Quotation of the Day

Thursday, September 30, 2010

May barriers be shaken and tumbled down.

Today is the last day of my school based experience at SMK Sultanah Engku Tun Aminah. Time flies. I've to write reflections and sum up my portfolio. But here i am, typing out what's on my mind but not on microsoft words for some things are not meant to be printed out for supervision. anyway, the lesson i learnt throughout this week would be that every is a unique creation of God.

We might have negative perception of someone. and our reactions towards that one particular incident or that person might be 'unsightful'. what i'm trying to say, if we think we can have the right to be angry, sad, happy or grateful of someone; then ohter person, do have the authority to hurt, despise, enjoy or feel annoyed of your presence. i don't know you get what im trying to express here, the simple key falls back to that we have our own perception. i might think your idea is not good, as u might think mine is irresponsible. i might think u are being pessimistic, as u might think i have an attitude problem. but whatever thinking or different perception each of us have, we should respect each other's opinion and by all means, not hurting each other's feelings. yes, when it comes to females, especially pms, emotions play a big role in determining what is being said.

For that, i would like to pray that all barriers will be shacken n tumbled down; where fresh roses, sunflowers and water lilies will grow up healthy and radiant under the basking sunlight of yet another wonderful creation of our Almighty God.

Peace be with you all (^_^)


  1. Most importantly is to pray according to His will, not yours! ^_^

  2. okie dokie, i shall add that line as my closing prayer. hehe...sometimes get too "self centred".