Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love you, DAD! 22/07/2009 Happy Birthday! =)


"Read my blog, read my blog!" Azhar was promoting his blog http://k-sangpenglipurlara.blogspot.com, telling us he has updated a hot issue regarding homosexual. feel free to drop by his blog, u wont regret =)

I find time passes very fast, back in UPM, back in kuching during holidays too...assignments are piling up, first test is approaching, and lazy bum yiing has increased her sleeping hours! hehe. Siesta~ is good to maintain a radiant complexion, agree not? haha..excuses~ good solid reason ok. haha.

Updates of my current life at UPM:
1) Practiced dancing till wee hours in the morning (exaggerate) for Theatre class, super tiring! woke up in the middle of the night due to muscle pain. but it was sure fun, all the stress (not tat i think i hv) were gone while doin the indian jumping up and down movements.

2) TheatreS! this sem we are taking the theater course, very interesting, thou i muz admit we've to put in alot of effort. anyway, for ur information, we will be producing our OWN PLAY at the end of the semester, somewhr early November. feel free to book ur air tickets now to come UPM and catch our life performances! FREE accommodation for girls (first come first serve basis)

3) Hand ball! last night, our ko-ku finally started. i had great fun sweating up, doin the interesting n funny warming up exercises, n playin the passing ball games. happily, our group won the game. haha. it's reli a nice feeling to do sports under the twinkle-twinkle-little-stars.

4) reduced part time working this semester. good thing is i'll b hvin my relaxing weekend...still wondering wad shud i do this weekend, most friends goin back to hometown..

k la, tat's all for now. jz update for fun, n write out my thoughts.

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