Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 :)

January 2010 ended with tears, laughter and new found happiness,
The past shall be of lessons learnt
The present living up to the fullest
The future will be shining blessed, i hope..

February 2010, i welcome you with a warm smile and huggies,
The past cny was marvellous, so was the memories,
The present uni life is busy and meaningful,
The coming Valentine's Day will be memorable sweet, i hope..

March 2010, will i have accepted Christ by this month?

April 2010, will i be prepared for my finals then?

May 2010, will our London trip i so dreamed, come true?

June 2010, will our plan to go to Taiwan as Aiesec's Go Exchange volunteer realized?

July 2010, will IPTI life be as beautiful as UPM's?

August 2010, will Virgoes love, found love, brace love, cherish love and be loved?

August 2010, are Taurus and Virgoes really compatible?

September 2010, will we go somewhere travelling for your birthday?

October 2010, how many times will we cross over to Singapore by then?

November 2010, will i be spending quality time with family?

December 2010, will Christmas be celebrated with loved ones?

In Jesus name, i pray for friends, family, readers to be healthy and blessed always, Amen =)

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  1. Your horoscope for February 1, 2010 The position of the planets could have you doing a lot of soul-searching, Silverin. You're looking deep within to discern your own true goals, and you might be pleasantly surprised at what you're finding. Your relationships of all kinds are enhanced by increased communication and a deeper understanding, and many of your aims are likely to be spiritual in nature. Get them down on paper.