Monday, October 13, 2014

Memories documented.

Dear Bloggie,
My Final Observation for the year 2014, this time by Principal Mr Manggie Nyegang himself! He gave me a 'near cemerlang'.Out of the 3 classes I have that day, he chose this, 3K. Well, it must be my lucky day for all of them are very cooperative and the Remedial Instruction cum i-Think lesson was carried out successfully! Kids love them, I was smiling and my principal was smiling away looking at their active participation....Love you guys!

         I've 15 minutes to blog. There's so much on my mind that I need to share it out in words, as memories. So, PT3 started this morning. I was appointed as the Invigilator as I've 4 classes of Form 3 students. Just this afternoon, another students messaged me to ask about tips for tomorrow's exam. Personally, I find PT3 gave teacher extra workload, like stapling the questions, marking them and keying in the results. It can be seen as just any usual examinations in school, but this is considered a public exam and we teachers have the responsibility to increase the English standard of our school. Imagine, you having the questions on your hands, but at the same time, you are obliged not to reveal anything to the students.

       My greatest weakness is I can't keep secrets, especially from close ones. Or was is consciousness. Recently, I made kind of a big mistake at work. I dare not admit, thinking no one will realize if I brush it aside. What an irresponsible act. Nonetheless, it haunts me. So yeah, I finally have to talk to someone. Conclusion: do what is right. For the sake of good night sleep.

       Side tracked. Anyway, back to this morning. This is the first time I invigilate a public exam, meaning we can't be playing with phones, reading or marking. We can walk around to stay awake, but of course our main task is make sure the candidates do not cheat during the exam. I am very grateful to my team leader for she knew I am more suitable to invigilate the good classes. Reason: I haven't mastered the fierce look that students will shudder when they saw me stare into their eyes. Well, today I did try my best to be stern while reading out the instructions. As for the second session, I wished them well with a smile and I guess that class felt lest tensed.

      Anyway, I finished my tuition at 10pm tonight. The form 2 kids will be sitting for their final year examination tomorrow. I had such a wonderful time with these two boys. It's really more enjoyable to teach a small group. I felt bad for sometimes I allow other students to replace their missed lessons at this slot, thus neglecting them.  Both of them (Fung and Qiang, I hope I'll remember their names and faces when I'm 45 or 65) are from a well-to-do family, both doing business. One expressed his desire to  follow his father to be a chef, an outstanding one, not merely Chinese cuisine but western and tepanyaki. I have not really sat down to listen to their stories for a long time. Tonight, we managed to revise all 4 poems: The River, Mr. Nobody, I  Wonder and Heir Conditioning.  They aren't proficient in the language nor are they the good boys in school.  Nonetheless, they are the reason I wanted to blog tonight. It's just their innocence, listening to their perspectives of life.  When I asked them what is their purpose of life, one tell me honestly, I don't even know what's the purpose of studying.  The other replied, to spend time and because mom asked me to do so.

      Yap, at that age, most of us will follow blindly what our parents ask us to do. Well, parents know best, aint? At this age of XX, I still always turn to mom when I've problem.  Since dad is retired this year, I called home more often to chat with him.  I love my parents a lot and I know, no matter how old I am, I will still always be their youngest princess. haha. okay, minus the fact they've now Xin Yu and Yu Hui. Ahhh...I miss my two nieces and two nephews so much!! DEAR GOD, PLEASE APPROVE MY TRANSFER AND SEND ME HOMEEEEEEeeeee....

      Last but not least, I wonder if it's time to announce the love of my life. haha. I bet he'll read this sooner or later. Yeap, I'm in love! Hallelujah! Love is a magical thing huh. It just gives you the force, the meaning of life. Despite the heavy workload and occasional PMS mood swing, life is really more colourful and meaningful having a significant other. Should you read this one day, or  I read it myself in the months or years to come, I hope our relationship will be fruitful. Fruitful as in building a family of our own. I love how you understand me, tolerate me, talk to me, listen to my stories, sincerely care for me and the list goes on. Oh, priority: you love God! Stay that way darling, I love to listen to you play the guitar during praise and worship. I love to listen to your sharing bout God's words and how every time during our 'serious' topic, you'll bring in God.  Thank you for coming to join my church activities as well as inviting me to yours. Looking forward to spend more quality time together so we can get to know each other at a deeper level.  *2030*

     ops, exceeded 15 mins. Haha, time to....virtual date :P

Faith, peace, love.

p/s to all my dearest form 3 students, all the best for your examination tomorrow ya. praying for you!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog articles.
    Congratulations :-) So sweet ! All the best to you and your darling ya

  2. Hi hi JY, haven't blog for a long time... will visit yours soon =D Thanks, appreciate it \(^_^)/

  3. Hi dear. Thanks for such sweet comments. =)
    P.S. Faith, hope, love