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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you feel 'Big'?

Everyone of us is busy preparing for Madam Jue's tribal dance performance - tonight! and most of us actually prepared till nearly 2am last night. i left earlier cuz ive past my normal sleeping hour, 11pm. haha.anyway,before the group discussion which is scheduled to start at 10pm, i managed to attend IK (Ikatan Kristian)'s last meeting for this semester. we are watching the movie 'Indescribable' and it is this strong title that moves my heart, and sprained (healing process) ankle to go to Gazebo..

DO you think you are big and important? sometimes we are so pressured with deadlines to meet, exams stress, relationship constraints, and financial problems; but the moment we compare ourselves to the almighty creation - the universe, i simply can't help feeling so SO SMALL!!! Our EARTH is just a mere little tiny miny dot, not even visible in the universe...a star is born every second. the milky way galaxy is just so beautiful out there!

Peter shared something i find very meaningful: do you ever wonder how the xilem and floem (i got the spellings wrong dy right?) works for photosynthesis in a leaf, how the blood circulate in our bodies, the heart pumping non-stop, the birds flying in the air, the streams flow; all these are the beautiful creation of our Almighty God. therefore, if only we can just stop our hectic pace for a second or two, and enjoy the amazing nature and God's creation, we'll be grateful of what God has in store for us and life will eventually turn out for the better - the beauty of Appreciation!

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  1. We are very small in this world, problems that make us move forward in life... Appreciate your life is the most important thing... HEHE