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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Officially 23 (^_^)

I turned 23.

Thanks to Yvonne, Ed and friends for throwing a surprise bday for me...the first and the best!!

I would like to ask for forgivness, if i ever hurt anyone...

I hope this year will be a year of spiritual, emotional and intelligence growth for me

I don't want to self-centred this year, but to really reached out and touched lives.

Will be doing some part time tutoring this semester break, hope God will give me wisdom and confidence in moulding the future generation and that my students will learn and enjoy my classes.

Will be doin some part time promoting jobs too, for extra incomes. such as insurance, telco lines etc...pay doesnt really matter at the moment, as i just want to fill my holiday with something fun and beneficial.

Looking forward to LifeCamp at sibu this 3-5th June. Surprisingly, i'm not that depressed bout not going Taiwan and London, a tinge of regret does exists, nothing more can be done. so to my hubby out thr,pls bring me thr someday soon! :P

k, wishing all happiness and good health. will end this entry with an inspirational poem i read from The Borneo Post, Good English "Try to Remember the Good Things" by Sherrie L. Householder

When times become difficult
(and you know they sometimes will)
remember a moment in your life
that was filled with joy
and happiness.
Remember how it made you feel,
and you will have the strength
you need to get through any trial.
When life throws you on more obstacle
than you think you can handle,
remember something you achieved
through persevrance
and by struggling to the end.

In doing so,you'll find
you have the ability to overcome
each obstacle brought your way.
When you find yourself drained
and depleted of energy,
remember to finda place
of sanctuary and rest.

Take the necessary time
in your own life
to dream your dreams
and renew your energy,
so you'll be ready to face
each new day.

When you feel tension building,
find somehting fun to do.
You'll find that the stress you feel
will dissipate and your thoughts
will become clearer.

When you're faced with so many negative
and draining situatiins,
realise how minuscule
problems will seem
when you view your life as a whole -
and remember the positive things.


  1. thanks yvonne~ holidays, wad else to do if not blog..haha

    thanks wilson, jz felt the wind blew into the room..