Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do you have that when everything goes so smoothly and your world is so beautiful that you are afraid it won't last?

2012 had been a year filled with joy and tears. My 12 Joys in 2012:

1. Met up with Malcolm while conquering Mount Kinabalu for the second time, 16 September 2012. (Btw, my bruised toe nail finally broke off today, wee!)

2. Get to know this mentor, Jik Kam after following his blog at (Promised him to start small by doing THINGS for my kids in Kapit.)

3. Accompanied daddy and mummy to 9days Round Island Taiwan Trip in November =)

4. Met up with my traveler coursemate, Hui Yi and Yaan for our 8Days Hanoi Back Packing, early December.

5. Get to know Pastor Yu and flew to Sibu to attend her wedding. I enjoyed all her sermons, sharings and advice! Especially Journey to Intimacy Course =)

6. Among the fun lessons while teaching Peralihan, Form 1E, 1H, 1K: Mr Nobody video, Journey to the Centre of the Earth movie, Sing Along, Phonetics, Adjective games, posters making, art crafts,, those boring composition and grammar drillings are not listed as FUN in my mind XD

7. My awesome colleagues: Ping Ping, Tay, Tiing, Sam, Nong, Chan, Wong, Mei Yun, Leyu, Xia, Ting...Life in Kapit will be extremely lonely without them.

8. Hock Ing Methodist Church, get to serve in Sunday School and participate in young adult fellowship :)

9. My tuition kids! Adorable and most importantly, they are serious to learn.

10. Baby Xin Yu! Ah, she walks steadily now. And can call me Yi...single syllable still. In that sweet voice of hers. So gentle. Bet by CNY, she'll learn more actions and new stuff. The last words I whispered to her was 'Yi Yi will come back to see Xin Yu during CNY k." She gave a nod as if she really understood and planted a kiss on my cheek....*melted!*

11. Cell group retreat at Lundu. Another bunch of trusted siblings in Christ: Lock Tee, Susan, Mel, Nic, Erwinia, Fang, Ling, Yvonne, Harry, Thomas, Sylvester, KK, Kenneth....

12. Last but not least, L.O.V. E.

As for Resolution 2013?

Nothing much, perhaps 12 reminders for self that:

1. Happiness is a CHOICE.

2. Be patient.Words of anger/impatience/grumble shall cease.

3. Continue to be optimistic. My colleague said she needs it. *wink*

4. Maximum 3 minutes of sadness/tears.

5. READ up more. WRITE more. and LISTEN to others' stories more.

6. S3 aside when there's a human to chat with. (unless he/she is playing his/hers too, or checking urgent info)

7. Continue my 'Counting Blessing' booklet.

8. By heart one chord a day, maybe a week. hm...haha.

9.Start my masters this year. (Keep this in your prayer, k? Thanks, God bless you too!)

10. Attend baptism class. (, will pray bout this)

11. Be committed to Sunday School Ministry and my tuition kids. And of course, my school's children.

12. Last but not least, enjoy the feelings & moments 'to love, be loved and IN LOVE' \(^_^)/



  1. Hey Jia Yiing!
    U starting your masters?
    Whereabout & what course are you taking up?
    Update me about YOU! =))

  2. hi, may I know who are you?
    Pls pm me in Facebook :)