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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grace, Faith, Hope (^_^)


You graced me with faith which produced hope,
and I am truly putting high hopes on it.
Will it happen?
Am i that lucky?
Please, let this little dream come true..
These are the excitement I have, now.

Dad told me when i was young,
never to put too high a hope,
or when it didnt come true,
i'll be truly devasted.
He don't want to see his princess hurt,
For that, I love you daddy!

I've come to learn
to submit everything to His will.
He gives,
and He can take.
But I rememebered Pastor Kenneth's preaching
He will only give the BEST for us
not the good, or second
but the BEST.

in our lives,
we have had disappointments
but when we look at the larger picture,
Things just got better,
aren't they?
It did happen to me,
It does,
and It WILL continue to be :)

May we learn to have Faith,
knowing that He is always there with us
from the little things like being selected for XXX,
to bigger things like careers and family.

-Hopeful & Counting the Grace-
Silverin Yiing (^_^)

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