Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Teacher distributes SPM Ramalan Kertas 2 for students.

Student A: "Can we not do this?  It's so boring."

Student B: "We got A for XXX subject dy."

Student C: "Can we do something fun instead?"

Teacher pauses. "If everyone of you got 20/20 for the information transfer, then you may skip the essay part."

Students' gloomy face lits.

Teacher smiles, self talk: "Ah, kids being kids. You love fun activities, so do I. Less marking and why not? Thankfully all of you score A for this subject.  So, how can I be a 'fun' teacher?"


  1. Did they get 20/20 for information transfer? hahahaha. Good and fast respond from you!

  2. yvonne, some yes, but 4C kinda let me down..huhu.

    Ed, yeah, but the thing is, the same activity can be fun to class A n B, but not

    HY, haha, i wish i am funnier so students wont be bored... :)