Friday, September 12, 2014

My First Mission Trip Abroad

12.9.2014 8.55am
Ve not updatedmy lifein herefor three months.  currently in the bus headingto lwv for a one week mission trip with twelve bros and sis..

woke up this mlrning qoth worsen sorethroat...last week wwnt to sembaneng waterfall with friends in kapit. fearered im infected by leptospirosis...jeng jeng..

is it the syndrome of growinh old...thoughts of  dying appear in muy mind occasionally.  im 27 and i intend tomlive till 87. god's willing. ive so much sreams to achieve yet. lasr week, a bat flew into my bedroom and was trapped inside for a night. being the timid me, i dare not shoo it out thus wonder if i'll turn into a batwoman the next day. bluek.  last few months, a spid
er, big one was spotred outside mynbedroom door, i dare not enter and thankfully colleague came to rescue.

what will god speak to me this trip? i just feel there is more to life than this. bus stopped, driver went down to grab rice..such coincidence J P bus besides us. we're going to our cg retreat coming 4-6 oct! and praise the lprd i can attend old buddy huey wedding on 19th sept! coming back w joanne earlier by one daybwith an "escurt" from lwv!!

typing this via asus transformer tablet for the first time. pardon the typo.

time to rest my tired body. it was quite a journey from kapit last night. i pray that our loving father will  help me with mybtransfer back to kuching soon. i understamd there are more senior teachers with family commotments whomwant to get outof kapit too...dont get me wrong, kapit is indeed a lovely ntown but ive been there three years and i really missed  home a lot...solid reason?

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