Friday, May 10, 2013

Love starts from Home

Just had lunch with my colleagues and we discussed about F-A-M-I-L-Y.

I understand not everyone is lucky to be born in a loving family. Many are from broken families, like my students. Some of their parents got married as early as 15, thus the alarming divorce rate. Children are either raised in single parent homes or stayed with their grandparents.

Is having a loving family so hard? Is it possible to be happy though not rich? We talked about the importance of money in starting a family. Is it acceptable to get married when the man has not own a house? Not forgetting the furnishings, wedding receptions, dowry...

And then there's the topic of having little ones. I naively pointed out having a baby will bring joy to the family and bring the members closer to each other. Simply because that is what I see in my family. The arrival of baby Xin Yu one and a half years ago did bring lots of happiness to my parents; same goes to baby Jian Liang. Oh, how I miss him now. Hope his Jaundice is gone by now...

Sadly, that's not the case to the others. A baby might potentially welcome more conflicts and quarrel between husband and wife and among the in-laws, especially when money is the concern.

(Note to future hubby: Should disagreements arise, it shall be dealt by sunset. Promise? As for $, hm...I believe we will do just fine :) )

Perhaps, I never know how difficult life would be without money. Like what he said, I'm lucky because my parents showered us with love since young. I'm TRULY grateful to be born in my family. We are far from rich, we have our little disagreements. In fact, just last weekend, I actually burst into tears when mom suggested to arrange me to sit with her colleagues during koko's wedding. How immature and embarrassing to recall I actually stormed out of home and walked all the way to Merdeka Plaza, dropping by St Thomas cathedral, and that is when my loving daddy called, 'We are at Merdeka Plaza dy, where are you?'

30 minutes of cooling down, once I met them at the lobby, things just fell back to normal. I saw my parents, walked up to them, shyly smiled and if not mistaken, we held hands and shopped. Geez, blaming the hormones? Anyway, the reason I burst into tears was I thought I was not important so they can simply chunk me into any empty tables. Ah....attention craver =.='''

What I want to point out is that, LOVE. If everyone loves the family, then they'll work hard to make it a happy place to be. Right? But people keep telling me it ain't that simple. I've come across rich families who are so unsettled and just they want more, and more. Is it really hard to start and have a happy family? What are you willing to sacrifice for it? It's such a big step into the uncertainties that lies ahead....

Turning 26 in a couple of days. I wish for a better Malaysia, and that every family will play their part to provide a loving environment for their children. Just read Kenny's blog, he has his worries whether he'll be a good husband and father, like his late father. I like how he showed his love for Ming, openly. I truly wish them both a blessed marriage =)

GE-13 is over. Many are saddened, angry and disappointed by the results. I shed three tears, dared not picture what lies ahead, fell back to sleep, alone, in the king size mattress at Kingwood Hotel.

May LOVE filled yours & my home daily.

God is good. Life is good. Reminder to all and myself, count your blessings. It can never go wrong. Merry May to all of you =)

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