Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unwanted Stress.

Have you ever been the cause of a breakup?

I think, i indirectly caused 2 couples so break up...but my friends assured me that, no, it's not my fault...after talking to God, n He answered that...this may be a good chance for me to share gospel with them. 

Indeed, i always believe, it is very important to have the same religion in a relationship.  and as far as i experienced, God is the one that brought Andrew to me. and though there were ups and downs in our relationship, we managed to overcome and reconcile...again, it is God at work.

I am not trained to share gospel, especially with my immediate family and i chose to pray and let my actions do the talking. many a times, i did not portray a good christian example, especially in terms of gossiping and complaining...but i'm learning, reducing the negativity and promoting love among my students...

to my friends,
there are very good reasons to the closED doors, and more reasons to the many open windows! 

God bless you all!  (^_^)


  1. Well, sometimes you don't have to explicitly tell them about your faith. Your deed and action would attract them to ask "why are you so special". Then that would be the perfect time for you to share the gospel--it wouldn't be too stressful for non-believers because as far as I'm concern non-believers hate Christians sharing their faith. Thus by waiting for them to ask you would be an invitation that come by itself. make sense?

    but of course, initiation is important too. No one wants to wait forever.

  2. action speaks louder than words. got it :)

    thanks~! i think they patched things up dy :) so relief, lesson learnt, never to get involve in others' affairs liao. haha...

    yeap, noted. u've shown good example to others :)