Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Having a bad dry cough, yet it did not stop me from savoring Tom Yam fish soup  nor cease worshiping God at Hock Ing Methodist Church earlier. Blessed 2013 to all my loyal/passing-by readers (blogspot do inform us how many people read our blog but I've no idea who you are. So as a belated X'mas gift, can you kindly drop a comment, be it Hi or anything so I've an idea of what I can/should write?  Thank you!)

10:31pm, 1 January 2013 (Tuesday)

Received a surprising call all the way from Switzerland! Anthony, a senior acquaintance turned mentor, from my previous Ha Long Bay cruise called. My bad, for not keeping my promise that I'll keep in touch. He called to remind me not to give up my childhood dreams and hope to meet us three again at Scotland someday.

What are your childhood dreams?

Mine was to study abroad and migrate to New Zealand (for the green pastures). You know how they say we shall not live in regrets? Well, I've to admit I do have some regrets. Among them are not doing my best for SPM. I really could have performed better should I not go clubbing admist SPM break/ burn midnight oil instead of mIRC/ICQ, lamenting over a spilt milk etc. Peers do have a big impact on us. Unlike my well off friends whose parents secured their admission to overseas universities a year earlier, I have to bury my childhood dreams of studying abroad (UK).......

My parents did send me to a private college for accounting (I've no foundation in accounting, just their salary captured my attention. What path do we know what to take straight after SPM?), but as much as I love Mathematics, the lessons of balancing both sides of the sheet bored me. On the other hand, I was constantly looking forward to weekends, as I gave part time tuition then. Monday-Friday (accounting: monotonous and stressful), Sat & Sunday (tuition: joy and meaningful).

It is the cheerful faces of the little ones that made me realize my passion: teaching.

Typing this down, I am actually counting my blessing of having a job I truly am passionate about. It saddens me to hear from a 58 years old teacher that she taught for the sake of living and nope, she did not enjoy teaching. Wow, 35 years not enjoying what you do daily??? Wow! Sorry, I should really stop typing before I unintentionally hurt any parties.  Nonetheless, I believe she is a good teacher who carried her duty well. A little grumble over the heavy workload is human nature anyway. We are not robots, we do get tired and frustrated with the forever changing education system.

The ultimate reason for this post is to encourage my readers and peers to love what you are doing. 

Quote from one of my favourite lecturer, Dr Malachi Edwin:
To all teachers who go back to school tomorrow: Have a great year ahead. Despite all the technological advancements the human presence is ever so important and it is all the more important that it is a positive one. We may not be foundations of knowledge but we can guide our students to learn in a meaningful and personal way! All good wishes!

P/s I had a memorable countdown for 2013 at Kapit, how's yours?

Photo: My awesome colleagues, blessed 2013 to you all ♥
Our favourite activity: EAT.


  1. happy new year! I'm one of your silent readers :D

  2. Hi, this is Jia Ying from UPM, we have same names, I am pretty sure that you know who I am...I am your reader.Happy belated Christmas and Happy new year to you. Hugs :-)

  3. Hehe.

    As usual, Jie.

    The night wind ushers both his blessings and greetings. =)

    A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me! ;)

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver

  4. Hi Amanda, I'm your reader too :D

    Hi Jia Ying, cool! Never know, thanks! Will follow you soon!

    Thanks Wil, I know you are :) Happy 2013!