Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tears of Joy (^_^)

Today, 12.02.2011 Sunday,
I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

My palms are cold,
when i stood forward onto the stage.

Acknowledging someOne who has loved me,
forgave me,
and heal me...
I could have been more proud

and shout to the world
He saveD me.

From today,
I am a renewed person,
all my past are left behind, 
I'd change for the better!

May you all have a blessed CNY 2011,
welcome to enjoy the abundant life given by HIM!

Thank You, Jesus.
Praise the Lord!

Special thanks to my spiritual life partners:

Darling Andrew,

Yvonne Ling,

Agnes Wong,
Aaron Lee,
Wilson Khor,
Charles Liew,
Foo Ying Ying,
Josephine Bong,
Albert Tiong,
both Christopher Ling (s),
Aunty Jennifer,
Aunty Lian Dai,
Miss Chong
Malcolm Tang,
Richard Ting,
Lawson Chung,
Anna Bong,
Adeline Ho,
Wendy Ho,
Crystal Lau,
Ida Tan,
Samantha Yong,
Fam Bui Kwong,
Reverend Han,
Pastor Ming Tian,
Pastor Xiang Ping
(one way or other)
and many many others~!

May God bless you all abundantly~!


  1. Jie,

    Only God knows how much my heart leaps upon hearing this news even though we are miles and miles apart...

    Praise the Lord! =DDD

  2. Oh my I didn't know I've done something so significant~!
    *shy shy* =P

  3. wilson: hehe...thanks bro, i guessed u'd b happy for me :P the 'bigbook' u gave, is home. :P

    malcolm: haha..u hv no idea how much significant is ur role here :)

  4. Jie: Of course I will, jie! ^_^ Come on, all of heaven rejoices when a soul is saved, and I'm on their side xD