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Monday, November 29, 2010

Brief idea of our Taiwan Trip

Tada~! So this is TAIWAN.

Next Wednesday noon, we shall land at TTY (TaoYuan International Airport ).
Need to bring my Punjabi Costume as there's a welcoming party that night at Hotel Today.  Won't be expecting a 4/5 starts luxurious hotel, as our main objectives there would not be shopping, but experiencing Hakka culture and staying with host families. Wonder if i'd learnt to order my favourite Lei Cha in Hakka when i'm home. (^_^)

 On the 5th day, we'll be visiting Peipu Hakka Village, staying at Land of Mystery Forest Resort Village.  Honestly, the names of the hotels sounds close to nature =) Sadly, hot springs are not included in our schedule, but as I googled, this photo is shown at Peipu Township:

TAadda~ Seems like Lundu waterfall to me. haha! but it would be winter when we are there, so im wondering if the hotsprings are really warm.  So, organizers, can we go? Perhaps i should include hot springs visit in my email to my host family =P

Day 8: Homestay at Miaoli.  Wonder how'd my 'family' there be like :) We're going to cycle around this village~~! Still remember my childhood times with Pam, cycling full force from the main road down the small hill, handsfree, no breaks, syok~...and landed in the longkang! haha.

 Hualien: Taroko National Park.

Nice?? This is Hualien.  We'll be taking the train from Taoyuan to Hualien on the 10th Day.

We'll experience the Natural Ecology at this Chishingtan beach @ Miaoli in the afternoon.  Hopefully the weather is this good then! *smiling*

Shihling Night Market. 
Yang Ming Shan National Park


fast forward to the second last day:

May God bless this trip!! (^_^)