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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Believe it or not, only now, I am getting to enjoy doing my research paper under my supervisor, Pn Juridah. Apart from researching about Kate Chopin's and female emancipation, she suggested me to look into areas like EQ and SQ. Previously, i've never heard of SQ. SQ stands for Spiritual Quotient. Sad to say I'm not yet a christian, but ever since Yvonne brought me to church, i've found peace in 'talking' to God. Then i recalled few weeks back, a MSN friend asked bout my horoscope (Taurus) and stated that I need spiritual guide in my life. Sometimes i see my friends stressed about studies and love life or other obstacles in life, I would try my best to sum up my personal advice by seeking God. Haha. Oxymoron as it may sound, but i realized too, after my journals, i would normally end up with talking to God. Anyway, below is something i found out regarding SQ and i would like to share with you all. Happy reading!

IQ is sufficient ?
You should understand the feelings of other and make changes in your own life.Some parents says trhat “My son has very high IQ“but what a doctor says is IQ and EQ are not sufficient for success in life .If you don’t have the Equal thoughts in home there should be problems in life & in society .It will change the equilibrium of your life .In bible there is saying “you should love your neighbour like you love your self"

How many of us can really achieve that? Love your neighbout like you love yourself. Wah, I've yet to meet such angel! It's like you are willing to share (if not give) your favorite food to a stranger, when you are so hungry but knowing that he is hungrier than you. To me, it may also mean giving up your dreams to go London fieldtrip, because that RM6.5K can be used to build homes for orphans and send students to school or buy books and shoes. Forget about buying Levi's jeans or Crocs shoes, but instead use that same amount of money to buy another 10 pairs of jeans or shoes of quality but not branded items for the needy and suffering. Shoot, writing this now makes me feel ashame of myself.

In some co operative offices already started Spiritual Quotient (SQ ) building courses. It will reduce the tension. When sq builds you will think like “I love every one then why I Doubt every one “.Spiritual Quotient builder person will think like what should give to others not what should take from others.

Advantages of SQ

1. Tension Free Life

2. Self awareness

3. Free from alcohols and other drugs

4. Support of society

5. Less depression

6. Self Confidence


1. Flexibility

2. Self-awareness

3. An ability to face and use suffering

4. The ability to be inspired by a vision

5. An ability to see connections between diverse things

6. A desire and capacity to cause as little harm as possible

7. A tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions

8. An ability to work against convention

In short, I will still enjoy life, live life to the fullest, added by two more adjectives "purposeful and meaningful life". May God bless you all, spread the love!

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