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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sound of Music

spent my sick leave watching "The Sound of Music" (apart from resting)

My childhood favorite movie didn't fail to impress me at this age of 23+.  As the time passes, we'll discover a deeper underlying message of the movie, as well as life lessons.

One thing i learnt the hard way:
consult doctor and eat the medicine obediently.
Yes, it's super bitter to chew as i can't swallow the pills. But i think the medicine are effective as i blew out the phelgm.  argh...germs germs, please go away asap.  i don't wanna miss any day at school...

Thanks to "The Sound of Music" that makes me so happy despite being in this unwell situation.

ideal family time!
"My favorite things" ah...."Edelweiss" Ah.... reminds me of my childhood times when i came back from Kindergarten, mom'll feed me while watching this movie over and over again....the script are still so fresh in my mind...Thanks to those who taught me to download this movie :)

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