Quotation of the Day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

10secs x2 downpour

It's freaking sunny out there
and the sun in blazing into my aircon-less room here.

I had a 10seconds x 2 downpour
Felt slightly better

No one to blame

I just miss home
I want to be back at my comfort zone

I don't dislike my profession
The notorious students, the RPH burden
The loneliness and hunger of concentration (trying to rhyme)
I ...miss my friends and family.

Can anyone take me away from here soon?
Thanks a lot!

It's alright.
Momentarily on Earth only, right?



  1. cheer up girl! it will be soon! soon u can get home :)

  2. *hugsssssssss*

    March hols coming, we go enjoy :)