Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks Giving :)

learnt from facebook that it's Thanks Giving today. Will just list down the ten things that i'm grateful of here as memory :)

1. My loving parents. They supported us financially, physically and emotionally. I must be an obedient daughter after i'm married :)

2. My siblings. Though sis is not staying with us anymore, and i really missed our pillow talk. Going to spend a happy day with her and brother in law tomorrow. Brother sprained his knee yesterday, hope he'll recover asap. Love lots!

3. Andrew. Thank you Lord :)

4. My close friends. Yvonne, pamela, ying ying, josephine, alice, huey, so many.. Thank you all :)

5. Going to Taiwan next Tuesday! Finally! After the big Aiesec disappointment last semester, i'm so touched that i'm being selected to go for this hakka trip, going with Pam and Kim somemore! Hope it's gonna be loads of fun and memorable experience!

6. Working opportunities. I love money. I hate boredom. I love travelling. Who doesn't? And, i find passion in teaching. i'm so grateful to have classes to teach this hols. With family's subsidy and these part time jobs, i think it'll be sufficient for the upcoming trip :)

7. Safety on the road. I confess i'm not a superb driver. And i'm extremely stressed when it's my turn to ferry juniors to church. But Thank God for the safe trips :)

8. Staying out next semester. Most likely, i'll be staying out with my practicum partner next semester. Gotta be more independent and tolerance and understanding are needed :)

9. My comforter. Ah, u made me warm tonight. Thanks! :)

10. N78 and wifi. Be good, and stay on with me for long ya.. :) sweet dreams all :)


  1. you're staying out, is it? fun!

    oh, safe journey, k? and take care! see you next year! ;))

    gbu <3

  2. jie: next time if i visit you, i'll make sure you drive me around. xD

  3. melancholic: no, some of our coursemates still stayin in, esp those whose schools are nearby.

    wilson: sure sure, welcome to kuchng!! XD