Monday, June 7, 2010

Life Game 2010 Sibu

Happiness doubled; troubles divided.

We got married at the age of 27, had our first born Grace at 44 and little Irene at 49. Before marriage, I was a businesswoman selling food. Frankly speaking, I earned a lot of money but I was so busy and neglected my health and basic necessities in life; I aged quick thus. Education can improve one's life in terms of job prospects and prestige.

While cutting queue (I have high prestige points so I can 'overtake' the 'lower class society'), XW came and asked 'Why don't we get married?' For Love? Not really. To save cost of living. Partially. The real reason I nodded my head out of joy is simply because I've knew this church member for a 2 years, and he's a good man; had a solid job as Banking Sales Manager, owns a car and yes, he had had insurance. A man who prioritize health and knew the importance of insurance earns 'plus points' easily! *wink wink*

I gave discount to those who were in need of food, but how many mouths can one person feed?

I decided working and earning so much is useless because no one will share the joy with me. Who should I inherit my wealth to? I stopped my business for 15 years, as this job is risky and husband don't want me to die earlier than him. I remembered him hurrying off to buy our wedding ring while I queued up at the registrar. Out of the hundreds, a handful of citizens realized the beauty and importance of getting married and settle down instead of chasing after education, money and more prestige; or for the poor and sick, pursuing for survival.

I witnessed other married couples and later we went to take our wedding photo. The news reporter came and asked how did my husband propose to me. I decided to keep that answer a secret; somethings are just not meant to be shared. *wink wink* I put on the veil and the photographer snapped our cheerful smile. Marriage before God is not something to fool about, commitments, trust and faith begin to play its role in helping us to plan our future ahead, as a couple.

Gracefully Gracious. May you Shine for the Lord always~

Time flies. We heard news of neighbors dying; our newly appointed Free City Mayor was murdered in a robbery, leaving his beloved wife behind. That is when we decided to have children and inherit our property for them so they would start off their life with riches. Yes, MONEY IS IMPORTANT. Without money, we can't get education; without education, we can barely get a good job. Without a good job, we will die of hunger or cold. And, without money and prestige, it is hard to get a wife/husband. Ps, finding job is tough. Amen I am a future teacher and the secured path is laid. I remembered the tough moments and humiliation I received when I failed for the insurance interview. Thankfully, my husband was with me through the ups and downs; as I was with him at the hospital when he diced 'health disease' and we went for medical checkups for pregnancy hope. Luckily both of us bought insurance, therefore our medical expanses are covered. Those who have financial difficulties would have to suffer from illness and hunger.

'I was blind, but now I see." John 9:25

People were dying. I feared I would die earlier than my husband and Grace was still learning how to crawl. I counted my personal savings, 'Yes, these savings would be enough for him and the kids to survive to the end of his of life.' He feared of me dying earlier too, thus asked 'Why not we make another baby?" I was moved. He decided to make the WILL with me so after delivering Irene, we went to the court to make the couple will for our little angels. The moment we signed the will, I felt relieved; relieved because I had done the best I could for my children.

For your information, I was still living on our savings and his salary. We were quite free while others were buzzing up and down in their life. I wondered what is LIFE all about? Is it just to fulfill our stomach with food, and have better house to stay and branded cars to drive and expensive clothes to wear? Yes and no. Living a luxurious life does earn you the prestige points, people look high upon you and you get to have certain privileges while others can't. Through our life, we did search for God and our church. But we failed.

Tsunami came. Some were swept off by the current. Earthquake occurred. Some died; the stock market dropped drastically; people were still seen exchanging goods and making deals. 'Prolonged Life' policy emerged; battles among neighbors. Is the world coming to an end...Are you READY?

Sorry I have to end my story here.

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It's hard to stay straight in this slippery world. Stay close to ME. -GOD.
"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." The Bible - Romans 12:2 (NLT)

God Bless you all~
Warmest regards,