Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Pain to Blessings

Lights off. Crawled out of bed and took out my lappie. Decided to pour out my current fear --> restriction from sports.

How saddening and depressing did that sound? 20 nights ago, I painted my bedroom here in Kapit. Yeap, sometime like now, 10pm, till 12 midnight. Later I learned, people normally paint in the day. Perhaps it's my first time painting, I thought it's easy, thus didn't remove the furniture out of my bedroom. Ta-da, being a prone-to-minor-injury person, I must have knocked into the bed frame while squatting down for more paint.

Little did I know that careless could lead to sleepless nights. Consulted 4 doctors-friends during Chinese New Year, they advised me to rest and time will heal the pain. If the pain persists, I should go for an X-ray.

The reason I blog this out is to remind myself of daddy's love for me. Daddy called SinSei Urut and he said he's on CNY holiday, thus the 'ang pow' will be charged 50% more than usual. It warmed my heart when daddy said he'll consider. Daddy put down the phone, looked into my eyes and knee and called back 3 minutes later to book the sinsei. That instant, I felt guilty of buying unnecessary dresses! *watery eyes*

How was your CNY?
Mine was memorable and worth being grateful for. From having a friend who came to pick me from the wharf to the airport,


minor diarrhea which enables me to zip up the dress *wink*,


receiving good news about friends' wedding proposals/engagements/weddings,

celebrating V-day with bestie where our guy friend gave us a rose each, having friend over for a chat till 2:45am which ends with a friendship hug *smile*,


lao-ing yee sang with secondary school mates,

catching up with church members and old friends,


boarding a flight back to Kapit, practicing Praise and Worship with him *wink*,

 seeing my naughty kids again, attending open houses here in Kapit for three consecutive nights, and....receiving a good bye kiss on the cheek from 3 year old David an hour ago!

Ah, I think the pain subsided when the mind start thinking of blessings~


5 more days to Chap Goh Mei, Happy Chinese New Year to all =)


  1. The night wind brings his warmest blessings to you and your family...

    Happy Chinese New Year. =)

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver