely' garden. When Summer, Autumn, and Spring refuse to enter Mr. Paderson's garden, meaning the Paderson's lived in Winter throughout the year, only then did he realize he should not be selfish but allow the the children to play in the garden with his daughter. The message is clear. We should share what we have with the less unfortunate ones. As the saying we all love goes "Sharing is caring." Happiness that is shared with loved ones will be doubled. Sadness that is shared will be halved. Wisdom that is shared will be multiplied.

Before the wireless connection gone bad, I would like to wish all readers Happy New Year 2009! May your lives be filled with love and joy! Also, I would like to take this opportunity to restate one of my resolution in 2009 which is connected to cohort 4 TESLIANS - to organize a field trip to London or anywhere overseas. My dear friends, wouldn't you all like to go as a class? This may take a whole year of planning, but I believe, as long as we persevere, we can make it! Your cooperation is much appreciated. Dr Edwin, we need your help and guidance in this too! Heartfelt thanks to those who helped, is helping and will help out in this mission 2009! Feel free to visit

Imagine: It will be us 46 (+ lecturers) standing there, soon~! (^_^)

This is a once in a life time experience, where you can travel with 46 classmates,
to specific places such as Shakespear's house, visit Oxford/Cambridge Universities etc...


  1. A good start to your blog 'Selfish Mr. Paderson' by Rheitta Desmond, i guess in looking at literature it tells the reader more information rather than moral and ethical issues. rather most writers like to relate literature with life time experience. well try to look deeper and see the literature in another angle, there is more than meets the eye. it is like art. some people have certain opinion based on their perception and understanding in life.

    Maybe in a way the literature by Rheitta Desmond.. is trying to relate the garden to mr Paderson. if you look at it, Mr. Paderson and the Garden could be the same entity.. clean, neat, distinguish.. but doesnt open up to the public. What lies behind those walls are nicely arrange garden that no one has seen except for the children. so be it like mr paderson.. what is inside him.. no one knows.. because he keep it to himself and doesn't share it with the people... look at how the writer nerrate the literature without explaining much about mr paderson but reflect on the garden for the readers to understand the inside of him. well maybe i am wrong..haha just what i think about the literature... there is more to it i think..

    Maybe what you can do for your blog is try to relate your lifetime experience to the literature that your read. if you can do this it would show your deep understanding in the literature and not just a piece of book to read and pass your exam.

    many people doesnt realize that their life is a piece of art... a literature created by God, so beautifull that it is hard to understand. Maybe that is what you should do... use your blog to reach out to people to understand their own literature.

    i believe you have what it takes to make this blog interesting.i look forward to what you would add in your blog.. cheers

  2. Well, it is easy to say that "Sharing is caring" but many times it is not easy to practice. We as human beings prefer to receive than give. Also, nobody is perfect. May this play be a reminder to all of us in many ways.

    Anyway, i like this part "Happiness that is shared with loved ones will be doubled. Sadness that is shared will be halved. Wisdom that is shared will be multiplied."

    Keep it up girl! ;)

  3. wow!! you are really looking forward for the london trip huh? =p haha~

    hey..i enjoy the play 'the ring' too. it is kind of interesting and something fresh. and the most important thing is, it is written by dr. edwin's son. =) haha..

    the play, 'soul gone home' is kind of confusing for me. does the mother really love the son? or she has two faces? and what is the theme of the story? relationship between mother and son? haha~ i guess we will only understand the play deeper only after having the tutorial with mr.harold pong then. hehe~~

  4. lol what a surprise. happy holidays =D

  5. it's good to have people like you in our cohort... always look forward and think positive... keep it up girl... actually i also cannot wait for the trip... London... here we come !!!

  6. I didn't know you have this blog.. haha. Will add you to my list..haha.


  7. darling, u will be going LONDON without me!!!!!!!! how could you????? :(

  8. Hi Jia Yiing, i'm Rheitta, the writer of Selfish MR Pederson. Firstly, thanks for your review on my play; my first ever attempt of writing a play. It is amazing for me that people actually read my work, especially TESLians. I wish you all the best in your studies ya.