Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Taiwan, Bye Bye London

Just created my Twitter account: add me at lucy_silverin87@hotmail.com or JiaYiing87. wondering how often will i log on to twitter and update because not many of my friends are twittering. (and i still thought I'm one of the last to sign up)

Life have been too much fun lately, with the shopping, ice-skating, movies, karaoke-ing, and my 8 hours beauty sleep. finals is just 30days away and can i ask the question: wad have i learn these few months/years?

Good news: i'm going to Taiwan this May-June, most likely. Currently waiting for Taiwan's companies (schools/unis/orphanage) to match my resume. It's the Aiesec Go Exchange programme. Heartiest thank you to Hui Yi and Catherine for introducing and making this dream-work-fun-trip possible! Hope this exchange internship will bring much development, enjoyment,valuable experience as well as beautiful memories. the best part is my family might be coming over to visit me, hope they can apply the leaves, esp sis and bro-in-law. Yvonne, are u giving up on ur second interview? we're supporting and encouraging you to join us. it'll b triple the fun to have u with Nee, Yi and I. (if you read this b4 we book the tickets) to other classmates: this is a golden opportunity for you too, we won't have this chance once we leave upm/graduate..gambate, carpe diem!

Sad news: i've to let go of the dream of going to London this May. Lecturer asked as us give her RM6.5K by this week. FAMA sponsorship is thr, thou FA says i can go if i really wanna, but i tak sanggup hati spend your hard earned money dada. u've worked hard for years, it shud b ur time to relax, travel and enjoy life. no, i'm not going to use ur money to enjoy, as for the Taiwan trip, i'll try to come up with the 2-3K. love you dad and mom!!

time for Dr Arshad's class. update again soon =)

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