Friday, May 20, 2011

16 May 2011 \(^_^)/

A dream came true~
 16 May 2011 marks my 24th birthday and 1st time celebrating Teacher's Day.  I had a super awesome time.  It must be the hundred wishes from friends and family~! *wink wink*

Birthday present from Andrew. 
 We had a fun and memorable telematch with coursemates at IPG KTI's field.  I don't like the dodgeball because I'm not good at dodging and it's painful when the ball hit me.  But, I truly enjoyed the water ball.  Anything connected with water is fun, to me.  That's why I plan to wear this flower printed dress to Perhentian Island next week~!  (^_^)

Yvonne, thanks for making my 24th so special!
 They say one can have many friends; but when it comes to true friend, I can barely name a few, but proudly name - Yvonne Ling Soon Chiin.  Muacks~ (^_^)

Birthday cake from Andrew.  Thanks darling~\
Very happy many of my coursemates turned up for my birthday dinner, unexpectedly.  Let me recall and name them here: Cain, Cynthia, Sam, Hui Yi, Yvoone, Hui Nee, Bruno, Saiful, Ed, Sean, Ah Boy, Sche, Azhar, Fahmi, Fadzuan, Kamarul..  May you all be GREAT teachers~

from L-R:Miss Ho :), Mentor Mdm Jaya, Partner Efa, Annusha

thanks for the cute bear dear Hazira~
 Hazira is one of my top scorer in Form 4 KP 2.  An active lady who can be emotional at times, girls wad. haha. she's the first girl to request a kiss, n i gave, n she returned. :)

Xin Tian & Mei Ting
 Two lovely girls from Form 1 KS.  I am going to miss you girls so much! Mei Ting, thanks for the dolphin, i'll place it on my teacher's table :)

Efa's Form 4 Sc 2 boys

met many of MU supporters today :P

Rock & Roll boys band~

Teacher's Day lunch at Seoul Garden, KSL 

efa managed to go for 3-4 rounds, so worth for buffet. sadly, i can't finish my first round.

Roses from Andrew :)
 Yvonne and Haslina popped in Seoul Garden with this!! i was shocked to see this.  teachers watched me, and i think my mentor caught my watery eyes when i read darling's note. Ah...thank you darling, you made my 24th birthday so memorable. i love the roses and my heart leap with joy when i received it. However, it is dying now, hung on my window.  conclusion, don't spend so much on bouquet of roses next time.  One, will do :)
12 roses - Be my steady.

Next year, i will be able to celebrate my birthday with darling, family and friends~ Yay, can't wait to graduate.  Principal advised me to keep up my enthusiasm like now and be a great teacher that inspire the students.  Thank you my dear friends for making my birthday so special, all Glory to our Almighty God :)

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