Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy moments at Level Up Fitness Centre

Another week has passed. Thanks to Kenny Sia's Level Up, I had had a great time working out. Though I didnt see any visible weight loss, I felt healthy, and happy. Indeed, doing different sports are far more interesting than the mundane ones, like jogging every day. haha..Back up: I havn't jog for ages, cuz it's just so lonely to do things alone. Tsk tsk...

So far, we've attended Busman's dance aerobic, very funny! Especially the indian movements! Kate's Fitness ball, man, this is super tiring~ Amazed by how much one can do with just one ball..imagine, hvin two! Bluek~ Lyn's Salsa Class is one which we can wear high heels to class. Belly Dance~ Oh my, I like this~! Sway, sway sway~! Haven't try their Poco-Poco Dance, Body combat etc.. if i got posted to kuching next year, i will surely sign up for long term membership! It's just so fun~!

Or maybe cuz they're new things. I realized i've a habit of loving new things, cuz mayb their fresh. Wakaka. But hey, i do stil like mountain climbing, karaoke, badminton and bowling...friends, anyone free for these activities for the coming 2 weeks?


  1. I always j0g al0ne at h0me l0r and t0nyte i am g0ing b0wling with my old frienz.. BLUEK!!! h0pe t0 see "new" tummy s00n. hehe.

  2. haha...i hvnt jog alone this holiday. as i grow older, im giving excuses such as 'safety while walking to the park alone'..haha. Going to climb mount singai tml! so excited. u going back jb this sunday? Convoy safely ya =)