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It has been ages since I last type on my netbook, simply because I can't access to our weak school WiFi. Yesterday, the connection is back. Boy, am I excited to come back to this blog =D Chosea good activity book, and finished typing the 15 activities in 56 minutes, just to share with you all. 

Spell Well Write Well
“…gives teachers ideas on how to conduct spelling and dictation activities.”

(Sektor Pengurusan Akademik Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sarawak)

Spell well Write Well is designed to assist the English Language teachers in conducting activities to help pupils spell and write well.  The module provides ideas on how to conduct spelling and dictation activities and hence develop spelling and dictation skills among the pupils.  A detailed description is given for each activity.  Teachers are encouraged to adopt and adopt the suggested activities as part of their lessons.

Competency in the use of English Language entails the correct spelling of words. Thus, to help pupils to develop their spelling skills, teachers could carry out activities which would stimulate the pupils to recall words that they have learnt.  These activities can be introduced as set induction; incorporated into the lesson as reinforcement, or can be a form of feedback at the end of the lesson.

Besides, teachers should constantly ensure that pupils maintain sufficient contact with the language in order to remember the spelling of words.  This can be done by implementing reading and writing enrichment exercises.  This avid reading will not only help them remember the words, but also to expand their vocabulary.  Continuous writing hones the spelling skill.

1)    Spelling activities: Five minutes a day, keeps the spelling errors at bay.
2)    Create awareness of words and spelling used in advertisements, signboards, labels etc.
3)    Teachers may correct the spelling errors during lessons.
4)    Set up a spelling corner in your classroom.


1)    Pictionary
2)    Bingo
3)    Running Dictation
4)    Actionary
5)    Musical Dictation
6)    Rhyming Words
7)    Catch It Fast
8)    Sing Along and Spell After (SASA)
9)    Newspaper in English
10)                      Unjumble the Fumble
11)                      I Spell, You Check
12)                      Jingle Spell
13)                      Match-making Words
14)                      Word Hunt
15)                      Word Staircase
16)                      Spelling Wasp

 This week, I did PICTIONARY with my 3B, 3E, 3F, 3J and 6A1. I thought the better classes will find it boring because I used Ladybird Sounds and Pictures series. I was pleasantly surprised to know even 6A1 enjoyed the game and they requested for more of such games in the coming lessons. As for the extremely weak 3J, they laughed throughout the lesson and it touches my heart to see them diligently learn the spellings. 

Activity: Pupils identify the pictures and spell the words
Aim: To identify the pictures and spell the words
Materials Required: Picture cards & Posters
Preparation before activity: Prepare pictures without labels.
1.    Flash picture cards or posters.
2.    Pupils are instructed to clap once if they want to spell.
3.    The first pupil to clap gets the chance to spell.
4.    The pupil who spells the most number of words correctly is the winner.
1.    Pictures labelled with words of which some letters are omitted e.g. c_t, p_ng_in
2.    Pictures labelled with scrambled letters.
3.    Pupils draw pictures on the board for others to guess and spell.
4.    Pictures used as clues for word maze/word search.

Activity: Pupils are asked to identify the said words in the word maze.
Aim: To crunch words
Materials required: Word maze based on themes (e.g. fruits, animals etc)
Preparation before activity: Prepare a word maze.

1.    Each player is given a word maze.
2.    Teacher says out a series of words learnt.
3.    Pupils search for the words in the maze and circle them.
4.    The first pupil to find the complete set of words shouts BINGO.
5.    He/she needs to spell out the word correctly before he/she is given points.

1.    The pupil who shouts BINGO presents the maze to the teacher for checking.

 Will take photos of their excited faces next time (as memory for me to see, when I retired, 30 years later) haha. Blessed week ahead to all :)

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