Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Superb September!

It has been months since I last blog here.

A little update of my life (as memory after my transfer out of Kapit) :P

Exactly one month to go before PMR and I'm beginning to feel the stress.  Started giving extra classes in the afternoon to my 3B students. Surprisingly, my 3J kids approached me and requested they wanted to have extra classes too. Successful teachers, how do you teach ESSAYS to students who don't even know 'rumput' is 'grass' or 'monyet' is 'monkey'....

The precious moments for my past 3 months =)

Today, 4th September 2013 is Tay's birthday! I'm going to miss you guys for sure!  All these monthly birthday celebrations...


This idea came from the Bengkel Teatre I attended in March.  Group 1 won the most creative arrangement of natural elements based on the votes in my FB :) Kudos, boys of 3B!

Different classes have different activities for this Poem: Leisure, but they all get the chance to work outside the classroom. Teaching them "the importance of taking time off to relax, not to be too busy with studies/work" is quite an irony here. Haha!

Happy birthday Tiing 26th Aug and MeiYun (28th Aug). I love you both a lot!

You're like my God-sent angel here...
One advantage of teaching in the morning session is that I get to enjoy my hiking in the evenings.  Sometimes I enjoy a company or two, at times I simply enjoy my solitude with Mother Nature.

Youth and Young Adult Day at Ka En Methodist Church. It's a blessing to serve in this church...

Post-finals dinner @ Hong Fu, Sibu! It has been quite some time since I last ate crabs :)  Another blessing to have the opportunity to further our studies with a group of friends, really!

Bengkel Teknik Menjawab: Prepared so much, yet so little time to present. I wonder how much did the students benefited from this 4 days program...Good luck PMR kids! Do your best!

One of us is getting married!! Hallelujah!! =)

Darling, do you love aunty? I miss you so much! The longer I'm here in Kapit, the more family time I missed....and that fact is starting to take its toll on me...

Visiting my mentor Mr Hanapi with my colleagues :)

Road trip to Semariang. Interesting name huh?

A reminder for teachers, our role in the world of education.....

Photo: 26.08.13 ..::The laws of my German Shepherd a.k.a Dota::..

If it is in my mouth, it's mine.
If I like it, it's mine.
If I ever had it, anytime, it's mine.
If I am chewing something up, all the pieces are still mine.
If I saw it first, it's mine.
If you are playing with anything and later put it down, it's mine.

If it is broken, it's yours.
*IT refers to tennis ball, slippers, shoes, socks, broom, mop, the blue pail, pebbles.....and oh,my neighbour's newspapers.

:) Cheers! Woof!~
Introducing my koko and Ida's DOTA! I'm a willing victim to let her bite my hands....dogs are...I played with her for a conly a couple of days during the holidays, and tears rolled down my eyes when I left for Kapit...geez, I'm a coward...having experience the grievous loss of my hamsters, I vowed never to rear pets anymore....


Blessed marriage!

Brother Xin Fu is going to leave Kapit soon....again, another separation.

Happy birthday Sam and Chan! How many more birthdays will we get to celebrate together?

We're in the papers!! woots!! Thanks JK!

Pretty and handsome?? =) It's my day! Our day - teacher's day @ 16 May!

Chinese New Year Dinner with my chinese colleagues....

Leyu's birthday!

I pray....for peace and love, for you and I.

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