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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love is Forgiving (^_^)

XXX: I don't understand why you made such decision!(forgiving)

A: It's LOVE~

With the strings of painful (literally and emotianally) events, I've really got to learn from all these. Today, Pastor Kung from China, preached about "What if he's Jesus?" - Matthew 25:31-40

It's basically about those who feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, quench the thirst will be rewarded the right seating. We'll not know what form Jesus will come in, is He the beggar or our discipline teacher? In short, her message is 'Just Do Good'. HE's watching from above, each and every action of ours will be known; especially those little things you did when you are alone.

I find this sermon connects perfectly with the fellowship session conducted by Mei Shan sis. She shared about the story of Jonah. God asked Jonah to share the gospel at the fallen NiNiland, but being disobedient but a faithful servant, he backed away; got into a ship; wrecked; volunteered to be thrown over the ship as God is causing the storm signalling him to go to NiNiland. He was alive despite being in the whale's tummy for 3 days. (Suggested to do further reading of the story at Jonah's book if interested)

Lesson learnt: Seek forgiveness.

Everyone knows the truth that forgiving can bring joy and salvage relationships; but how many of us can actually do that? Last week, I was advised by few friends that to salvage a relationship, we must 'Lay down your pride, and ask for forgiveness' He did, I did; relationship salvaged~ (^_^) He's egocentric, I'm stubborn; doomed relationship. As simple as that?

Thank you to all who's helped/hurt, consoled/cursed, loved/hated, forgiven/grudged against me, I choose to move on
Conclusion: God makes us miserable through conviction to make us joyful through confession.

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